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​XP lamps and stars are for agility

Nov-29-2018 PST

You apperceive what? I'm gonna say it. XP lamps and stars are for agility. Activity to me in RuneScape is a lot like accepting cut or any added HM in Pokemon--it's there to either accord you admission to new areas or to accomplish affective amid ample areas easier with shortcuts (obviously added so the closing if it comes to RS).

Much like Pokemon too it comes afterwards in the bold afterwards commutual some set of tasks; giving the bold accustomed progression and fluidity. UNLIKE POKEMON HOWEVER activity is not accustomed for time spent in the bold or by itself accrued in any way and is a skill.

Like any added accomplishment it has to be grinded out if you wish to adore the allowances it has. It's aswell appropriate for assertive quests and achievements no best authoritative it an addition account but a claim of Time for absolute in-game benefits/rewards. Which brings me to my next point.

Your coins as humans is Time not money. Time is appropriate for in actuality aggregate from alive at the job to accomplish the money to absorb on the bold to absorb your Time accomplishing for amusement if you're not paying Time to afterwards absorb Time on enjoyment.

Time spent is what amateur wish more; over your money for the account corrective or op account bs micro-transactions. Time is what companies appearance for affidavit whether it's for a loan, investments, breaking arena in a new abode or platform. To accumulate from blubbering too harder I'll administration it in...

You should consistently be adored for time spent. Even with accepting like afk agriculture abilities (mining etc.) there's still a audible accolade for time spent. GP is the a lot of accepted accolade for Time cutting as it's a lot of accepted for bold progression as able-bodied as the accolade of accepting able to do college lvl things in-game with your bigger skill. All that to say... absorb your bright xp boosts on activity because well.

Agility is an in actuality debris skill. Not alone is it in actuality abandoned if it comes to the bold the actuality that it's appropriate for bold progression is absurd. You're now accepting Time accepted for something that gives 0 account for a adequate allocation of Time.

The shortcuts are all but absurd adeptness with things like teleportation authoritative their allowances absolute narrow. Not to acknowledgment cutting activity has got to be THE alone WORST affair to do in RS.. You get no items to advertise for GP, you get no exp in any added skill, and to top it all off the antecedent activity of alive an activity advance wears off afterwards one run. Activity is a point bare money grab in the anatomy of your time or your absolute money --

*Starts complete abstracted bluster about boner boxes and microtransactions*

- Uh anyways... I could actively abode a 5 page abode about how abundant this grinds my apparatus but I'm gonna try and accumulate it from accepting TL;DR and accessible to altercation but to me; activity is a glutenous accomplishment that never should acquire been added than a associates alone account for acquisitive about (not a skill). Either that or it should be accustomed accrued with the advantage of training it added if it's traveling to be an in-game requirement. There's annihilation worse to me than accolade out you acquire to absorb 3 canicule account of cutting for a chance and all that OSRS gold cutting is so you can hop a @!#&$%G FENCE. Maybe it's just me... the thoughts of a 90's kids accepting abashed dry of his Time and money by companies benumbed out my crammer years wielding homesickness like a mithril 2h from '01... I acknowledge anyone that took the time to apprehend this and amuse feel chargeless to animadversion and/or blaze me as I'll be admixture confined and watching netflix all day.