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    Jan-02-2019 PST

    Hello All, Welcome to RSGOLDFAST.COM, happy new year in advance. Far away in 2018, in order to celebrate New Year 2019, RSGOLDFAST is hosting this event - LUCKY DRAW UPGRADE. Promotion Time: 3rd January to 20th January Event Page: Good Luck! Happy NEW Year Again. RSGOLDFAST Team
  • ​Mithril Dragon Killing Guide OSRS
    ​Mithril Dragon Killing Guide OSRS

    Oct-15-2019 PST

    Mithril dragons are a nostalgiac, hardy dragon that most of us probably remember trying to kill as a kid. They were introduced along with the Ancient Cavern as an upgrade from Steel Dragons from years past and came with a shiny new Dragon Fullhelm as a drop. Unfortunately, they’ve never really been easy or profitable to kill due to how inaccurate even maxed players will hit against them. This short guide will be for those wanting to do them for slayer tasks or just to be a completionist in this game. Gearing Up Since this dragon has an extremely high base defense with the only st ...
  • ​Metal Dragon Guide OSRS
    ​Metal Dragon Guide OSRS

    Oct-09-2019 PST

    Chromatic dragons have existed in Runescape since its classic days, but metal dragons introduced a new dynamic in 2005. They feature hardened defenses, long-range dragon breath, and unique drops compared to their chromatic dragon brothers. If you get them assigned as a slayer task, keep this article in mind before skipping them. Bronze Dragons Bronze dragons were the weakest of the preliminary metal dragons introduced to the game. As you might imagine, they drop bronze bars in addition to dragon bones upon death. Even though they are pure bronze, they still have a combat level of 131, a b ...
  • ​Solo Corporeal Beast Guide OSRS
    ​Solo Corporeal Beast Guide OSRS

    Sep-27-2019 PST

    The Corporeal Beast (sometimes just referred to as Corp) is technically one of the hardest bosses in Runescape in terms of combat level and defenses. While its mechanics are pretty simplistic, it is quite hard for a player to take it on without a group. Within this guide, you will know how to get prepared to take on Corp on your own. The Right Weapon For The Job The biggest reason why Corp is hard is due to its extremely high defense and the fact that its hide can only be penetrated by spears or halberds. There are many spears in the game, but there is no comparison to using the Zamoraki ...
  • ​F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS
    ​F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS

    Sep-15-2019 PST

    Whether you can’t afford membership or you are making a F2P-locked character, there are several training spots you can gain significant amounts of experience. While many of them are in the wilderness, there are even a few tucked away in dungeons, staying out of reach of player killers. This article will go over some of the best F2P Melee Training Spots OSRS that you can use to max out with little effort. Flesh Crawlers – Stronghold of Security Flesh Crawlers are low defense and low-hitting monsters in the Stronghold of Security. Considering that they have a different aggression mecha ...
  • Quest Items You Shouldn't Throw Away
    Quest Items You Shouldn't Throw Away

    Sep-11-2019 PST

    For the most part, random items obtain along quests are complete junk and most people drop them to save bank space. Whether its a reward or a component to completing a quest, there are still some items that are worth keeping for new players or ironmen until they get high-level items. Let’s dive into what you should consider keeping while questing in OSRS... Silverlight/Darklight The Silverlight itself has been a useless weapon, with the exception for perhaps F2P ironmen that want to kill Lesser Demons. This is why most players drop up upon seeing its stats and realizing that a Ru ...
  • OSRS New Last Man Standing Item Rewards
    OSRS New Last Man Standing Item Rewards

    Sep-06-2019 PST

    Last Man Standing is a safe PvP minigame where all players start with the same equipment and levels. As they advance through the battle royale, their gear is upgraded and the last person left alive wins the cash pool. It is nothing new to Runescape, but it had been quite stale up until recently. From the newly added NPC in the LMS area, you can check the rewards and prices at your convenience. You cannot trade in old items, so make sure you are absolutely ready to make a purchase. Staff of Balance The staff of balance takes on the same concept of Staff of the Dead and Staff of ...
  • ​Zalcano Boss Guide
    ​Zalcano Boss Guide

    Aug-30-2019 PST

    Zalcano is a skilling boss, mostly centered around mining, that’s imprisoned underneath the city of Prifddinas. This is also one of the few multi-skill bosses that cannot be killed using combat. You will get a mix of Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting experience during the fight. She was involved with the god wars and is related to Skotizo, and ventured to Tirannwn to search for her brother. She was imprisoned in her volcanic cell to be studied and contained. You may access her cell in the Southeastern part of the city. In terms of profitability, many players have compared it to Zulrah befo ...
  • OSRS The Gauntlet Guide
    OSRS The Gauntlet Guide

