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  • ​Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bonus
    ​Black Friday & Cyber Monday Bonus

    Nov-22-2018 PST

    Hello, everyone! RsGoldFast store is launching a BIG promotion for the coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you know that the two Festivals have been the important part in our shopping life. RsGoldFast much appreciated for all your support in the past, Nowadays, you can enjoy and receive 2%-10% Free Runescape Gold (OSRS Gold and RS3 Gold), UP TO 10% Bonus. This means Purchase more Receive Free More. After Click {Buy Now}, you will see your bonus in your shopping cart. Full amount RuneScape Gold in your order will be delivered to you During the promotion. Buy OSRS Gold and Enjoy Up ...
  • Can You Play RuneScape on Mobile?
    Can You Play RuneScape on Mobile?

    Aug-05-2018 PST

    Can You Play RuneScape on Mobile? RuneScape is a classic game that millions around the world have fallen in love with. But, can you play RuneScape on mobile? Read this. Despite being in the market for more than 15 years, RuneScape still remains a popular game in different platforms. It doesn't get as many players as it used to, with 20,000 players on Runescape 3 at any given time. Despite this, a lot of people still love the game for the nostalgia and the new mechanics they implemented. Before, a lot of people wanted a way to play RuneScape on mobile devices. But with the announce ...
  • ​Ingenuity of the Humans is well-balanced
    ​Ingenuity of the Humans is well-balanced

    Dec-10-2018 PST

    Apparently, I authority the abhorred assessment that the new sigil is counterbalanced just fine. Rant incoming. The three complaints adjoin it are: 1, It has a 90-second cooldown while debuffs accept 60-second duration, so you can't accumulate your debuffs up 100% of the time. 2, It shares a cooldown with limitless. 3, It's a affirmed individual hit and it would be bigger if it were affirmed hits for all hits in a 3-second or 6-second window. I'd like to acknowledge to each. 1) Why do you charge 100% uptime on a debuff? If you're in a accumulation boss, you ...
  • ​This lets you antithesis aloft styles and anniversary alone style
    ​This lets you antithesis aloft styles and an ...

    Dec-09-2018 PST

    Magic, melee, and ranged can't be appropriately counterbalanced with the accepted architecture of vulnerability, due to switching. # You can use vulnerability while angry with any style. By accomplishing some quick switching, accident just 1-4ish annual spaces depending on how hardcore you want/need to go with the switches you can get that +10% accident dealt with magic, ranged, or affray - not just magic. Typically, those annual spaces aren't a huge accord that makes or breach the appearance accepting good. # But a lot of humans don't in fact see it that way. Mag ...
  • ​Make Alteration Abundant Again
    ​Make Alteration Abundant Again

    Dec-07-2018 PST

    Currently, alteration gives a 62.5% accident accession over 15 seconds. For those who don't know, it acclimated to be 75% for 20 seconds, but was afresh adapted to 50% because it allegedly fabricated added faculty to change the adeptness than to change a tooltip of RS gold. In an accomplishment to accomplish the adeptness hardly better, Jagex afflicted it to its accepted state. In allegory to added accident advocacy ultimate abilities, sunshine boosts your accident for alert as continued and works with buried feet, at the atrophy of abandoned 12.5% beneath damage. Also, the breadth you can m ...
  • ​Augmented bright pickaxe/hatchet
    ​Augmented bright pickaxe/hatchet

    Dec-06-2018 PST

    I accept no abstraction how to Invention. I just got to lvl 29 (protean cogs) and just aggrandized both bright hatchet and bright pickaxe. What is the annual of augmenting? Is there a specific advantage I am declared to use on them to accretion a annual or does artlessly assiduity them accomplish them better/faster? I will explain assiduity as able-bodied as leveling in general, as you'll wish to get 99+ as anon as possible. Absolutely augment your tools, weps, and armor. You can attending up BIS allowances for what you'r eaugmenting, but generally: For tools: Honed is best as ...
  • ​Why Does My Appearance About Act Like A Fool During Quests
    ​Why Does My Appearance About Act Like A Fool ...

    Dec-05-2018 PST

    Is this some array of British humour affair breadth the appearance is either air-conditioned acerb or pretends to be an idiot just to see what the adventure giver will say? You could acquire mage maxed out and sometimes they'll act afraid if a adventure NPC talks about things you'd apprehend 'yourself' to apperceive by now. Necromancy? What's that? Whoa, things can get bedevilled by spirits? The anticipation hasn't even aloft my mind. I alone acquire 99 Prayer, hurr durr. I mean, you charge an Ogre (out of all 'people') to advise you how to accomplish a Composite Ogre Bow, if y ...
  • ​Saradomin wants a association based on ethics like attention the weak
    ​Saradomin wants a association based on ethic ...

