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​OSRS Western Provinces Diary Guide (Hard and Elite)


​OSRS Western Provinces Diary Guide (Hard and Elite)


Welcome back to the Western Provinces Diary Guide, I will start with a quick recap. The Western Provinces Diary in Old School Runescape is a diary with many tasks based around locations in the western provinces of Gielnor. You will have to visit areas, completing quests, fighting monsters and other various assignments in areas such as Tree Gnome Stronghold, Feldip Hills and Ape Atoll. For each task I will list the skill and quest requirements, some skills can be boosted others cannot. There isn't really an optimal order as often you will be completing tasks here and there as you find them in game or on your quest.

As with other diaries there four parts: easy, medium, hard and elite. You must complete the previous level in order to complete your current level and claim its rewards. You can claim the rewards after each level from the Elder Gnome Child, located south of the Grand Tree. This is the second part of the western provinces diary guide and will cover the hard and elite diaries, which offer much tougher tasks than the earlier levels.


Kill an elf with a crystal bow: completion of the Roving Elves quest, 70 ranged and 56 agility. At the end of the Roving Elves quest choose the crystal bow as the reward, you can easily find an elf to kill in Lletya.

Catch and cook a monkfish in Piscatoris: completion of the Swan Song quest, 62 fishing and 62 cooking. Catch some monkfish in any of the many fishing spots at Piscatoris using a small fishing net and cook them in the south west range.

Complete a veteran game of Pest Control: no quest requirements, 100 combat level or higher. Exactly the same as the previous two Pest Control tasks, just take the veteran boat.

Catch a dashing kebbit: no quest requirements, 69 hunter and you can use boosts if you wish. The dashing kebbit is located in the Piscatoris falconry area. You will need to pay Matthias 500 gp to borrow his gyr falcon and falconry glove, once these are equipped you can catch a dashing kebbit simply by clicking on it.

Complete a lap of the Ape Atoll Agility Course: you must have completed the quest Monkey Madness I quest and have 48 agility. Before starting the course you will need to use the ninja monkey greegree as only ninja monkeys may use the course.

Chop and burn some mahogany logs on Ape Atoll:  you must have completed the quest Monkey Madness I quest, have 50 woodcutting and 50 firemaking. Bring a tinderbox and any axe, the mahogony tree is located in the south west of Ape Atoll.

Mine some adamantite ore in Tirannwn: you must have started the Regicide quest and have 70 mining which can be boosted. Any pickaxe will do. The mining location can be found just west of Lletya.

Check the health of your palm tree in Lletya: you must have started the Mourning's End part I quest and have 68 farming. Bring 1 palm sapling and plant it in the patch in Lletya and pay the farmer 15 papayas for him to ensure your sapling grows.

Claim a hat from Rantz after registering 300 chompy kills: must have completed Big Chompy Bird Hunting, 5 fletching and 30 ranged. Same as in the previous levels.

Build and Isafdar painting in your POH quest hall: completion of the Roving Elves quest and 65 construction. You will need 3 mahogony planks, 1 Isafdar painting purchasable from Sir Renitee in the White Knights Castle, a saw, a hammer and 25k gp to build the quest hall if you don't already have one.

Kill Zulrah: you must have started Regicide, there are no skill requirements but you should have high magic/ ranged and good equipment for either to stand a chance.

Teleport to Ape Atoll: must have completed the recipe for disaster (Awowogei sub-quest) and have 64 magic. The spell uses 2 fire runes, 2 water runes, 2 law runes and 1 banana.

Pickpocket a gnome: completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest and 75 thieving. Simply locate a gnome in Tree Gnome Village, right click him and select pickpocket.

Amongst your rewards you will receive: 1 antique lamp giving 15k experience. The ability to upgrade to the Elite Void Knight set and teleport crystals will now hold 5 charges for you.


Fletch a magic longbow in Tirannwn: must have completed Mourning's End Part I and have 85 fletching. Travel to Tirannwn and then fletch a magic longbow using a magic longbow (u) with a bow string.

Kill the Termonuclear smoke devil: no quest requirements but you will need 93 slayer. No boosts allowed, you should have good gear for this task. He can be found the Smoke Devil Dungeon which is south of Castle Wars, usually you will need to be on a slayer task to fight him but for the Western Provinces Diary you are allowed to kill him without being on one.

Have Prissy Scilla protect your magic tree: no quest requirements, 73 farming. Plant 1 magic sapling at Tree Gnome Stronghold using a spade then give 25 coconuts to Prissy Scilla for her to protect your magic tree as it grows.

Use the Elven overpass advanced cliffside shortcut: you must have completed the Underground Pass quest. The shortcut is near the West Ardougne outpost where you start the Making History quest.

Equip any complete void set: no quest requirements but you will need to be able to obtain Void Knight commendation points from the Pest Control minigame, which requires a minimum combat level of 40 (although to be able to claim this reward you will have need a combat level of 100 to complete the hard task). There are other skill level requirements for equipping the set, they are: 42 attack, strength, defence, hp, ranged, magic and 22 prayer. For the full set you will need 850 points.

Register 1000 Chompy kills and claim a hat from Rantz: completion of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest as well as 5 fletching and 30 ranged. Exactly the same as the previous levels, just this time you must reach 1000 kills. This can become very tedious, so I would recommend to complete some other tasks inbetween, or just grind it out if you are in the mood.

Pickpocket an elf: you must have completed the Mourning's End Part I quest as well as have 85 thieving. The elves can be found in various locations of Tirannwn.

Amongst your rewards you will receive: 1 antique lamp giving 50k experience and an increase in slayer reward point for tasks assigned by Nieve/Steve, they will now match the points given by the slayer master Duradel.

Thanks for reading this guide, the concluding section of the Western Provinces Diary. Please stay tuned for other Old School Runescape guides - OSRS Western Provinces Diary Guide (Easy and Medium), and buy our osrs gold & rs3 gold now, great price & service.

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