    Aug-21-2019 PST

    The Gauntlet is a recently added solo minigame that mixes skilling and PvM in randomly generated dungeons. Some people may compare this to Dungeoneering in RS3, but at a much smaller scale. The idea is to gather your resources to create and upgrade gear in Singing Bowls while gathering materials for food and potions. While it is likely your account is decently high if you completed Song of the Elves, having max stats in combat skills, fishing, cooking, herblore, and farming will allow you to speedrun this dungeon. Speedrunning is ideal if you plan on using this minigame as a means of moneyma ...
  • OSRS Guide to Crystal Equipment
    OSRS Guide to Crystal Equipment

    Aug-12-2019 PST

    One of the most anticipated features of Song of the Elves is the new crystal equipment, especially the full armor set. Just like with legacy crystal items, items will have charges and will degrade over time. Using crystal shards from various activities around town, these new osrs items can be recharged or created using crystal singing. What is Crystal Singing? Crystal singing was taught to the elves by Seren and it’s the source of their crystal equipment. Singing bowls are found throughout Prifddinas and players will use it to craft or repair their gear. Crystal singing is also found in ...
  • ​OSRS Best Mining Moneymaking Methods
    ​OSRS Best Mining Moneymaking Methods

    Aug-05-2019 PST

    Mining is considered to be one of the most tedious skills in the game, although some updates have been made to increase engagement and profitability. Most activities consist of clicking on each replenished rock and hauling the load off to the bank when your inventory has been filled. Mining basic ores aren’t that profitable, which is why you are better off power mining until you unlock AFK higher-level activities. This guide will go down a shortlist of optimal methods to make money while training mining. Mining Gemstones Estimate: 500,000M/hour Requirements: 40 mining, Shilo V ...
  • 5 Money Making Alts To Fund Your Main Account
    5 Money Making Alts To Fund Your Main Account

    Jul-25-2019 PST

    Most players in Oldschool Runescape obsess over making gold as it is the main source to buy better gear, skilling supplies or even Pking supplies. Since not everyone wants to buy large amounts of osrs gold to take away the challenge of the game, it is becoming quite common that people play multiple accounts at the same time to be more time efficient. In fact, not having at least one dedicated account to make gold probably puts far behind the competition if you ever hope to get a high rank on the hiscores. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short list of AFK money making account builds that are cons ...
  • Underrated Slayer Tasks That You Shouldn't Skip
    Underrated Slayer Tasks That You Shouldn't Skip

    Jul-16-2019 PST

    Slayer is, in part, a skill of luck since Slayer Masters assign random tasks in random amounts. If you don't like a certain task, it costs a considerable amount of points to skip (30) or block (100) just one task. Especially if you are still saving up for the Slayer helmet unlock, you probably shouldn't be wasting them. Below are just some underrated tasks that may be worth doing for the sake of conserving your already limited slayer points... Banshees If you ever get a banshee task from Nieve, it is probably tempting to skip them considering they seem to be abysmal for Melee and S ...
  • ​OSRS Farming Guide
    ​OSRS Farming Guide

    Jul-10-2019 PST

    Farming is one of the most unique skills in the game since it is trained passively. Some find the skill to be profitable while others spend millions of osrs gold to quickly train it up. Within this OSRS Farming Guide, we will go over a few angles of training until Level 99. What Do I Need to Know about Farming? Farming is all about having daily and weekly crop rotations, with most people focusing on fruit trees, wood trees and herb patches for experience. The skill is much more dynamic with recent additions like the Farming Guild, Seaweed patches and the Fossil Island rare tree patches. I ...
  • ​OSRS KBD Guide
    ​OSRS KBD Guide

    Jun-03-2019 PST

    The King Black Dragon in Old School RuneScape can certainly be a formidable foe. It is usually one of the player’s first bossing experiences, due to the fact it is mid-game content, which is when the real bossing starts. Even if you’re extremely high-level, you’ll still need to understand what you’re doing, the strategies and gear you’ll need which is why this guide exists. The King Black Dragon can yield you anywhere from 200k to 1 million OSRS GP per hour, depending on current market rates. Also, you have a chance of getting the pet! The prince black dragon is certainly an amazing pe ...
  • ​OSRS Raids
    ​OSRS Raids

