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​Old School RuneScape: Melee Combat 1-99 Guide

Oct-10-2022 PST

Old School RuneScape has hundreds of powerful monsters and beasts that you have to deal with during your adventure. They can easily kill you in a few hits if you don't have the right Attack Skill as well as Strength Skill. You also have to focus on upgrading your melee combat level in OSRS to keep up with these challenges. For beginners, this leveling journey can be very difficult if they have a strategy. Here you will find the ultimate Old School RuneScape combat leveling guide along with weapons suggestions.

Equipment for Combat Leveling

Before you start the leveling journey, you should choose equipment that will benefit you the most. Weapons that can deal good damage and have no or a few weaknesses are the best options for you. Even if you don't select any of the weapons given below, you should select a weapon with a minimum attack speed of six. Check your inventory and equip the best armor piece available. Here are some suggestions for you if you are not familiar with how weapons work in OSRS.

· Level 1: Iron Armor and Iron Scimitar

· Level 10: Black Armor and Black Scimitar

· Level 20: Mithril Armor and Mithril Scimitar

· Level 30: Adamant Armor and Adamant Scimitar

· Level 40: Rune Armor and Rune Scimitar

· Level 50: Granite armor

· Level 60: Dragon Armor and Dragon Scimitar

· Level 65: Bandos armor

· Level 70: Barrows armor and Abyssal Whip

· Level 75: Justiciar armor and Abyssal Tentacle

Quests for Leveling

After you have equipped armor and weapons according to your gameplay, let's start your melee combat leveling journey. Before you move to train methods, here are some of the best experience point-yielding quests available in Old School RuneScape. These quests work best for beginners as they have low combat levels. They can help you fly through those starting levels as these levels require very few experience points.

· Vampire Slayer

· Waterfall Quest

· Tree Gnome Village

· The Grand Tree

· Fight Arena

If you start with these quests, you can quickly upgrade the melee combat to level thirty. After this, you have to level up with other training methods. But first of all, upgrade your stats to the below requirements.

· Upgrade attack to 60, buy a Dragon Scimitar

· Upgrade strength to 60

· Upgrade attack to 70, Purchase an Abyssal Whip

· Upgrade defense to 60, Go to the Warrior guild to get a Dragon Defender

Monsters to Hunt for Combat Leveling

The map in Old School RuneScape is quite big, and it is filled with a large number of monsters of different races. Each monster has its weaknesses, and knowing these weaknesses can make a difference. The reward you get for killing these monsters depends on the level of the monster. If you want to stay safe, here is the list of some best monsters that you can hunt with minimal effort and yet end up with some pretty good rewards.

· Trapped Soul

· Count Draynor

· Sand Snake

· Skeleton Hellhound

· Tree Spirit

· Khazard Warlord

· Bouncer

· Black Demon

Combat Leveling Methods

1. Levels 1–30

Start by completing the waterfall quest and upgrade both attacks as well as strength to level thirty. You can avoid this quest and instead opt for the training method given below.

2. Levels 1–10

Find chickens between levels one and ten on the map and kill them for experience point. The biggest benefit of killing chickens is that you can kill them with just one hit. Go east of Lumbridge and find the pen of the farmer there. It will be filled with chickens. Chickens don't attack anyone, and they automatically respawn after some time, which means you can train till you reach level ten.

3. Levels 10–60/70

For this phase of combat leveling, you have to reach the fossil island so you can kill those ammonite crabs there. They are great for training as they have only one hundred hit points along with minimal attacking and defensive stats. Also, no need to stack up on food as these crabs seldom attack, so you won't be healing on the island. Instead, upgrade the defense stats of your character.

For some extra experience points, you should opt for one of two locations; Zeah on the Hosidious coast or the crab claw island. You need a minimum of five thousand coins for a single trip to these islands, so start grinding from now.

4. Levels 60/70–99

Kill monsters in the nightmare zone for this training phase. These monsters drop items such as absorption potions and overload potions. It is a very good location in Old School RuneScape when it comes to experience points.

For stats, use Armor of Dharok, as well as use some of those absorption potions that you got from monsters in the nightmare zone. You can earn in-game currency by swapping rewards from grinding with herb boxes and selling them later.

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