    Dec-04-2018 PST

    Essentially Saradomin wants a association based on ethics like attention the weak, and breadth its focused on communicable up those who abatement abaft rather than prioritizing over that a few should succeed. It is focused on allowance the poor or those at the basal financially/socially. Success in a Saradominist association is for aggregate or amusing acceptable (So that the association has the leaders/figures it needs to attending afterwards the population) rather than RuneScape gold for abandoned accretion adjoin in the Zarosian Authority (Which was added admission over achievement b ...
  • ​Balancing the Wildy - Restoring PVP to RS3
    ​Balancing the Wildy - Restoring PVP to RS3

    Dec-03-2018 PST

    From Reddit - Was announcement in addition column about the wildy, and my abstraction for ambulatory the breadth came to mind, so I anticipation I'd column it again. The capital affidavit (IMO) PVP in RS3 sucks is because of adeptness creep, a abridgement of players, and a abridgement of incentive. A abridgement of players would hopefully be addressed by analytic the added two, but who knows. To abode adeptness creep, my abstraction is that you should not be able to accompany annihilation into the wildy (short of clue scrolls and the wildy cast obviously). Instead, you would be larboa ...
  • ​Runescape 3 Or OSRS
    ​Runescape 3 Or OSRS

    Dec-02-2018 PST

    I accept absitively to acknowledge runescape as the endure time I played was during 2012-2013 which I accept is if they fabricated the EOC update. Added than that,I am not acquainted of what has all been implemented into the bold up till this point. I adore the action and acquisition it a bit refreshing, about from what I've read,it seems that runescape 3 is about dead/dying? How bad? I mainly enjoyed PVP,and consistently fabricated "pures",as in accepting 1 defence and absorption added action stats. Is this body still viable? How animate is pvp in the game? Are abilities such as fishing and ...
  • ​Do my accomplishment for me internets
    ​Do my accomplishment for me internets

    Dec-01-2018 PST

    Some questions, allegedly too obvious. Whatever, do my accomplishment for me internets... So im alive on apparatus appropriate now, leveling up my torva and nox scythe and RS gold afresh siphoning. And boring im architecture up my abundance afresh (my nox is uh, still agleam so speak). First question, nox agents or bow next? Im cerebration staff, but allotment of me is fatigued to the bow for some reason. I apperceive i should accept just switched apparatus into a mage set rather than comitting to affray but oh well. Second, perks. I accept I can use the aforementioned set of all ...
  • ​Spring cleaner about mining and smithing rework
    ​Spring cleaner about mining and smithing rework

    Nov-30-2018 PST

    So as of appropriate now, with the mining and smithing rework we apperceive that the behaviour of Bounce Cleaner will change. This agency it will no best annihilate items for their ores, but instead we will accept altered tiers of deliver drops which replaces accepted armour/weapon drops. In this affair we will actually allocution about the profits that the Bounce Cleaner will offer. A new affection on the Bounce Cleaner includes a "High alch" mode, which is apart already you own a Bounce Cleaner 5000. To get in perspection of its affection for this affair we will use Runite De ...
  • ​Advise for the players that accept alternate afterwards a absolute continued time
    ​Advise for the players that accept alternate ...

    Nov-29-2018 PST

    After accepting abroad for a continued time, for over 5 years (I'll appear aback to that later), I was actually out of abode in this new world. Cutting XP in old ancient agency was a lot of I knew, actually if you yield into annual that my adeptness akin total was about a simple 1250, I didn't do that abounding agitative things. New quests & RuneScape gold for sale, new optimal methods of training, things that were active in my academician as ”this is it” were al of a sudden ”this ain't it”. Before accepting absent and overwhelmed, arch into me putting RuneScape aside, I accompli ...
  • ​XP lamps and stars are for agility
    ​XP lamps and stars are for agility

    Nov-28-2018 PST

    You apperceive what? I'm gonna say it. XP lamps and stars are for agility. Activity to me in RuneScape is a lot like accepting cut or any added HM in Pokemon--it's there to either accord you admission to new areas or to accomplish affective amid ample areas easier with shortcuts (obviously added so the closing if it comes to RS). Much like Pokemon too it comes afterwards in the bold afterwards commutual some set of tasks; giving the bold accustomed progression and fluidity. UNLIKE POKEMON HOWEVER activity is not accustomed for time spent in the bold or by itself accrued in any way and is a s ...
  • ​IMO RS3 has the best story/endgame/PvE content
    ​IMO RS3 has the best story/endgame/PvE content

    Nov-27-2018 PST

    I see a lot of negativity on actuality and anticipation it is alone fair to try and accomplish the case for RS3 and eoc. EOC was appealing torn on absolution but I adulation breadth it is appropriate now. Things like accepting able to surge/bd/voke off gcd. Then there are things like 4taa + ss flicking, casting accidental things in amid abilities for imp3 procs, alive how to use a shield, gearing switching. All of this accepting candidly makes me adulation the beat system, the accolade vs accomplishment put in artlessly feels amazing, I don't apperceive how abroad to alarm it. and not ...
  • ​Runescape as a homebrew DnD campaign
    ​Runescape as a homebrew DnD campaign

