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​Tombs of Amascut Might Be the Best Way to Farm OSRS GP

Sep-24-2022 PST

Meta Description: You must accomplish this quest in order to access the subsequent action, in which you will encounter new adversaries and get the latest and previously unavailable valuable goods.

There are few things more anticipated for 2022 OSRS than the release of Tombs of Amascut or Raids 3, as many players refer to it. You may now begin the quest that will allow you to participate in this forthcoming event and earn OSRS GP by defeating new adversaries and using the valuable goods you have acquired from previous activities. When you reach the end of Beneath Cursed Sands, you'll unlock a new area of the Kharidian desert and be well on your way to preparing for Raids 3. After that, you need to obtain additional OSRS gold and raise your fighting level so that you're ready for Raids 3's equipment requirements.

For this reason, Jagex has been reaching out to the OSRS community to get their thoughts on the possible prizes for Tombs of Amascut. Reward potential in relation to other raids has always been an essential factor to take into account (Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood).  Further, the other raids might be a great source of OSRS GP as well. Or, you may get lucky and find one of the unusual and priceless items, like the Twisted Bow or the Scythe of Vitur. Together, they're worth more than a billion and over half a billion in Old School Runescape gold. It was right that Raids 3 get a similarly valuable bonus. There is no way to know what its GE price will be right now, but we expect it to be high.

RuneScape: Shadow of Tumeken

To round up the BIS arsenal, Shadow of Tumeken will join the other two ranged and one melee weapon, as well as the magic weapon. It's a state-of-the-art magical weapon designed to improve and advance the use of the Magic ability in battle. The proposal may only be used by those at level 85 in Magic and grants a +35 boost to Magic attacks. There are no penalties for Stabbing, Slashing, Crushing, or Ranged attacks or defences, and the item provides a +20 Magic defensive benefit. It has a speed of 5, an attack rate of 5, and provides a Prayer boost of +1.

When "the Shadow of Tumeken is donned," Magic Strength from equipment is increased by a factor of three, according to a blog post by developer Jagex (capped at 100 per cent Magic strength). Using this fantastic Magic weapon also increases your accuracy by a factor of three while casting spells.

Because of its incredible strength, this item is strictly off-limits for usage in PvP. Because of its inbuilt spell, you may put your Chaos and Soul runes to good use. With a tick rate of 5, it can launch an assault in less than a second. It is also interesting that bosses and other off-meta-adversaries that are not weak to Magic but have moderate to high Magic resistance benefit less from higher Magic accuracy than they would from lower Magic accuracy in the present state of affairs.

RuneScape: The Breach of the Scarab and The Thread of Elidinis

The Breach of the Scarab is another rare but untradeable item found in the Tombs of Amascut. This gem may be used to upgrade the Keris Partisan, one of the rewards for completing Beneath Cursed Sands, making it a more potent weapon against desert insects.

Rewards from Raid 3 that are not tradable and cannot be found elsewhere. Among the most talked-about items is the Thread of Elidinis, which is used with a Rune Pouch and increases its capacity to hold four different types of runes.

RuneScape: Osmumten's Fang

High precision sets apart the melee weapon known as Osmunten's Fang. Instead of relying on its stats to determine its accuracy, as stated initially, the Fang would have a chance of doubling the accuracy. Because of its passive effect, the Osmumten's Fang is a good choice if you want to kill the Corporeal Beast in the hopes of obtaining valuable loot, possibly even items worth over a billion OSRS GP.

You never know; you might even find a new way to make OSRS gold by using the Osmumten's Fang against other enemies. Jagex's proposal of high-value tradeable goods with a very low drop probability and excellent untradeable things with a reasonable drop chance is fresh air.

Final Thoughts

The rewards here are excellent, and they will improve your RuneScape experience via employment, trade, or modification of existing items in the Old School RuneScape client. Eventually, they will all address account goals, but the first step in preparing for that is levelling up, upgrading your equipment, and completing quests in preparation for Raids 3.