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​Top 10 Best RuneScape Skills to Make Money in RuneScape 3

Sep-06-2022 PST

RuneScape 3 comes up with 27 different skills and no matter what you do in the game, it will be related to a skill. Each skill starts at level 1 and you need to upgrade them all the way to level 120 to get the most out of them.

As you upgrade these skills, the bonus per hour and the skill boost will increase accordingly motivating you to do better. Those who want to make a lot of money in the game, can't do it without proper skills. This runescape skill guide features the 10 best skills to make money effortlessly.


Slayer is a combat skill in RuneScape 3 that you can upgrade by fighting against Abyssal Demons, Spiritual Mages, Lava Strykewyrms, Edimmu, Rune Dragons, and Ripper Demons. The hourly gold production of the slayer skill varies with the tasks that you complete.

If you upgrade the slayer skill to level 120, you will be able to make more than one billion gold. Pro players advise that you should start working on the slayer skill from day one as it will give you an upper hand over your enemies along with the extra gold production.


Runecrafting is ranked second among top money-making skills and you can use it to craft Steam Runes, Mud Runes, Lava Runes, Dust Runes, and Smoke Runes. You need to click too many times to make money with this skill and this is the reason why some players opt for other skills.

The maximum gold production is more than one and half billion of the Runecrafting skill is at level 120 which is even higher than the slayer skill. Some players have managed to make more than three billion gold with some over-the-counter Runecrafting methods.


If your hunter skill is at level 120, you will make over a billion gold per hour by hunting Grenwalls Shadow, Jadinkos Black, Salamanders, and Red Salamanders. Along with billions of gold, you will receive ingredients that you need to craft items.


If you mine Light Animica ore, Dark animica ore, Luminite, Banite ore, and Runite ore in RuneScape 3, you will be able to make more than seven hundred million gold if your mining skill is at level 120. This method is AFK means that you don’t need to play the game after starting marching towards an ore tile. You may also receive the metamorphic geodes and onyxes which is a nice surprise along with all those gold coins.


With the smithing skill, you will be able to make the masterwork armor, glorious bars, elder rune bars, and elder rune set from time to time to get your hands on hundreds of millions of gold. As compared to the above-given method, this method isn’t profitable. But it is good to try your luck with this method if you have already made gold with the above method.


If you own some land in RuneScape 3, you can go with farming Cadantine, Ranarr, and Tortsol to sell them in the market after the harvest season. You also breed some animals at your farm and feed them your crops to sell them at the grand exchange after some time.

If your farming skill is at maximum level, you will approximately make six hundred million gold every day. For beneficial farming, you should work on getting your farm first.


With fletching skills, you can earn more than a million gold coins within ten minutes and have the option to redo the fletching again after eight hours. The best method to make money is by fletching the bakriminel bolts but you have the option of ascendri bolts and the onyx bolts as well. If you don’t work with fletching in the right way, you will lose money instead of making it.


Compared to other skills, woodcutting isn’t profitable in terms of gold coins but you can try your luck with it if you have completed all the other tasks for the day. Magic logs and elder logs are the best woodcutting items to make runescape gold.


Divination is a resource gathering skill in RuneScape 3 through which you can make three million gold coins in an hour with cursed energy. The elder energy and the incandescent energy make two million gold coins but they have other benefits.


With fishing, you won't be able to make a great number of gold coins in an hour but you don’t spend that much money at the start. If you fish sailfish, karambwan, rocktail, shark, or the great white shark, you will only make around one million gold coins in an hour which isn’t that great given the effort. It takes a lot of time to upgrade the fishing skill all the way to level 120.