    Nov-26-2018 PST

    My absorbed and I are all appealing alpha DnD players and we wish to alpha eventually rather than later. So I was cerebration about authoritative a advance application well, runescape as a ample inspiration. I apperceive the maps absolute able-bodied and can acquire simple admission to them. But I'm accepting agitation accession out if I should just bead my PCs in lumbridge or Varrock, but idk if I should just let them analyze and do whatever, or acquire them chase a adventure line, or just acquire it advance into them accomplishing the quests as they arise beyond them. I'm abiding my PCs wi ...
  • ​Feedback on The Aggravate Skips
    ​Feedback on The Aggravate Skips

    Nov-25-2018 PST

    This adventure was decidedly good, while Runescape about has a adequately appropriate narrative, I was absorbed to see how Jagex would handle a adventure with no gods or combat. Graphically speaking, the adventure is absolute pretty, admitting that's acceptable accepted these days. A lot of assets from the Absent Grove were acclimated to acceptable aftereffect here, the copse especially. The articulation acting was conceivably the a lot of abundantly surprising. Amateur generally acquire poor, apish voice-acting with overplayed emotions, and some of the beforehand examples of articulation ac ...
  • ​Legacy approach and assorted added things
    ​Legacy approach and assorted added things

    Nov-23-2018 PST

    I acquaint this on the RS forums, but I'm afraid about it accepting apparent at all aback there are 10-20 alive users, compared to 2k-3k here. Acquaint beneath with a few modifications. I'm application a Galaxy S9+. I'll go through the capital things I've noticed from arena RS Mobile. After aperture Mobile, afresh affective assimilate PC, my complete interface is adapted to the accepted RS layout, although hardly blue (equipment tab takes is over the complete chatbox), while I consistently play on Bequest Interface mode. Having to change that aback every. single. time. afterwar ...
  • ​We charge added altered corrective variants for the cape slot
    ​We charge added altered corrective variants ...

    Nov-22-2018 PST

    Like the appellation says. I'm disturbing with the abridgement of fashionscape options at the moment. We charge added (recolorable) items for the cape aperture that aren't like accustomed capes. Purely corrective or needs keepsakes, I don't apperception either way. The skilling haversack is an alarming override, and we charge added haversack styled variants in the game. - Like a simple sack backpack, rucksack, simple braiding coils like you're a backwoodsman or a seaman. - Instead of a bag of clues, a alone annal haversack the admeasurement of the activity butt backpack. ...
  • ​Why I Do not Use Corrective Overrides
    ​Why I Do not Use Corrective Overrides

    Nov-21-2018 PST

    Something I was cerebration about was why in added amateur like GW2 I get a lot of amusement unlocking banknote and dyes and tweaking my appearances above characters as I do, but never do in Runescape, and am about afraid at the idea, like it's unnatural. I anticipate it's abundantly angry that the actuality that it's a accepted override in a bold breadth you change gearsets frequently. In amateur like GW2 and WoW, the overrides are angry to the specific section of equipment, so if you're switching amid catchbasin and DPS sets, there is a beheld aberration amid them that is absolute obvious. ...
  • ​Alchemy as a skill
    ​Alchemy as a skill

    Nov-20-2018 PST

    Hello new adolescent Scapers! So I've been arena Runescape 3 for a acceptable little bit of time now. I apperceive that Jagex is alive with the absolution of adaptable Runescape 3, the coffer rework, and the mining and smithing rework a allotment of added things. But I had an absorption arise to mind. Runescape would plan in fact able-bodied if they fabricated a abracadabra skill, it could be advised like an aristocratic accomplishment with the aggregate of 80 in Divination, Magic, and Runecrafting. What I am cerebration is the players apparatus is chalk, which there would be altered ...
  • ​Returning amateur mini rant
    ​Returning amateur mini rant

    Nov-19-2018 PST

    Hey I started up my Runescape anniversary again. This bold is way bigger than I had bethink it! The cartoon are absolutely nice (I adulation the way abysmal demons look), and assertive updates like stackable clue scrolls accomplish the bold that abundant added fun. One affair I am accepting a botheration wrapping my arch around, however, is all the abuse time-managed content. I don't accept what the argumentation abaft it is. The endure time I logged out I was aggravating to get the adventure cape, and logging in now one year afterwards I anon acquainted a bit queesy canonizing the menaphos ...
  • ​Making 2h ranged viable
    ​Making 2h ranged viable

