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    Dec-17-2020 PST

    2020 is walking away from us. Many thanks for your support to RsGoldFast in the past days, we are here to launching TWO Parts Promotion for Runescape players to celebrate Christmas and New Year. Wish getting more support from all of you in future days. PROMOTION PART ONE: EXCLUSIVE COUPON CODE For any one who is trying to purchase Runescape products at Rsgoldfast can use Coupon Code “ XMASFAST ” to check out and save 5%. This Code is valid for All products listed on Rsgoldfast in the exception of Special Deal area products. Go to buy Runescape Gold and Check out with Coupon cod ...
  • ​OSRS Freeing Sir Amik Varze Guide
    ​OSRS Freeing Sir Amik Varze Guide

    Jan-17-2021 PST

    In this quest, you’ll have to talk to the NPC ‘Cook’ to learn how to make a crème brulee supreme for Sir Amik Varze as he requires it. Basic Requirements · 107 Quest Points · Access to the Kharazi Jungle · Legend’s Quest (Just started) Quest Requirements · Family Crest · Heroes' Quest · Shield of Arrav · Lost City · Merlin's Crystal · Dragon Slayer I · Shilo Village · Jungle Potion · Underground Pass · Biohazard · Plague City · Waterfall Quest Items Required · A bucket of milk (Purchased from the Culinaromancer's ...
  • ​OSRS Defeating the Culinaromancer Guide
    ​OSRS Defeating the Culinaromancer Guide

    Jan-08-2021 PST

    The Culinaromancer is back to his dimension through the portal, and he’ll be causing more trouble. You have to make your way through the portal to put an end to him. Quest Requirements · Desert Treasure · The Dig Site · Temple of Ikov · The Tourist Trap · Troll Stronghold · Death Plateau · Priest in Peril · Waterfall Quest · Horror from the Deep · Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl mini-quest · Freeing the Goblin generals · Freeing the Mountain dwarf · Freeing Evil Dave · Freeing the Lumbridge Guide · Freeing Pirate Pete · Freeing Skr ...
  • ​OSRS Getting Ahead Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Getting Ahead Quest Guide

    Jan-02-2021 PST

    An intermediate quest that is first in line in the quest series of Twisted Tales. These quests are short and take place in Great Kourend, as well as Kebo’s Lowlands. In this quest, you’ll have to bring the head of a deadly beast to discover that the beast is actually headless. Skill Requirements - 30 Crafting - 26 Construction Items Required - Bear or Grey Wolf Fur - Soft Clay or a Pickaxe to mine - Hammer (Can be obtained near the cattle gate) - Saw (Can be obtained in the shed north of the house) - 2 Planks (Can be obtained near the cave entrance) - 6 Nails ( ...
  • ​OSRS Tale of the Righteous Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Tale of the Righteous Quest Guide

    Dec-27-2020 PST

    A novice quest that was announced on 21st March 2018 a polled in OSRS content poll #58. This quest is about King Shayzien VII, who ordered an expedition to Mount Quidamortem thousands of years ago. The expedition had never returned and assumed that they were all dead, however, that Phileas Rimor is the descendant of the very expedition leader and he is eager to know the truth. Join him on his journey and unfold the conspiracy that took place thousands of years ago. Skill Requirements - 16 Strength - 10 Mining Quest Requirements - Client of Kourend - 20% Shayzien Favour Item ...
  • ​OSRS Olaf's Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Olaf's Quest Guide

    Dec-20-2020 PST

    This quest is about Olaf Hradson, who has been travelling around in his boat to find his grandfather’s treasure, but unfortunately, his boat has crashed and you must help him find the treasure to ensure that his family doesn’t think that he’s a failure. Quest Requirements - The Fremennik Trials Skill Requirements - 40 Fire Making - 50 Woodcutting - 57+ Agility (would be an advantage to get to Rellekka through a shortcut) Items Required - A Tinderbox - A Spade - 6 Ropes - Any Woodcutting Axe - 4 Free Inventory Spaces Items Recommended - ...
  • ​OSRS Player-Owned House Overview
    ​OSRS Player-Owned House Overview

    Dec-06-2020 PST

    A player-owned house (frequently abbreviated to POH) is the focal point of the Construction aptitude. It tends to be purchased from a Real Estate Agent for 1,000 or is given to the endless supply of the Daddy's Home mini-quest. Players' homes are situated in Rimmington naturally, however, can be moved to one of 8 distinct urban communities for a charge, if the necessary Construction level is met. The level prerequisite isn't bootable. Players can go into the house through POH gateways, marked on the world guide as House entry symbol. House Styles Home specialists can likewise rearrang ...
  • ​OSRS Volcanic Mine Guide
    ​OSRS Volcanic Mine Guide