    May-25-2019 PST

    OSRS RaidsIn this article, we’ll explore both Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) and Raids 2 (Theatre of Blood). We’ll specifically be looking at their rewards and their requirements in Old School RuneScape. Note that Raids 1 and Raids 2 are not only solo activities but also group activities. Particularly Raids 2 with not many people having completed it solo, because it is incredibly difficult. Having high stats is more important for Raids 2, as there can only be a maximum of five players. Raids 1 can have a maximum of 100 players. This means incredibly low-level players have completed it and have ...
  • ​What Lies Below OSRS quest
    ​What Lies Below OSRS quest

    May-02-2019 PST

    The What Lies Below quest is an Old School Runescape quest in the Runecrafting quest series with as difficulty intermediate. This is a members only quest that got released on the 27th of March in 2017. You can start the What Lies Below quest by talking to Rat Burgiss in Varrock. The quest is about a travelling trader that has been stranded south of Varrock after his cart was attacked by outlaws. You’ll need to help him recover his lost documents that the outlaws stole. That’s not all, The Varrock Palace Secret Guard are on the trail of dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. You’ll help th ...
  • Where to mine Gold OSRS
    Where to mine Gold OSRS

    Apr-23-2019 PST

    Mining gold in Old School RuneScape can be fairly difficult to navigate with a multitude of options (particularly pertaining to locations). In this guide, we will cover every factor for both free-to-play (f2p) players and regular members. To mine gold ore in OSRS, you will need level 40 mining. We will cover this in the first aspect of our guide. How do I get to level 40 mining? As aforementioned, the significance of level 40 mining is that you need it to even begin to mine gold ore. From level 1-15, mine copper/tin ore at the Varrock east/west mines. From 15-40, mine Iron ore, bes ...
  • What is RuneScape Classic
    What is RuneScape Classic

    Apr-17-2019 PST

    What is RuneScape Classic? RuneScape Classic is the original version of RuneScape. RuneScape Classic is also known as ‘RS1’ and released under beta on the 4th of January 2001. RuneScape 2 (RS2), now known as Old School RuneScape, was released on the 29th March 2004 which added 3D graphics, an overhauled combat system, music and many other features. When was it available? RuneScape Classic has been available many times in the past two decades. It has been reopened and closed continuously. A lot of cheating had occurred as there was basically no effective anti-cheat.  With t ...
  • ​OSRS Deadman Mode Seasonal
    ​OSRS Deadman Mode Seasonal

    Apr-14-2019 PST

    Deadman mode is a completely different style of play for Old School RuneScape, and Seasonal Deadman mode awards tens of thousands of dollars in prizes. All player stats and items are reset every three months, with the top 2000 players (XP wise) are invited to the Seasonal Deadman mode tournament. Practically every area of the game is a PvP zone, and dying effectively resets your account. You must be a member to participate in Deadman mode. Read further on in the article to understand more about OSRS Seasonal Deadman mode. What are the prizes, what’s the point? First of all, you may thin ...
  • OSRS Sand Crab Training Guide 2019
    OSRS Sand Crab Training Guide 2019

    Apr-02-2019 PST

    In Old School Runescape, Sand Crabs are very popular monster to train your combat skills on. The Sand Crabs are just like Rock Crabs, although the Sand Crabs have 10 more hitpoints in comparison with Rock Crabs, which is why a lot of players prefer Sand Crabs over Rock Crabs. Sand Crabs are aggressive monsters that look like harmless sandy rocks at first, but once you get close to them they’ll start attacking you. One of the reasons why Sand Crabs are so good to train on is that you don’t need to have any requirements to travel to Sand Crabs, every player willing to put in the little effort to ...
  • How to make gold bracelets OSRS
    How to make gold bracelets OSRS

    Mar-29-2019 PST

    Making gold bracelets in Old School RuneScape is relatively easy.  This is because you only require level 7 Crafting, a bracelet mound, and a gold bar for each bracelet you’d like to make! There are many furnace locations to choose from. All factors, including furnace locations, will be comprehensively covered in our guide. You will need to have a members account to craft gold bracelets. What furnace should I craft at? The most accessible furnace would be Edgeville to make gold bracelets. Edgeville furnace is very close to the Grand Exchange, to allow you to buy and sell an ...
  • OSRS Brimstone Key Guide 2019
    OSRS Brimstone Key Guide 2019

    Mar-28-2019 PST

    What brimstone keys are and what you can get from them On the 7th of February 2019 brimstone keys and chests got released. We looked up all information for brimstone keys and chests and will summarize it all up to you so you don’t have to do the digging yourself. A brimstone key is a key that can be used to open the brimstone chest. You can get these brimstone keys by doing slayer assignments, but not just any assignment, you’ll have to do assignments given by Konar quo Maten, which is a new slayer master that got released on the 10th of January 2019. Finally, you can use these b ...
  • How to get defenders in OSRS
    How to get defenders in OSRS