    Nov-18-2018 PST

    There are several issues adverse 2h ranged. 1. Too agnate to magic, so abridgement of action triangle diversity. 2. Bifold apply ranged is bigger due to aggravate bang and bakriminel bolts. 3. Salt the Wound and Mutated Dazing Attempt (the abilities that were declared to accomplish 2h ranged viable) are not acceptable to use due to the adversity of architecture and advancement stacks. So the afterward is my proposed solution. Makes ranged a little altered from magic, gives 2h ranged a slight addict to accompany it afterpiece to on par with bifold wield, and makes Puncture assemb ...
  • ​Make auras accessible for Thaler
    ​Make auras accessible for Thaler

    Nov-16-2018 PST

    The axial purpose of adherence systems, from what I understand, are to accolade players for one of two things: time played, or associates length. At the moment, our adherence does a bit of both; it is primarily comprised of the latter, but breach is still important, as auras accept a beyond appulse on college akin players (specifically, high-level pvm). As a rework for auras/loyalty is already awaiting (and heavily requested), I had an abstraction beforehand today and seems like an acclimatized alteration that could be fabricated to Thaler. As I see it, Thaler has both of those aspect ...
  • An altercation for added alcove per ks
    An altercation for added alcove per ks

    Nov-15-2018 PST

    Disclaimer: The examples of allowances I use actuality should be apparent as examples of the affectionate of allowances I'm cerebration about and not necessarily suggestions of absolutely what I ambition to see in the game. I do not accept abundant ability to apperceive whether or not my archetype allowances will be too OP and breach the game. Therefor commenting that "x advantage will breach the adventurous because of y and z reasons" is not arguing adjoin my position, OSRS gold but is accepted because it highlights why that archetype advantage isn't capital in it's accepted state. To ...
  • ​Really wish to get aback into Runescape
    ​Really wish to get aback into Runescape

    Nov-14-2018 PST

    Been playing, but in fact wish to get aback into the game. I apperceive this is a bit of an odd post. I got aback into Runescape on a alpha annual aback in 2013. In 2017 I was afterwards internet for about a year, on top of a laptop shorting out completely, and aback afresh i haven't been as into the game. I've fabricated endless alts, and acquire a somewhat adapted account, but even over the endure year of accepting internet admission again, it just hasn't acquainted the same. I anticipate the way i went about arena the bold and the abilities i rushed are what did it. Currently I'm 3.5b xp, ...
  • ​Achievements absurd by Ironmen
    ​Achievements absurd by Ironmen

    Nov-13-2018 PST

    As of the accomplishment bonanza update, there are 3 achievements that are uncompletable by Ironmen (and 1 awful arbitrary one). And afore anyone starts traveling off about how 'you chose to absolute yourself', Ironman approach is declared to absolute the agency in which you can admission goals, not collapsed out accomplish them absurd to obtain. These achievements are: - Cops and robbers: requires arena Heist which we can't access. Solution: acquiesce us to play Heist but not buy any of the XP rewards. - Traveling down with the ship: requires arena Fishing Trawler which ...
  • About the success of OSRS and OSRS Mobile
    About the success of OSRS and OSRS Mobile

    Nov-12-2018 PST

    I'm in fact adored about the success of OSRS and OSRS Mobile but... I'm absolute afraid to what admeasurement it makes my affection bead if I appointment their sub (to see newbies adequate the Mobile acquaintance + memes of course) and see all those "remove RS3" petitions and just accepted disdain, toxicity and channeled abhorrence appear our game. I adeptness just be sentinental, but I did abound up arena RuneScape (started in ′06) and adapted to changes, abdicate with EOC, but came aback to abide arena on my RS3 annual aback I artlessly wasn't accommodating to alpha all over in ...
  • ​Why do we consistently to accord Jagex the annual of the doubt
    ​Why do we consistently to accord Jagex the a ...

    Nov-11-2018 PST

    For example, a jmod replied on my column about the adherence arrangement 5 months ago adage advice about a rewor would be accessible in the advancing weeks. That never happened, so giving them the annual of the agnosticism something acquire to acquire appear up which meant they didn't acquire time for it. They never just said that though. Instead, a brace months afterwards we get accession cilia acknowledgment adage its advancing up in the advancing weeks. Never happened. Giving them the annual of the agnosticism again, we can acquire they advised to but something came up. But this aeon just ...
  • ​Having fun while grinding
    ​Having fun while grinding

    Nov-09-2018 PST

    I am f2p at the moment to try out the bold and see if I like it. I accept been a affiliate on OSRS a few times but the batty grinds collection me crazy. So I heard that in RS3 there are added fun agency to alternation abilities etc. What would you acclaim me accomplishing starting off? Btw I accept watched videos on youtube on this affair but they are appealing abortive tbh. It's not necessarily that skilling is added fun in RS3, but there are faster methods for every skill, as able-bodied as QOL improvements like presets or activity confined that accomplish it a lot added adequate an ...
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