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​OSRS Western Provinces Diary Guide (Easy and Medium)

Mar-11-2020 PST


The Western Provinces Diary in Old School Runescape is a diary with many tasks based around locations in the western provinces of Gielnor. You will have to visit areas, completing quests, fighting monsters and other various assignments in areas such as Tree Gnome Stronghold, Feldip Hills and Ape Atoll. For each task I will list the skill and quest requirements, some skills can be boosted others cannot. There isn't really an optimal order as often you will be completing tasks here and there as you find them in game or on your quest.

As with other diaries there four parts: easy, medium, hard and elite. You must complete the previous level in order to complete your current level and claim its rewards. You can claim the rewards after each level from the Elder Gnome Child, located south of the Grand Tree. This first part of the guide will just cover the easy and medium levels).


Catch a copper longtail: no quest requirements, 9 hunter requirement. Using a bird snare you can catch a copper longtail which are located north of eagles peak.

Complete a novice game of Pest Control:  no quest requirements, 40 combat level or higher. At level 40 combat you can use the minigame teleport to pest control island (also completing another easy task), from here enter the novice boat and start a game. It's not a complicated minigame, there is a small chance of failure, but just keep actively attacking the pests and you should pass in less than 7-8 minutes.

Mine some iron ore near Piscatorious: no quest requirements, 15 mining. The mine is located near the fishing colony that features during the swan song quest. Any pickaxe will do.

Complete a lap of the Gnome Agility Course: no quest or skill requirements. This agility course is the first accessible and is located south of the grand tree. One lap should take less than a minute.

Score a goal in a Gnome Ball match: no quest or skill requirements. The Gnome Ball minigame is located west of the grand tree. Having good ranging can help you score one Gnome Ball goal, but it shouldn't take you long to get at least one, even with low ranged. To start a game just enter the field and speak to referee, he will give you a ball, almost straight away you can throw and attempt a goal.

Claim any Chompy bird hat from Rantz: completion of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest as well as 5 fletching and 30 ranged. You must kill 30 birds using the ogre bellows, ogre (or comp ogre) bow and ogre arrows. Whilst you are here you may choose to complete the other levels Chompy requirements.

Collect a swamp toad at the Tree Gnome Stronghold: no quest or skill requirements. Simply click on one of the toads in the northern pen to take it.

Have Brimstail teleport you to the Essence mine: completion of the Rune Mysteries quest is required, with no skill requirements. You can find Brimstail in a small south-western cave of the Gnome Stronghold (make sure to enter the correct cave as one contains some monsters). Right click on him and select teleport.

Fletch an oak shortbow whilst in the Gnome Stronghold: no quests required, 20 fletching requirement. You will need the following items to fletch an oak shortbow: oak shortbow (u) and bow string.

Kill a terrorbird in the terrorbird enclosure: no quest or skill requirements. Only unmounted terrorbirds will count for this kill task, they can be found on the west side of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.


Take the agility shortcut from the Grand Tree to Otto's Grotto: quest requirements are Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree, 37 agility requirement. This agility shortcut is located north-east of the grand tree.

Travel to the Tree Gnome Stronghold by Spirit tree: quest requirement is Tree Gnome Village and no skill requirement. You can use any spirit tree you have unlocked to get there.

Trap a spined larupia: no quest requirements but 31 hunter is needed. Get a teasing stick, logs and a knife and then go to the area of Feldip where the spined larupia roam around, setup a trap in one of the designated spaces, then use the teasing stick on the spined larupia so it moves towards you but falls into a trap instead.

Fish some bass on Ape Atol: completion of the Monkey Madness I quest and 46 fishing. You will need to bring a big fishing net and make you way to the western coast of ape atol and find a fishing spot, it should be noted you must un-equip your monkey greegree in order to fish, if you happen to be using one.

Chop and burn some teak logs on Ape Atoll:  completion of the Monkey Madness I quest, 35 woodcutting and 35 firemaking. You will need any axe, as well as a tinderbox. The teak tree can be found north-east of the fishing spot where you did the previous task. If you have 50 woodcutting and 50 firemaking then it makes sense to also chop and burn the mahogany tree nearby to complete a hard diary task.

Complete and intermediate game of Pest Control: no quest requirements but combat level 70 or higher is needed. Just the same as the easy task, you enter the intermediate boat (in the middle) and must complete one round, slightly easier than the easy task as the players you play live will generally be better so there is a lower chance of failing.

Travel to Feldip Hills by Gnome Glider: quests required are The Grand Tree and One Small Favour and there are no skill requirements. You can use any unlocked gnome glider to fly to Feldip Hills, just select the option “Lemantolly Undri” on the map interface to fly there.

Claim a Chompy bird hat from Rantz after registering at least 125 kills: completion of the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest as well as 5 fletching and 30 ranged. The same as the easy task, just a greater amount of kills required (it's worth noting that you don't lose kills when you claim hats from Rantz, so when you start this task you already have done 30 kills of it).

Travel from Eagles' Peak to the Feldip Hills by Eagle: completion of the Eagles' Peak quest, no skill requirements. Use a rope on the darkest coloured eagle in eagles peak to fly to Feldip Hills.

Make a Chocolate bomb at the Grand Tree: no quest requirements but 42 cooking is needed. You will need the following items: gnomebowl mould, Gianne dough, 4 chocolate bars, 1 equa leaf, 2 pots of cream, 1 chocolate dust. You must also have Gianne's Cook Book in your inventory when you make the chocolate bomb. Instructions on how to make it are also in this book.

Complete a delivery for the Gnome Restaurant: no quest requirements, but between 29 and 42 cooking is needing (depending on which food items you are chosen to make). To be able to complete a delivery you must have completed the tutorials with Blurberry and Aluft Gianne snr.

Turn your crystal saw seed into a crystal saw: The Eyes of Glouphrie quest is required, there are no skill requirements. Enchant the seed by using the singing bowl, this is located west of Brimstail, across the crystal bridge.

Mine some gold ore underneath the Grand Tree: The Grand Tree quest must be completed, and you will also need 40 mining. Any pickaxe will do, just climb down the trapdoor into the mine below the grand tree, and go east to find the gold ore.

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