    Nov-24-2020 PST

    Underneath the Fossil Island Volcano, there is a large volcanic chamber called the Volcanic Mine. The entrance is located in the north-eastern corner of the volcano, with an NPC named Petrified Pete guarding its entrance. You need to have a Mining level of at least 50, 150 Kudos and five unidentified small fossils from Peter. Keep in mind that players have to pay 30 numulites (a form of currency on the Fossil Island) to Petrified Pete if they wish to enter the mines again. Equipment Setup - A good equipment setup consists of the full prospector kit for the 2.5% extra Mining XP. ...
  • ​OSRS Chaos Elemental Guide
    ​OSRS Chaos Elemental Guide

    Nov-15-2020 PST

    A dark cloud with six tentacles that lurks around in the Wilderness. The Chaos Elemental can be found just west of the Rogues’ Castle and is in the members-only section of the Wilderness. You can easily access the area through the Wilderness teleport level in Edgeville or Ardougne. The NPC is mostly killed for its drops like dragon two-handed sword or dragon pickaxe. As it is immune to venom – any items that can inflict venom will only inflict regular poison. The Chaos Elemental’s attack is projectile and is in a series of different colours. This attack can either be Ranged, Magic or M ...
  • ​OSRS Alchemical Hydra Guide
    ​OSRS Alchemical Hydra Guide

    Nov-07-2020 PST

    A slayer boss that can be encountered in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. The alchemical Hydra is a 95 level NPC and can be fought after being assigned by a hydra slayer task. To get to the boss, a player must head north past the Tasakaal, and then switch east when they come across the hydras. Heading east, you’ll eventually come across the entrance to the lair by Orrvor quo Maten. Although you can also use the mysterious pipe just behind Kaal-Ket-Jor to easily get there, it requires an agility level of 88 to pass through. The fighting area for alchemical hydra is instanced, and if a player dies wh ...
  • ​OSRS The Lost Tribe Quest Guide
    ​OSRS The Lost Tribe Quest Guide

    Oct-30-2020 PST

    The Lost Trible is a part of Dorgeshuun quest series which includes all quest that is acknowledged to share a common plot. Goblins have emerged from a newly formed crack in the Lumbridge castle’s basement, and the advisor to the Duke of Lumbridge has given you a task to investigate the matter in hand. These goblins are the pacifist Dorgeshuun tribe who have been lost in history for many years. Quest Requirements · Goblin Diplomacy · Rune Mysteries Skill Requirements · 13 Agility · 13 Thieving · 17 Mining The above skills can all be boosted to meet the requireme ...
  • ​OSRS Devious Minds Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Devious Minds Quest Guide

    Oct-21-2020 PST

    A plot is being developed against the clergy of Entrana, along with the return of Zaros, the divine aspect of darkness and a forgotten god of Gielinor. In this quest, you have the help a poor lowly monk who needs your assistance to make his dream come true. Skill Requirements · 65 Smithing · 50 Rune crafting · 50 Fletching All of the above skills can be boosted to meet the requirements for the quest. Quest Requirements · Wanted! · Recruitment Drive · Black Knights’ Fortress · Druidic Ritual · The Lost Tribe · Goblin Diplomacy · Rune Myste ...
  • ​OSRS Saradomin Guide
    ​OSRS Saradomin Guide

    Oct-12-2020 PST

    The God Wars Dungeon (or ‘GWD’ for short) is a dungeon where armies of various gods fight, left over from the God Wars. One of these armies is the Saradomin force, whose appointed leader is Commander Zilyana. She is one of the only two living representatives of Icyene race in Old School Runescape, the other being half – human half – Icyene Safalaan. In order to gain access to her chamber within the Saradomin Encampment, you’ll have to kill 40 Saradomin followers throughout the dungeon. To navigate obstacles, players must bring two ropes on their first visit and have a mini ...
  • ​OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Quest Guide

    Oct-05-2020 PST

    Prince Ali of Al Kharid has been kidnapped by the scheming Lady Keli. He needs to be saved and you’ve been hired to stage a rescue mission. Combat Requirement · Enough combat stats to get past aggressive level 26 jail guards. Items Required · Soft clay · 3 balls of wool · Yellow dye or 2 onions and 5 coins · 1 Redberries · Ashes · A bucket of water or a jug of water · A pot of flour · A bronze bar · A pink skirt · 3 beers · Rope (can be bought during the quest at Ned for 18 coins or 4 balls of wool) · At least 100 coins Recommended ...
  • ​OSRS Armadyl Guide
    ​OSRS Armadyl Guide

