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​OSRS Agility Guide 2023

Jan-12-2023 PST


Agility is a P2P (Pay-to-play) skill that grants you access to several shortcuts around OSRS. It also helps increase the player’s Run Energy restoration rate. You can only obtain the Graceful Outfit through Agility. In the following guide, we have listed down the most efficient ways to max out the Agility skill.


Recruitment Drive grants 1,000 EXP, The Depths of Despair grants 1,500 EXP, The Fremmenik Trials grants 2,812 EXP, The Underground Pass grants 2,812 EXP, Icthlarin's Little Helper grants 4,000 EXP, Cold War grants 5,000 EXP, Royal Trouble grants 5,000 EXP, Grim Tales grants 6,000 EXP, Cabin Fever grants 7,000 EXP, Darkness of Hallow Vale grants 7,000 EXP, The Grand Tree grants 7,900 EXP, Troll Romance grants 8,000 EXP, Making Friends With My Arm grants 10,000 EXP, Recipe For Disaster grants 10,000 EXP, Regicide grants 13,750 EXP, Dragon Slayer II grants 15,000 EXP, Mourning’s End Part 2 grants 20,000 EXP, Monkey Madness 2 grants 20,000 EXP, and Song of the Elves grants 20,000 EXP.

Useful Items

Agility Potions help raise your Agility level by three points. It comes in the form of a 4-dose vial, and it’s quite helpful during intense Agility courses and quests. They are the cheapest source to boost your levels.

Energy Potions are known to be superior for restoring your Run Energy. It’s quite helpful for low-level courses like the Gnome Agility course. It’s an alternative if you have a low Agility level and lack the pieces of the Graceful Outfit.

Summer Pies work the same as Agility Potions, but they raise your level by five points. The drawback is that Summer Pies comes with two bites, so you’ll need several in your inventory. Besides that, it also restores a minor amount of your Run Energy.

Since Agility revolves around running around an Agility course, it’s best to have a source to automatically restore your Run Energy. Graceful Outfit is helpful in such scenarios.

If you don’t want to bother getting the Graceful Outfit, you can opt for Boots of Lightness. It’s an old-school means to decrease your overall weight and save Run Energy. You can obtain the boots from the Temple of Ikov, in which you have to go down the staircase with a light source to retrieve them.

Another alternative to Boots of Lightness and the Graceful Outfit is the Spotted Cape & Spottier Cape. However, you’ll need a Hunter level of 40 and 66, respectively to equip it.


Gnome Stronghold Agility Course or Questing (Level 1 to 10)

To start off with your Agility at level 1, you can either complete a few quests to skip through the early levels or simply grind it out at the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course. It’ll take you about 14 laps to get from level 1 to 10.

The easiest quest that you can consider completing is Recruitment Drive on a new account. The quest will grant you a total of 1,000 EXP in Agility. You can also complete The Grand Tree for better EXP, but you need to fight a Black Demon in the end.

Draynor Village Agility Course (Level 10 to 30)

Once you’re at level 10, you can switch to the Draynor Village Agility Course, which is where you start accumulating Marks of Grace. There are multiple jumps, ropes, and walls, and there’s a high chance of you failing at level 10. But the plus point is that there’s a Bank nearby, so if you run out of potions or food, you can quickly grab them.

You can start the course by climbing up the wall that is north of the wheat field. It may be a little hard to locate it, so it’s suggested that you use the Runelite client to highlight the location. The course ends by jumping down Ned’s house.

Varrock Agility Course (Level 30 to 40)

Varrock Agility Course should be the next in line after you hit level 30 Agility. You can start the course at the General Store, and it involves covering many buildings around the city. There are several gap leaps, crossing a cloth line, and a wall balance during the course.

You can use a Varrock Teleport to directly reach the spot where the course starts. It may not be necessary to use the teleport, but some players utilize it for passive Magic Exp, as well as to shave off a few seconds before starting a new run.

Canafis Agility Course (Level 40 to 50/60/70)

Even though there are other courses to consider at level 40, players often opt for the Canafis Agility Course because it offers the best means to obtain Marks of Grace. Most players even end up obtaining the Grace required to obtain their Graceful Outfit through this course.

Marks of Grace spawns every three laps, which is higher than most of the Agility Courses. So, even if you’re just beginning to approach rooftop courses, you’ll likely already have your set.

If you start the course at level 40, it’s worth noting that there are two jumps between buildings that are fail-able, for fastest way to 99. You end up losing 8 HP if you fail, so if you’re a low-level account, it’s suggested that you have food in your inventory. There’s also an additional danger known as the Werewolf who runs between courses.

Falador Agility Course (Level 50 to 60)

While the Falador Agility Course offers the best XP from levels 50 to 60, most of the players skip it due to the failure rates and slower accumulation of Marks of Grace. The course starts at the house that is located east of the Mining Guild, and it also ends right around it. However, when you fail an obstacle, it’s annoying to walk back to the very beginning of the course.

Seers Village Agility Course (Level 60 to 70/80)

At level 60, it’s time for you to switch to the best Exp and Marks of Grace offering course, which is known as the Seers Agility Course. It starts at the village’s bank and ends at the church, for fastest way to 99. Since the village is small in size, it’s easy to walk back to the course without wasting any time.

A key suggestion would be to complete the hard steps of the Kandarin Diary to change your Camelot Teleport to the entrance of the village’s bank. This will help increase the rate of Exp obtained every hour, and it’ll make the overall process much easier.

Pollnivneach Agility Course (Level 70 to 80)

Pollnivneach Agility Course is optional, and it’s only worth approaching if you haven’t completed the Kandarin Hard Diary, or if you simply want a change of scenery because you’re bored. The course is located in the desert, but you won’t need to carry any Waterskins because there is a bar that serves Wine.

The only drawback is that the bank is at an inconvenient distance, but you can bring noted items with you to un-note them from the NPC near the house portal, for agility guide osrs. You can start the course by climbing the basket at the bar.

Rellekka Agility Course (Level 80 to 90)

Rellekka Agility Course is not an upgrade in terms of Exp, but if you’re looking for Marks of Grace, then you should consider this option, for agility guide osrs. The reason is that after a period of time the spawn rate of Marks of Grace in the Seers’ Village Agility Course gets limited to 20% of its original. The course isn’t big, and it begins by climbing the rough wall that is located near the Agility icon on the OSRS map.

Ardougne Agility Course (level 90 to 99)

You can’t call Ardougne Agility Course the fastest means to obtain XP and reach level 99 Agility, but it is known to be the most relaxed course out of the other. It revolves around hopping from buildings to buildings that surround the Ardougne market area. It’s convenient because there’s a bank nearby and the failure rate is significantly low.

If you have completed the Ardougne Diary Elite tasks, then the spawn rate for Marks of Grace increases by 25%. If you already possess the Graceful Outfit, you can exchange them for Amylase Crystals, which are sold at a very high price.

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