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    Jan-02-2019 PST

    Hello All, Welcome to RSGOLDFAST.COM, happy new year in advance. Far away in 2018, in order to celebrate New Year 2019, RSGOLDFAST is hosting this event - LUCKY DRAW UPGRADE. Promotion Time: 3rd January to 20th January Event Page: Good Luck! Happy NEW Year Again. RSGOLDFAST Team
  • Christmas 2018 Carnival Lottery
    Christmas 2018 Carnival Lottery

    Dec-19-2018 PST

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Welcome to our site - RSGOLDFAST.COM. Thank you for all our customers long-term support to RSGOLDFAST Store. RSGOLDFAST Team hope you have a good time all the time on our site, we are launching the Xmas Promotion Carnival in 2018. Now, if you make an order from our site,  go here: Lottery at once, SPIN TO WIN GOLD & COUPON.  Xmas Promotion: Dec. 20th of 2018—Jan. 2nd of 2019 Good Luck! RSGOLDFAST Team
  • Abyssal Demons
    Abyssal Demons

    Jan-13-2019 PST

    OSRS: killing Abyssal Demons Abyssal Demons are a lucrative money-maker in Old School RuneScape, and will make you anywhere from 500k-750k gold per hour. Abyssal Demons are a common slayer task that you will come across. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding killing Abyssal Demons! You can find Abyssal Demons in the Slayer Tower: the top floor and the basement if you are on-task. You may also find them in the Catacombs of Kourend (northern section) and Abyssal Area (fairy-ring code ALR). Abyssal Demons: Gear and Requirements To start off with, Abys ...
  • ​Kudos Guide
    ​Kudos Guide

    Jan-06-2019 PST

    Kudos is a reward item required to access certain locations in RuneScape, namely Fossil Island. Kudos can be acquired by helping the museum staff in the Varrock Museum location. Kudos does not have to be spent to reach Fossil Island, earning them is enough. Certain tasks given by museum employees need to be completed to earn Kudos. Earned Kudos is displayed in a counter in the top left of the RuneScape screen. Players can also check which tasks they have not completed yet and their Kudos count by heading to the north-west corner of the first floor of the Varrock Museum. The milestones for Kudos are ...
  • ​Change the Face of Runescape for the future
    ​Change the Face of Runescape for the future

    Jan-05-2019 PST

    Completionist Cape Issues: Change the Face of Runescape for the future! Opinions of a amorous abecedarian that has accomplished the Trimmed Completionist Cape in 2012. Jagex has afflicted the face of Runescape by acceptance this atone cape affair to abide absolved for YEARS. What do I beggarly by the "face" of Runescape? I beggarly what you would see players use for BIS (best-in-slot) armor for use of accepted gameplay. Far too abounding humans strive for this cape because of the accompaniment of accepting BIS, and NOTHING MORE. Removing BIS cachet from atone is the key to removing th ...
  • ​Regular Atone Rework Suggestion - Reaper Rework
    ​Regular Atone Rework Suggestion - Reaper Rework

    Jan-04-2019 PST

    The Intro to 2019 video from Jagex mentioned there will be a rework of Completionist and added Endgame capes. In commendations to approved Completionist, a accepted roadblock lots of humans and myself acquaintance is earning the Reaper title. Some administration crave you to acquire keys to admission them, others crave a aggregation of accomplished individuals, or they basically crave you to pay 120m rs gold to get a Solak kill. There in fact is no way to accumulate the bossing association blessed with difficult administration to apprentice while aswell not ambience up huge roadblocks for those of ...
  • ​The GWD1 killcount system
    ​The GWD1 killcount system

    Jan-03-2019 PST

    I anticipate one of the aloft problems with PvM appropriate now is the GWD1 killcount system. GWD2 has a abundant bigger kc system. Accepting able to save kc, leave and appear aback during the instance, etc. is complete attainable if you're in actuality acquirements the bosses. You can get kc, leave and re-gear for the boss, do a annihilate or two, leave the instance to re-gear and appear aback as continued as the instance is still traveling - it's abundant added attainable to bodies aggravating to apprentice the bosses. Compare that to GWD1, which has easier bosses, (and is declared ...
  • ​A acceptable adviser to all RuneScape-related things
    ​A acceptable adviser to all RuneScape-relate ...

