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​OSRS Fishing Guide

Dec-16-2022 PST


You can’t exactly call Fishing the fastest skill in OSRS, but the plus point is that it can be done AFK. However, it depends on the method that you choose. In the following guide, we will show you the fastest way to train your Fishing skill to 99, along with some XP Boosting techniques. We will also list some of the best money-making Fishing methods.

Anglers Outfit

If you equip the entire Anglers Outfit set, you’ll be granted an extra XP boost of 2.5%. It’s quite helpful during your journey to 99 Fishing. The outfit can be obtained through the ‘Fishing Trawler’ minigame, or alternatively, through Aerial Fishing.

Admiral Pie

Eating an Admiral Pie will help boost your Fishing level by five points. It’s quite useful if you wish to enter the Fishing Guild at level 63. The guild also offers a +7-level boost, which in turn greatly increases your XP rates.

Dragon Harpoon

You can wield the Dragon Harpoon at level 61 Fishing. Its special attack offers a 20% faster catch rate than a regular harpoon variant. It also increases your Fishing level by three points (every time you use it).

Infernal Harpoon

You can wield the Infernal Harpoon at level 75 Fishing and 85 Cooking. Similar to the Infernal Axe, you get a 1/3 chance to cook a fish while catching it; however, the XP gained in Cooking is half that what you would normally get. You can make an Infernal Harpoon using a Dragon Harpoon and Smoldering Stone.

Normal Method

1 to 20

You can start by catching Shrimps with a Small Fishing Net, followed by Anchovies at level 15. It will take you approximately 252 Shrimps to reach level 15 and 206 Shrimps or 52 Anchovies to reach level 20 Fishing.

20 to 58

You can now start catching Trout using the Fly-Fishing method, followed by Salmons at level 30. It’s the quickest way to reach level 58 in the game. Trout offers 50 XP per catch, while Salmons offers 70 XP.

58 to 99

At level 58 Fishing, you can start using the Barbarian Fishing method to catch Leaping Salmons. You need to consider this method all the way to level 99; however, you won’t make any money because you’ll be using the shift-drop item technique while Fishing.

At level 70 Fishing, you will start catching Leaping Sturgeon, which will slightly increase your XP rates as Salmons grant 70 XP and Sturgeons grant 80 XP per catch.

Money Making Method

75 to 99

You can consider catching Tuna and Swordfish at level 75 if you’re looking to make money on your journey to max the skill. You’ll make about 100k GP per hour and the method is pretty much AFK.

62 to 99

Alternatively, you can fish Monkfish, which is also a good method to train and offers slightly better GP than Tune and Swordfish, for fishing guide osrs. You can expect to make about 115k GP per hour; however, you’ll need to complete the quest ‘Swan Song’ first.

80 to 99

Catching Infernal Eels is only possible for a player who possesses the Fire Cape, as the spot is located within the city of Mor Ul Rek, and it required you to have the Fire Cape to access. Besides that, you’ll need an Oily Fishing Rod, Bait, Hammer, Fire Gloves, and Ice Gloves to catch them. You can make about 250k GP per hour through this method.

82 to 99

Another great source to earn money while Fishing is catching Anglerfish. You can easily approach this method because it’s pretty much AFK, allowing you to do other important work side-by-side. You’ll need 100% Piscarilius Favor to access the Angler Fishing spot, and you can make about 361k GP per hour.

85 to 99

Catching Dark Crabs offers both; great XP rates and GP per hour; however, the only disadvantages that you can catch them only at level 51 Wilderness, which increases the chances of dying by other players, for fishing guide osrs. You can make about 440k GP per hour through this method.

82 to 99

Catching Minnows is known as the best method to make money with Fishing on OSRS. The only downside is that the method is not AFK, and you are required to move around every fifteen seconds. You can easily make around 550k OSRS Gold per hour through this method. Before you begin, make sure you have an Anglers Outfit, and that you have completed the Fishing Contest quest.