    Mar-11-2019 PST

    The Dragon Defender is unequivocally one of the best shield slot items currently in OSRS. This item, along with its lower tier variants like the Rune and Adamant Defender, gives the user wo is wielding it extra attack bonus that helps the user be more accurate. To wield a defender, the player must have the attack level needed to wear that type of gear (50 for rune, 30 for mithril) except for the Dragon Defender which requires only 1 attack to use. In this guide we will be telling you how you can get your very own Dragon Defender and some places where you should use that defender! How to get ...
  • OSRS Mobile Tips and Tricks
    OSRS Mobile Tips and Tricks

    Mar-01-2019 PST

    Hi All, welcome to RSGOLDFAST! Are you new to Old School RuneScape Mobile, or Old School RuneScape altogether? If so, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to optimize your gameplay! Even for seasoned players of Old School RuneScape, the mobile app performs differently to the desktop client. There is always another trick you can learn to save you time, the learning curve is rather steep.  One click drops Dropping items can be a pain. With the fingerprint icon in the corner, you are able to enable single-tap dropping. This is useful if you’re cutting trees, mining, and fishing. ...
  • OSRS Crafting Guide 2019
    OSRS Crafting Guide 2019

    Feb-24-2019 PST

    The Ultimate 1-99 Crafting Leveling Guide In this guide, we'll show you in full detail how to get from level 1 to 99 Crafting. We’ll show you three ways on how you can level your Crafting up all the way to level 99. We’ll give you a cheap, medium, and expensive/fast method so you can  choose what suits you best. What’s Crafting and what do you use it for? Crafting is one of the first skills in Runescape, the Crafting skill got released on 8 May 2001. With Crafting you can create items in Runescape such as pottery, jewelry, and armor. It's a free-to-play skill but ...
  • OSRS Barrows Gloves Guide
    OSRS Barrows Gloves Guide

    Feb-21-2019 PST

    Barrows gloves are highly desired in Old School RuneScape. This is because it is the best gear you can wear in the gloves slot and only come at a cost of 130,000 OSRS GP. However, it is also a journey to get the gloves: you must complete the Recipe for Disaster quest series. This doesn’t sound like a mammoth task at first, but Recipe of Disaster is actually a set of 10 sub quests.  And these quests have many prerequisites, both in skills and quests and quest points. For reference, you need 175 quest points which means you need to complete a majority of the quests in the game.Are the gloves w ...
  • Abyssal Demons
    Abyssal Demons

    Jan-13-2019 PST

    OSRS: killing Abyssal Demons Abyssal Demons are a lucrative money-maker in Old School RuneScape, and will make you anywhere from 500k-750k gold per hour. Abyssal Demons are a common slayer task that you will come across. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know regarding killing Abyssal Demons! You can find Abyssal Demons in the Slayer Tower: the top floor and the basement if you are on-task. You may also find them in the Catacombs of Kourend (northern section) and Abyssal Area (fairy-ring code ALR). Abyssal Demons: Gear and Requirements To start off with, Abys ...
  • ​Kudos Guide
    ​Kudos Guide

    Jan-06-2019 PST

    Kudos is a reward item required to access certain locations in RuneScape, namely Fossil Island. Kudos can be acquired by helping the museum staff in the Varrock Museum location. Kudos does not have to be spent to reach Fossil Island, earning them is enough. Certain tasks given by museum employees need to be completed to earn Kudos. Earned Kudos is displayed in a counter in the top left of the RuneScape screen. Players can also check which tasks they have not completed yet and their Kudos count by heading to the north-west corner of the first floor of the Varrock Museum. The milestones for Kudos are ...
  • ​Change the Face of Runescape for the future
    ​Change the Face of Runescape for the future

    Jan-05-2019 PST

    Completionist Cape Issues: Change the Face of Runescape for the future! Opinions of a amorous abecedarian that has accomplished the Trimmed Completionist Cape in 2012. Jagex has afflicted the face of Runescape by acceptance this atone cape affair to abide absolved for YEARS. What do I beggarly by the "face" of Runescape? I beggarly what you would see players use for BIS (best-in-slot) armor for use of accepted gameplay. Far too abounding humans strive for this cape because of the accompaniment of accepting BIS, and NOTHING MORE. Removing BIS cachet from atone is the key to removing th ...
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