    Jan-02-2019 PST

    There are abounding things that are attainable to RS veterans but ability not be to you. A acceptable adviser to all RuneScape-related things is It has pages about items, non-player characters, monsters, adventure guides, accomplishment guides, argot dictionary, and abundant more. Now, in no authentic order... - The two a lot of important assessable "objects" in the bold are acquaintance credibility in abilities ("XP") and coins ("gp" = gold pieces). - Symbols: "k" = thousand (kilo), "m" = million, "b" = coinsion, are acclimated to abbreviate numbers, for archet ...
  • ​Regarding Atone rework
    ​Regarding Atone rework

    Dec-30-2018 PST

    Defiantly gonna get a lot of abhorrence for this but oh able-bodied actuality is somewhat how i feel. I anticipate a lot of chiefly it comes down to Jagex analogue of "Completionist" and how they ambition to appearance their account of accomplishment in game. I'm currently comp'd with no ambition of trim, but the way I see the two capes is like this. Atone cape = Complete all aloft aspects of the game, Trim Atone = account and accessory benefits. There are a few requirements on anniversary cape that i accept could be afflicted amid the two or removed all together. aloft aspects IMO co ...
  • ​What I Like About Runescape
    ​What I Like About Runescape

    Dec-29-2018 PST

    As the appellation says, a few of the things I like about Runescape, mostly things from this year, but some not... Let's alpha off strong: I like the admonition amid us and the devs. They never adumbrate annihilation from us, advance us on, or accommodate adventitious misinformation/poorly worded statements apropos approaching updates or reasonings abaft judgements made. I like how for this event, I had to buy the anniversary items I capital off of the Admirable Exchange, because all I got from accord was a Robin (on day 1) and a KBD jumper. I like how the Halloween acci ...
  • ​Why I anticipate the coffer rework was shelved
    ​Why I anticipate the coffer rework was shelved

    Dec-28-2018 PST

    I should alpha out by adage this isn't based on any affirmation whatsoever, so I'm apparently mostly, if not completely, off the mark here. I'm appealing abiding affairs for the coffer rework were in abode afore Jagex started alive on adaptable and so a lot of of the basic affairs were not advised with adaptable in mind. I anticipate that it's adequate that they were originally planning on affective alignment accoutrement and added aspects of the coffer rework to the applicant itself which may accept been ambiguous afterwards on if they began searching into mobile. The accommod ...
  • ​Making money through combat
    ​Making money through combat

    Dec-27-2018 PST

    So, I'm adapted about the hit 70 in my affray activity stats. This agency that I'll be able to use bandos. But I anticipate I'm about 1mil abbreviate of accepting able to acquiesce the abounding set. I arrested the wiki for money authoritative methods, RuneScape gold and at my accepted levels I anticipate the a lot of adapted adjustment would be to acreage guards for grapes. My catechism is, are there any bigger methods at or about this level? Or conceivably through apache (which I'm akin 40)? That, or I could do 10 added quests for addition dice. Any acumen would be abundantly a ...
  • ​Question about xp outfits
    ​Question about xp outfits

    Dec-26-2018 PST

    For the assorted apparel that accord +5% xp, is it consistently a acceptable abstraction to aim for accepting these as anon as possible? While some of them are a breeze (First-age set for adoration for instance, with ectofuntus accepting a fast adjustment of training already), others appear from minigames that accolade little xp (Sous chef and botanist's set for instance) or accept an awfully low bead bulk (Black Ibis set). In these cases, will the added xp from accepting the set pay for all the time spent accepting the set in the aboriginal place? I don't feel like autograph up the a ...
  • ​Premier Club - Lackluster afresh and now
    ​Premier Club - Lackluster afresh and now

    Dec-25-2018 PST

    At the alpha of 2018, I bought the Premier Club. I'd just gotten a nice little anniversary annual at my new job and was activity adventurous, and I went for it afterwards audition how abundant humans admired it the antecedent year. It's safe to say that I was abundantly aghast with it, admitting this was partly my own fault. For starters, I went into it assured something like the Mahjarrat/Pantheon ambience and instead accustomed Hellion - an XP booster that lets you accost a chargeless afterlife as able-bodied as an ambience reset. The XP booster was neither actuality nor there for me - as ...
  • ​I'm out of options, can anyone admonition me
    ​I'm out of options, can anyone admonition me

    Dec-24-2018 PST

    This is apropos a aberrant abnormality I encountered afresh aggravating to log into RS on a absolute old annual that has not been alive in a continued time. I afresh best up runescape afresh a few months ago aback my acquaintance told me about the adaptable adaptation of OSRS. I acclimated to play RS aback in 2008 or so, and I installed it for nostalgia's sake. I remembered the username for my old account, but I had to balance the countersign aback I couldn't bethink it. Already that was out of the way, I could log on and re-experience the bewitched atmosphere of old academy runescape alread ...
  • ​Fishing trawler in runescape
    ​Fishing trawler in runescape

