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​How to Increase Combat Level in OSRS -Combat Leveling Guide

Jan-27-2023 PST

In RuneScape, your combat level plays a huge role in winning battles, and every player wants to max their combat level quickly. There are a lot of other skills that you need to upgrade for overall better performance, but a high combat level means that you can deal more damage with a few hits. This article features an agility guide osrs to help you increase your combat level but first, you need to meet some gear requirements.

Gear Requirements

Consider using a weapon with an attack speed of 6 or the best weapon in your arsenal for better results. Sometimes, you have to change your current gear to a low level because of monsters' weakness, but that isn't the case all the time.

The same thing goes for armor, but players opt for low-level armor. Sometimes a high-level armor requires money, and players must complete their quests. For the best results of your combat training, keep an eye on your melee strength bonus, as this will decide your hits. Below are weapons and armor for each level to increase your training bonus.

· Iron Scimitar and Iron Armor for level 1

· Black Scimitar and Black Armor for level 10

· Mithril Scimitar and Mithril Armor for level 20

· Adamant Scimitar and Adamant Armor for level 30

· Rune Scimitar and Rune Armor for level 40

· Granite Armor for level 50

· Dragon Scimitar and Dragon Armor for level 60

· Bandos Armor for level 65

· Abyssal Whip and Barrows Armor for level 70

· Abyssal Tentacle and Justiciar Armor for level 75

Training methods

Here is the ultimate training method to fastest way to 99, and you should go with these quests to effortlessly maximize your combat level.

· Level 1-10

You can find chickens in a farmhouse on the northeast side of Lumbridge, and you can level up quickly by killing them. The biggest benefit of hitting chicken is that they have very low hit points, which means you can kill them with a single hit. They also drop feathers and raw chicken that you can cook at a nearby range to increase your cooking levels.

· Level 10-20

If you are near the Lumbridge swamp and your current combat level is below 20, kill all the giant rats in the area to increase the combat level. The swamps are located next to the graveyard south of Lumbridge.

· Level 20-30

At this point, most players can wield Mithril, resulting in a decent amount of experience points each hour along with hits. For the next ten levels, focus on Al-kharid warriors as they are level 9 NCPS meaning their defense is low, and you can finish them with a few blows. As soon as you attack one guard, all the other guards will start attacking you, especially if you have food in your bag.

· Level 30-50/70

Training at Hill Giants is a dream come true for most players as they drop some decent items, including big bones and limpwurt roots. You can sell these to a vendor to make some money. Killing these giants also generates a good amount of experience points every hour. To find hill giants, go to the west side of the cooking guild in the grand exchange area.

You need a brass key to proceed to the little house on the map, and you can buy one from the guild exchange if you don't have one. Most players opt for training at this little house, so be sure to find a house with less crowd to get the most out of your visit to hill giants.

· Level 60-70/80

Now that you have officially crossed the level 60 mark, it is time to kill hard monsters to increase your level quickly. The stronghold of security features giant spiders of level 50, which are the best creature for experience points.

If you have some strength potions and food in your bag, your character will automatically attack them. Try to upgrade your defense to level 70 first before going to the stronghold of security, as this will increase your experience points.

· Level 80+

Ogress warriors are the best choice for experience points and high-quality loot, especially after level 80. They have a high defense compared to other monsters and can deal some good damage but killing them is worth the effort. You can find them in the Corsair cove dungeon, and those equipped with strength potions and chisels have better chances against them.

Quests That Give Combat Experience

Below are some quests that give you the experience points required to level up your combat skill in RuneScape.

· The Imp Catcher quest features 875 Magic Experience points.

· The Witches Potion quest features 325 Magic Experience Points.

· The Vampire Slayer quest features 4,158 Attack Experience Points.

· The Dragon Slayer quest features 18,650 Strength and Defense Experience Points.

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