    Sep-27-2020 PST

    Kree'arra is one of Armadyl's most trusted generals. He is among the most powerful of the surviving Aviantese, and leader to the forces of Armadyl's Eyrie in the God Wars Dungeon. In order to reach the encampment, players must first wield any crossbow along with a mithril grapple. A Ranged level of at least 70 is then required to navigate the chasm. To enter the boss room, players must have slain 40 followers of Armadyl, with Aviansies and their spiritual variants being his only followers within the dungeon. Unlike the other god wars bosses, regular Melee attacks will not work as Kree’arra ...
  • ​OSRS The Corsair Curse Quest Guide
    ​OSRS The Corsair Curse Quest Guide

    Sep-20-2020 PST

    The captain of the Corsairs has sailed to Port Sarim, from the newly revealed town of Corsair Cove, deep in the south of Feldip Hills. He suspects that a curse has been laid upon his crew, as they’ve gotten sick. You have to unravel the fearful and conflicting tales of ogre relics, vengeful mermaids and demonic possessions. Do you think you can help him? Yes, you can! The following guide will help you through your journey. There are no requirements for this quest, and the items needed can be obtained during the journey. Items Required · Spade (Obtainable during the quest) ...
  • ​OSRS Animal Magnetism Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Animal Magnetism Quest Guide

    Sep-13-2020 PST

    A new resident has arrived at the Draynor Manor and, adventurers rejoice, she is a damsel in distress. Ava finds the Manor’s beds not to her linking and is suffering from insomniac nights. Now, what can you do about it? You could help Ava in her search for a good night’s sleep, and maybe end up receiving a good reward from the budding scientist, because who knows what she might produce. Quest Requirements · The Restless Ghost · Ernest the Chicken · Priest in Peril Skill Requirements · 18 Slayer · 19 Crafting · 30 Ranged · 35 Woodcutting Note: You can ...
  • ​OSRS Desert Diary Guide
    ​OSRS Desert Diary Guide

    Sep-06-2020 PST

    What is Desert Diary? It is a set of achievement diaries whose tasks revolve around areas within the Kharidian Desert, such as Pollnivneach, Nardah and Sophanem. Rewards can be collected from the NPC named ‘Jarr’ in the Shanty pass. Diary difficulty is sorted by levels needed to complete: Easy require skills up to level 40, Medium up to level 65, Hard up to level 75, and Elite can require skills in the 90s. In addition, it is important to note that you can also use temporary skill boosts to complete the dairy tasks. So, without further ado, Let’s get started! Easy Catch ...
  • ​OSRS In Search of the Myreque Guide
    ​OSRS In Search of the Myreque Guide

    Aug-30-2020 PST

    Welcome to our quest guide for the Old School RuneScape quest of In Search of the Myreque. This quest is quite a lovely one with a difficulty of intermediate, and better yet, is rated as having a short official length. If you’re stuck on any part of the quest or would like a quick rundown of the quest, you’ve come to the right guide. We’ll also explore the rewards that you can expect to receive from this quest in its entirety. Without further ado, let’s proceed to the requirements to embark on this quest. Requirements As far as skill requirements go, you will need 25 ...
  • ​OSRS Falador Diary Guide
    ​OSRS Falador Diary Guide

    Aug-21-2020 PST

    Looking for help with some certain aspect of the Falador diary in Old School RuneScape? Luckily, we can guide you through the whole diary process! Completing diaries usually offer excellent rewards. Later in the game, the diary rewards prove essential for certain bosses and the like. If you’ve never done a diary at all before in Old School RuneScape, the concept is simpler than you might think. It’s essentially a list of tasks that you need to do, separated into different tiers. You can do any task, at any point within the game. You might find yourself inadvertently having complet ...
  • ​Demon Slayer Guide
    ​Demon Slayer Guide

    Aug-16-2020 PST

    A mighty demon is being summoned to destroy the city of Varrock, and you’ve found out that you’re the only one who is destined to stop him. There are no quests or stats requirement for this quest, but you should have the ability to defeat a level 27 demon and Dark Wizards of level 20 and level 7. Items required: - A bucket of water (which can be obtained during the quest) - 25 bones (Shouldn’t be noted) - 1 gold coin Recommended items: - Varrock teleportation tablets / runes - Necklace of passage to teleport to the Wizards’ Tower (Member only, but you can als ...
  • ​OSRS Priest in Peril Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Priest in Peril Quest Guide

    Aug-09-2020 PST

    Priest in Peril reserves a special place in Old School RuneScape. It’s one of the most impactful quests: unlocking over 12 additional quests and an entire game region! Without completing this quest, you will not be able to access Morytania nor Canifis. This quest is officially rated as having a medium length, and technically speaking, has no skill requirements. We’ll go deeper into that in the following sections. Requirements Unusually, there are no prerequisites in terms of completed quests. This makes the quest quite accessible to literally anyone. However, you will need to defeat a ...
  • ​OSRS Making History Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Making History Quest Guide