    Dec-23-2018 PST

    I was just accomplishing this advanced with a brace humans accepting the tiger sharks and had a brace annual while arena it. Just capital to apperceive what anybody abroad thought. Fishing trawler is agnate to aberration fishing in the absorption it's absolute bang intensive, about currently it's bare because the rewards are awfully underwhelming for accomplishment and time input for OSRS gold. With the accessible m and s rework breadth all smithing/mining drops will be removed from bead tables, a agnate but beneath time arresting change could be activated to fishing trawler. I ...
  • ​Rephrasing my catechism about Quests
    ​Rephrasing my catechism about Quests

    Dec-21-2018 PST

    Turns out questing is fun with Lil Dog video guides. Hearty acknowledgment for all those who commented & contributed their knowledge. I had a bad acquaintance with imp catcher- it is a amateur adventure but requires some accomplished motor abilities that I don't have... So - new Catechism is - which quests crave some notable abilities like imp catcher and cannot be completed afterwards them? I don't ambition to get my hopes too top on Prifinddas and than apprehend I don't accept what it takes (being an old woman and such lol). I'm bold that the allotment of imp catch ...
  • ​Correction to the Abysmal Demons money authoritative adjustment revenue
    ​Correction to the Abysmal Demons money autho ...

    Dec-20-2018 PST

    So on the wiki and a lot of guides, they admeasurement the accumulation to be at about 2-3 comminute an hour with costs. That is false, i've done this agreement abounding times and the aftereffect was consistently the same, afterwards accepting advantageous or anything. Ok so the capital things are the 2 aggro, afflict flasks and cool adoration renewal, with a max bulk of 200 springs for the cleaner, few attributes and blaze runes for alching, absolute bulk is about 1.2 comminute max, it doesn't go over this bulk (if you accomplish or acquire springs afterwards affairs them, afresh th ...
  • ​Thank You for Violet is Blue
    ​Thank You for Violet is Blue

    Dec-19-2018 PST

    I don't generally accomplish posts on reddit, but I apperceive J Mods yield a lot of calefaction for updates so I capital to put my acknowledgment for the new chance Violet is Blue out there. It hit me with a lot of Christmas spirit if I in actuality bare it. Here is a little accomplishments on why this chance meant so abundant to me, abnormally at this time. If I was 19 I met a girl, and fell arch over heels for her. Unfortunately she grew up in advance affliction and was abused and had a absolute harder life. This advance to her developing a absolute bad heroin addiction. Our accord suffer ...
  • ​Farming QoL changes plz
    ​Farming QoL changes plz

    Dec-18-2018 PST

    Hell, add them to the PoF boutique if you want, as perks. - 1000 beans: bifold the XP from mucking out manure. Low cost, because about alone low levels do this, bodies who badly charge the XP and don't accept a lot of money. - 2000 beans: let us use acclaimed aftermath on admixture bins, so that we don't charge to accomplish assorted trips. - 3500 beans: accept "free" buckets if mucking out manure. It would about accomplish the blooming admixture beneath worthless, because it can become supercompost easier, and would be a nice QoL for bodies agriculture dragon dung. Thes ...
  • ​Slayer added Mechanics
    ​Slayer added Mechanics

    Dec-17-2018 PST

    So me and a clan-mate were talking endure night and I got to thinking. My abandoned ache with my admired accomplishment is that is isn't as benign as I anticipate it could acquire been accustomed the context. Think about the Witcher alternation right? You are a monster hunter who is assassin to SLAY monsters. If you get acquaintance beneath your belt and alleviate new tools, Geralt becomes a BETTER Witcher. Advised to annihilate added monsters calmly as able-bodied as annihilate tougher monsters easier. The endure allotment is missing from out accepted apache skill. Now afore you alte ...
  • ​The Edgeville Kennels: A Dangerous Apache Minigame
    ​The Edgeville Kennels: A Dangerous Apache Mi ...

    Dec-16-2018 PST

    - The Edgeville Kennels would alter the asleep Edgeville Dungeon Wilderness breadth and would be reworked to be above and broken by abounding activity obstacles. The Apple Warriors would be confused to a akin 10 Dungeoneering adjustment abroad in the Varrock Sewers or Edgeville Dungeon for accustomed players who ambition to annihilate them alfresco of the anarchy tunnels. - The bold would be started by paying a fee to admission the kennels based on your activity level. Levels 3-25: 25k, Levels 26-35: 30k, Levels 36-45: 45k, Levels 46-55: 60k, Levels 56-65: 80k, Levels 66-75: 95k, Levels 76-8 ...
  • ​Can we either hardly addict Aristocratic Clue Scrolls
    ​Can we either hardly addict Aristocratic Clu ...

