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OSRS Mobile Tips and Tricks


OSRS Mobile Tips and Tricks

Hi All, welcome to RSGOLDFAST! Are you new to Old School RuneScape Mobile, or Old School RuneScape altogether? If so, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to optimize your gameplay! Even for seasoned players of Old School RuneScape, the mobile app performs differently to the desktop client. There is always another trick you can learn to save you time, the learning curve is rather steep. 

One click drops

Dropping items can be a pain. With the fingerprint icon in the corner, you are able to enable single-tap dropping. This is useful if you’re cutting trees, mining, and fishing. Or practically any other activity where you will be forced to drop thousands of items per hour to gain experience.

The only downside is you may have to switch this off when training other skills, such as Slayer. Obviously, you don’t want to drop your super combat potion. Nor do you want to drop your Obsidian armour gear. Luckily, warnings are already in place for expensive gear. Regardless, tap-to-drop is essential for any skill where you’ll be frequently dropping items.

Battery and performance

Playing games on your mobile device is one sure-fire way to drain your battery. This can be slightly annoying if you’re planning on having a session before going out! Or if you want longer sessions before having to recharge.

Here are some things you can do to make the game perform faster and use less battery:

· Limit your FPS to 20. As there’s not much going on visually, this is the perfect setting without comprising on graphics or having a choppy experience.

· Turn off other background apps, you can also try using battery saver mode.

· Reduce your phone’s brightness. High brightness drains a lot of battery and often isn’t needed unless you’re outdoors where the sun makes it difficult to see your screen.

Closing interfaces

Another useful OSRS mobile tip and trick is to do with closing interfaces. Whenever you’re skilling and depositing your inventory to your bank, it can be hard to close the bank. The ‘x’ button can be very small. Using the ‘back’ button on your phone however will close any interface you have open, typically this is a virtual button. Furthermore, a generic tip is to use bank fillers to deposit your inventory quickly.

Zoom in for skilling

Most phones have a magnifier option. This is located in your phone’s settings app, as an accessibility option. All accessibility tools are allowed to be used in-game, this includes mouse keys on Windows. Using the magnifier, you can focus on your inventory, and this is very useful in instances where you’re fletching darts.

Background data

If you play the game and often switch apps, you’ll notice that you get disconnected and have to log back in. This is annoying as if you are a frequent user, this can literally occur thousands of times during your all-time course of playing. And, as mobile users know, we often want to check our messages and browse the web or check YouTube.

Go to the app’s setting and enable background data. This will not reduce performance in any noticeable capacity. In addition, the Old School RuneScape mobile app uses only a few megabytes of data per hour, so you aren’t really wasting data either. This is because Old School RuneScape is directly from 2007, and built efficiently for old connections when many people were on 56K dial-up. Jagex has stated, “our most recent tests have found that Old School Mobile currently uses, on average, 500kb to 2MB of data per hour of full gameplay”. You won’t be incurring any overage costs by any means!

If you are unable to locate ‘enable background data’ on Android, try the following:

1. Go to your Android phone’s ‘Settings’ application.

2. Tap on ‘Apps’.

3. Locate the ‘Application Manager’.

4. Tap the 3 dots (options button) in the top right to open the second menu.

5. Open ‘Special Access’.

6. Tap on ‘Optimise Battery Usage’ and remove Old School RuneScape from the list via deselecting it.

In addition, if you want to play a YouTube video, you can draw it over the OSRS mobile app. This is very handy if you’re doing something repetitive and simple like fishing. However, currently, this only works for Android. Simply long-tap the YouTube app from the app-switcher and drag it to the middle. After that, you can switch to the Old School RuneScape app.


Hopefully, the tips and tricks have been useful for you, and have a good time in game, get more cheap osrs gold. While getting used to the app can be a bit daunting at first, you will eventually be able to navigate it with ease. And, as always, certain tricks only apply in certain situations, so you only have to use the ones that you find useful!

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