    Aug-02-2020 PST

    Making History is a fun quest that rewards 3 Quest points. The quest is extremely short if you have the correct teleportation methods. Additionally, you will not have to fight any enemies. That makes it the perfect quest to sit back and relax with - on desktop or Old School RuneScape mobile! Requirements You must have completed Priest in Peril to start Making History. Additionally, you need a Ghostspeak amulet - which means you must complete at least some of Restless Ghost. It is also recommended to have completed Ghosts Ahoy, which gains you an Ectophial and Port Phasmatys entry. Having ...
  • OSRS Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide
    OSRS Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide

    Jul-26-2020 PST

    Tree Gnome Village is quite an interesting quest in Old School RuneScape. If you’re looking for a guide on how to tackle this particular quest: you’ve come to the right spot! This quest is actually the first in a series of the gnome-arc. As such, it is very lore heavy, with origins tracing back to 2002.  The synopsis of this quest would be that the evil General Khazard is waging war against the tree gnomes, trying to wipe out their population. If you have time, it is highly recommended to read the dialogue between each part of this guide, but not necessary. The quest has an o ...
  • ​OSRS Catacombs of Kourend Guide
    ​OSRS Catacombs of Kourend Guide

    Jul-19-2020 PST

    The Catacombs of Kourend is one of the most compelling dungeons located within the kingdom of Great Kourend. If you like the skill Slayer, which is a much-adored, favourite-skill of many players, you’ll no doubt need to visit the catacombs.  Be warned: many of the enemies here come in higher-levelled forms in contrast to the enemies you’ll find across the general game. This guide will explain how you can enter the dungeon/its location, the various areas, and the monsters you can encounter. After reading this guide, you can proudly declare yourself as an expert of the Catacombs of Ko ...
  • ​OSRS Enakhra’s Lament Guide
    ​OSRS Enakhra’s Lament Guide

    Jul-15-2020 PST

    Enakhra's Lament is a very enjoyable, but challenging, Old School RuneScape quest. The quest dives into the history of RuneScape so it has plenty of information packed in for you to consume. In this guide, we’ll inform you of the best way of completing the quest, just in case you’re stuck at any point.  Unlike many other quests within the game, there are no enemies to defeat! So, you can sit back and relax for a more casual quest compared to most others in the game. Requirements In terms of skills, here’s what you need: · Level 39 Magic (for Crumble Undead). · Le ...
  • ​OSRS Shades of Mort'ton Quest Guide
    ​OSRS Shades of Mort'ton Quest Guide

    Jul-05-2020 PST

    If you’re looking to complete Shades of Mort’ton in Old School RuneScape, you’ve reached the perfect guide! Unusually, this quest starts with you reading a book in a home located at the south-west of Mort’ton. Mort’ton can be reached by navigating the Mort Myre swamp, directly south of Canifis. Without further ado, we will discuss how to complete Shades of Mort’ton.  Requirements To begin this quest, you must have already completed Priest in Peril. Priest in Peril is rated as a medium quest, with no prerequisites. You simply have to be able to defeat level 30 enemies in t ...
  • ​OSRS Blast Furnace Guide
    ​OSRS Blast Furnace Guide

    Jun-29-2020 PST

    Blast Furnace was a minigame initially designed in 2005, and ever since then, has had a monumental and revolutionary impact. In Old School RuneScape, whether you desire to make money or gain experience in Smithing, Blast Furnace continues to remain the meta method.  Throughout the guide, we’ll explore the requirements, how to actually do the minigame, and the best pathways for-profit and experience. One of the main advantages of Blast Furnace is that it consumes only ½ of the coal in contrast to the regular smelting process. Requirements The first and most important require ...
  • ​OSRS Giant Mole Guide
    ​OSRS Giant Mole Guide

    Jun-21-2020 PST

    In this guide, we will explore how you can successfully defeat the Giant Mole boss in Old School RuneScape. The Giant Mole is a fantastic boss for mid-level players or anyone getting introduced to the world of bossing. Whilst this boss can be quite difficult to tackle, as long as you’re able to persist you should be able to conquer it within no time! Killing this boss is an excellent source for elite Clue scrolls. It also can easily provide you with a lucrative money-making method of 1+ million gold per hour, contingent on fluctuating market rates. Additionally, if you wish to complete the ...
  • ​OSRS Crafting Nature Runes Guide
    ​OSRS Crafting Nature Runes Guide

    Jun-14-2020 PST

    Nature Runes are a staple of the Old School RuneScape economy and are used extensively in Magic. One of the most frequently casted spells in the game is High Alchemy (and Low Alchemy) and is a source of gold generation within the game. Additionally, nature runes are also used in smithing, to quickly heat ores you can use Superheat Items. Ever engaged in a PvP fight? You’ll probably be familiar with the entangle spell that prevents you from running anywhere, or its weaker variants: bind and snare. Bones to bananas, and bones to peaches, are spells/tablets that require nature runes. These spells ar ...
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