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RuneScape Account Trade Process and Attention

Welcome to RsGoldfast RS Account page. If you Dont want to spend much time in leveling up Runescape account, you are free to purchase from our store. RsGoldfast has more than 300 professional RS levelers working for accounts creating and leveling all through the year. All the Runescape Account resources you bought from RsGoldfast are leveled by our Web guys. Dont have any Email binding or Privacy Information setting on the account you purchased from us. Therefore, There is Zero chance of Account Recovery. But, kindly hope you can read the following Tips to make sure you can receive your account shipping successfully.

● Firstly please ensure you complete your pay successfully with the convenient payment method for you on our website.

● After your payment Verification is completed, we will contact you by Email to finish the Account login information and password delivery.

● You’re free to finish privacy information setting even personal email binding on the account bought from us.

● ATTENTION: Please do NOT Share your account information with any friends or partners in game, OR we would not take any responsibility for your lost.