    Dec-15-2018 PST

    Can we either hardly addict Aristocratic Clue Scrolls or accomplish them Shorter? So, by no way am I an ardent Treasure Trailer. I accept about 1,000+ Elites done and about 500 Hards with 100 or so Adept Clues. I don't accept over 5,000 clues done like some so these opinions are abandoned abundance alone. Through accomplishing clues for the accomplished year and a half, I noticed that Hards are usually the fastest with it accepting absolute aboveboard on breadth we charge to go RuneScape gold or what we charge to do. Masters would be the 2nd fastest a allotment of the 3 with a lot o ...
  • ​Player owned house update
    ​Player owned house update

    Dec-13-2018 PST

    Our player owned house really need some update - we just got a aquarium over these years. Player owned house could really increase the bonding the players (Think of The sims). A large scale rework probably won't happen, but I think there is some minor update that can encourage players to visit their PoH and feel that they have a cozy room for their avatar (Now we just sleep next to bank to heal...) First ninja type: Make the god book refund when we use the book to the bookselves. (I accidentally take the original god book, and found that i have no way to make it into the illumi ...
  • ​The Needle Drops - A fun quest but pretty bad writing
    ​The Needle Drops - A fun quest but pretty ba ...

    Dec-12-2018 PST

    Note: First of all, this post contains spoilers for the most recent quest The Needle Drops. Also, as I didn't unlock every single word in the Needle shard, I may be missing crucial information that completes the quest's story. If this is the case, disregard my complaints. The wiki page for the quest is totally incomplete (it doesn't even have all the mandatory words listed) which is odd considering the Runescape wiki is usually very quick to fill out new quest pages. Whatever. On to my complaints: SPOILERZ BELOW So the quest was okay. It wasn't much of a "murder mystery", thoug ...
  • ​Ingenuity of the Humans is well-balanced
    ​Ingenuity of the Humans is well-balanced

    Dec-10-2018 PST

    Apparently, I authority the abhorred assessment that the new sigil is counterbalanced just fine. Rant incoming. The three complaints adjoin it are: 1, It has a 90-second cooldown while debuffs accept 60-second duration, so you can't accumulate your debuffs up 100% of the time. 2, It shares a cooldown with limitless. 3, It's a affirmed individual hit and it would be bigger if it were affirmed hits for all hits in a 3-second or 6-second window. I'd like to acknowledge to each. 1) Why do you charge 100% uptime on a debuff? If you're in a accumulation boss, you ...
  • ​This lets you antithesis aloft styles and anniversary alone style
    ​This lets you antithesis aloft styles and an ...

    Dec-09-2018 PST

    Magic, melee, and ranged can't be appropriately counterbalanced with the accepted architecture of vulnerability, due to switching. # You can use vulnerability while angry with any style. By accomplishing some quick switching, accident just 1-4ish annual spaces depending on how hardcore you want/need to go with the switches you can get that +10% accident dealt with magic, ranged, or affray - not just magic. Typically, those annual spaces aren't a huge accord that makes or breach the appearance accepting good. # But a lot of humans don't in fact see it that way. Mag ...
  • ​Make Alteration Abundant Again
    ​Make Alteration Abundant Again

    Dec-07-2018 PST

    Currently, alteration gives a 62.5% accident accession over 15 seconds. For those who don't know, it acclimated to be 75% for 20 seconds, but was afresh adapted to 50% because it allegedly fabricated added faculty to change the adeptness than to change a tooltip of RS gold. In an accomplishment to accomplish the adeptness hardly better, Jagex afflicted it to its accepted state. In allegory to added accident advocacy ultimate abilities, sunshine boosts your accident for alert as continued and works with buried feet, at the atrophy of abandoned 12.5% beneath damage. Also, the breadth you can m ...
  • ​Augmented bright pickaxe/hatchet
    ​Augmented bright pickaxe/hatchet

    Dec-06-2018 PST

    I accept no abstraction how to Invention. I just got to lvl 29 (protean cogs) and just aggrandized both bright hatchet and bright pickaxe. What is the annual of augmenting? Is there a specific advantage I am declared to use on them to accretion a annual or does artlessly assiduity them accomplish them better/faster? I will explain assiduity as able-bodied as leveling in general, as you'll wish to get 99+ as anon as possible. Absolutely augment your tools, weps, and armor. You can attending up BIS allowances for what you'r eaugmenting, but generally: For tools: Honed is best as ...
  • ​Why Does My Appearance About Act Like A Fool During Quests
    ​Why Does My Appearance About Act Like A Fool ...

    Dec-05-2018 PST

    Is this some array of British humour affair breadth the appearance is either air-conditioned acerb or pretends to be an idiot just to see what the adventure giver will say? You could acquire mage maxed out and sometimes they'll act afraid if a adventure NPC talks about things you'd apprehend 'yourself' to apperceive by now. Necromancy? What's that? Whoa, things can get bedevilled by spirits? The anticipation hasn't even aloft my mind. I alone acquire 99 Prayer, hurr durr. I mean, you charge an Ogre (out of all 'people') to advise you how to accomplish a Composite Ogre Bow, if y ...
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