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​Raids 3 (Tombs of Amascut) is Coming to OSRS

Sep-12-2022 PST

Tombs of Amascut is a game of raid in the Desert of Kharidian, in the necropolis inside the Pyramid of Jaltevas. In Tombs of Amascut, you must participate the quests of Beneath Cursed Sands. Prepare yourself for the most immersive and narrative-driven raid. You can say Tombs of Amascut or Raids 3, the most anticipated content in the 2022 OSRS. Players are ready to explore the most significant game of the year. You have to face off many quests to unlock different activities where you will compete with new and dangerous enemies and receive old or new valuables that turn into many valuable prizes.

You will be prepared for Tombs of Amascut by competing in Beneath Cursed Sands and accessing a zone in the Desert of Kharidian. Next, you will have to rank up your combat level and make sure you are ready for Raids 3. Ready for the spine-chilling sound effects so you can experience the game with fantastic audio and many other new features.

Rewards in Raids 3 (Tombs of Amascut)

Your feedback matters at OSRS; Jagex is doing its best to interact with the player’s base and gather opinions on potential rewards for the Tombs of Amascut. You will get more OSRS GP through raids. Earn the jackpot in Raids 3 for the rarest and valuable items: Scythe of Vitur and Twisted Bow. They are worth over a billion and half a billion in OSRS gold.

What is OSRS Gold?

OSRS (Old School RuneScape) Gold is the in-game currency. These in-game currencies are the virtual property within the player’s inventory that will be obtained through various in-game activities like completing quests, killing monsters, and selling staffs to other players.

How to get OSRS Gold?

You will purchase OSRS Gold from the dealers of gold. And there are many ways for buyers to find gold sellers. You can use the marketplace in-game, online forums, and social media platforms for gold and even other items.

Tumeken’s Shadow

Tumeken’s Shadow will complete the melee, ranged, and magical weapons. It is the ultimate in-slot spell weapon of the future that aims to redefine magic as a combat skill. The suggestion needs a level 85 spell to cast and grants 35 magic attack bonuses. It also grants a 20-defense magic bonus to slash, stab, ranged attack, crush, and defense with no negative bonuses. It gives an attack rate of 5 and one plus a Prayer bonus.

According to Jagex’s post, its special effect is to “triple the magic power from the gear when equipped with Tumeken’s Shadow (capped at 100% magic power)”. The accuracy of the spell is tripled while wielding the magical weapons. These items are powerful because you can only use them in PvM but not in PvP mode. Players can use their Soul runes and Chaos well, as they need to charge up and use the magic within it. Another interesting point is that magic accuracy isn’t benefited when you contest the meta enemies like bosses that aren’t particularly weak to magic. If you want to fight with the boss, note that your DPS will be lower than if you used ranged or melee. But with, the development of new spell weapons makes the spell viable against bosses and a series of monsters like:

· Cerberus

· Commander Zilyana

· Kalphite Queen (Flying)

· Demonic Gorillas

· Kree’Arra

· K’ril Tsutsaroth

· Alchemical Hydra

· TzKal-Zuk.

The Thread of Elidinis and the Violation of the Scarab

These are non-tradeable prizes in Tombs of Amascut that players won’t be able to get but in Raids 3. The Thread of Elidinis is a highly requested item because it allows you to expand four types of runes. The other non-tradeable reward in Tombs of Amascut is the Violation of the Scarab. Use this jewel to upgrade the reward you get from the Keris Partisan to make it better against desert bugs.

Fang of Osmumten

Fang of Osmumten is a tumult weapon that differs from other armaments by its high accuracy. The suggestion is that the Fang of Osmumten is a weapon of high accuracy by the chance of double roll accuracy but not by the statistics. It will be a great choice to kill a Corporeal Beast for a chance at great loot. Otherwise, Fang of Osmumten can help deal with other enemies, so you can explore the new path to make cheap OSRS Gold more.

Overall, these rewards look great, and you can improve your playing by trading, wielding, and upgrading other items. But the first step is achieving account goals, leveling up, upgrading gear, and exploring for Raids 3.