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How to get defenders in OSRS

Mar-11-2019 PST

The Dragon Defender is unequivocally one of the best shield slot items currently in OSRS. This item, along with its lower tier variants like the Rune and Adamant Defender, gives the user wo is wielding it extra attack bonus that helps the user be more accurate. To wield a defender, the player must have the attack level needed to wear that type of gear (50 for rune, 30 for mithril) except for the Dragon Defender which requires only 1 attack to use. In this guide we will be telling you how you can get your very own Dragon Defender and some places where you should use that defender!

How to get the Dragon Defender?

Getting a Dragon Defender requires you to go through quite a tedious process. This process takes place in the Warrior’s Guild so your Attack and Strength levels, when added up, should equal at least 130 to have access to that location.

Once you gain access to the Warriors Guild, you must then play a series of minigames to acquire Warrior’s Guild tokens. We suggest you reanimate Rune armour sets and kill them to gain your Warriors Guild tokens.

To do this you must go into the animation room that is in the Warriors Guild on the ground floor southwest of the entrance. Once you are there you should then reanimate the set of armour you have in your inventory and proceed to slay it using the melee combat style. The rewards you can expect are.

As you can see the armour set that gives you the most exp is Rune and we highly recommend you use Rune to get your Warrior’s Guild tokens.

After you get a sizable number of tokens, you then need to go to the top level of the Warrior’s Guild where you will find an entrance to an Ogre encampment. To enter this encampment, you will need Warrior’s Guild tokens so be sure to have plenty at your disposal.

Once you are inside this Ogre encampment, you then need to start killing as many Ogres as you can. You will then start to get Defender drops periodically. These drops scale up to Dragon, so you will need top collect one of each of the types of defenders top be able to get a Dragon Defender.

After you get the Dragon Defender, you may need some help as to where you should use this new-found tool that you have found. The defender should only be used when you are using the melee combat style and require an attack boost rather than a defence boost given to you by a shield. One of these times is during your regular slayer tasks.

There is another defender you can get once you reach 70 attack/ defense that is called the Avernic Defender. This defender is created by combining the Avernic Hilt with a dragon defender. This process permanently destroys the Avernic Hilt from the game. The Avernic hilt is a reward from the Theater of Blood Raids room, a high level PVM minigame. The Avernic defender is protected if you die in the wilderness if you are below level 20, but you will need to repair it using 1 million coins before you can use it again.

To recap, first you will need attack and strength levels that when added equal at least 130 to enter the Warrior’s Guild. Then you must kill a lot of animated armour sets to get Warrior’s Guild tokens. After that you must kill Ogres at the top floor of the guild until you get the dragon defender. Then you must either bu or complete the theater of blood to get an Avernic Defender hilt to attack to your dragon defender. After this you can use your new t70 shield slot item to slay some beasts in OSRS.

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to get the various defenders in OSRS. Be sure to let us know what topics you want us to cover next. Be sure to also read our guide on some OSRS Mobile tips and tricks that can help you level up your account!