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Welcome to RsGoldfast Runescape Gold page! You can buy OSRS Gold, RS07 Gold, RS3 Gold from us anytime. Simple processing steps have you receive your RuneScape Gold quickly and easily. However, for your transaction completing favorably, kindly hope you can read the following Tips.

● Please confirm first then fill out RuneScape RSN Name(In game Name) Correctly then submit an order.

● Please Contact our 365/24/7 Online Live Support or Email via [email protected] to take your gold trade. You’ll given a world and location then our trader will find you after you arrive. Give you OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold or DeadMan Gold and complete trade successfully.

● ATTENTION: What you need to do is just accept trade from trader then leave that location, that's all. We wont ask you to trade back after we give you the gold and we dont try to ask phone number in game or call you during trade. Our Trader does NOT message to any buyer, please do not be scammed!

Latest News

​Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bonus
​Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bonus

Nov-22-2018 PST

Hello, everyone! RsGoldFast store is launching a BIG promotion for the coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you know that the two Festivals have been the important part in our shopping life. RsGoldFast much appreciated for all your support in the past, Nowadays, you can enjoy and receive 2%-10% Free Runescape Gold (OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold), UP TO 10% Bonus. This means Purchase more Receive Free More. After Click {Buy Now}, you will see your bonus in your shopping cart. Full amount RuneScape Gold in your order will be delivered to you During the promotion. Buy OSRS Gold and Enjoy Up To 10% Bonus Here https://www.rsgoldfast.com/RS2007.Gold Buy RS3 Gold and Enjoy Up To 10% Bonus Here https://www.rsgoldfast.com/RS-3.Gold Happy Black Friday & Cyber Monday! Promoti ...
Can You Play RuneScape on Mobile?
Can You Play RuneScape on Mobile?

Aug-05-2018 PST

Can You Play RuneScape on Mobile? RuneScape is a classic game that millions around the world have fallen in love with. But, can you play RuneScape on mobile? Read this. Despite being in the market for more than 15 years, RuneScape still remains a popular game in different platforms. It doesn't get as many players as it used to, with 20,000 players on Runescape 3 at any given time. Despite this, a lot of people still love the game for the nostalgia and the new mechanics they implemented. Before, a lot of people wanted a way to play RuneScape on mobile devices. But with the announcement made by the creators themselves, it seems that the mobile version will be out soon. Here are some things you need to know about RuneScape mobile: Mobile Platforms You Can Play RuneScap ...
​Player owned house update
​Player owned house update

Dec-13-2018 PST

Our player owned house really need some update - we just got a aquarium over these years. Player owned house could really increase the bonding the players (Think of The sims). A large scale rework probably won't happen, but I think there is some minor update that can encourage players to visit their PoH and feel that they have a cozy room for their avatar (Now we just sleep next to bank to heal...) First ninja type: Make the god book refund when we use the book to the bookselves. (I accidentally take the original god book, and found that i have no way to make it into the illuminated one, so 100k gone) Minor update: 1) Fireplace: fire place gives extra lp bonus and lengthening the time of effect; the highest tier fireplace provide protection against wvyern cold ...
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