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​Why do we consistently to accord Jagex the annual of the doubt

Nov-12-2018 PST

For example, a jmod replied on my column about the adherence arrangement 5 months ago adage advice about a rewor would be accessible in the advancing weeks. That never happened, so giving them the annual of the agnosticism something acquire to acquire appear up which meant they didn't acquire time for it. They never just said that though. Instead, a brace months afterwards we get accession cilia acknowledgment adage its advancing up in the advancing weeks. Never happened. Giving them the annual of the agnosticism again, we can acquire they advised to but something came up.

But this aeon just happens afresh and again. Not just for this, but the Runepass attendant and so abounding added things. It's just this connected aeon of accepting told in a jmod acknowledgment absurd to Google cogent us "it's advancing soon". The botheration is, afterwards years of this, how can any rational accepting not appear to the cessation that anon just bureau no?

Why is it so harder for jagex to let us apperceive if they acquire to stop alive on something? Why are we consistently larboard to acquire to appear up to our own conclusions? Bold they in fact did plan to do these things, which I agnosticism at this point, afresh there are some austere advice issues harder coded into Jagex. It seems that a lot of the time advisers acquire no abstraction what their aeon are alive on, and there is no one befitting clue of what projects acquire been put on authority to accompany added ideas. Again, bold Jagex had the best intentions (which I'm accepting to do way too much), this is the abandoned acumen I can anticipate of as to why we get comments from jmods talking about updates or fixes to torn systems advancing anon that are never heard of afresh until there are affronted reddit accoutrement about it.

But, like I said, no reasonable accepting humans can accomplish that abounding assumptions that they are acting in adequate faith. If they were, in fact it wouldn't be harder to just acquaint us why things are accepting put off instead of beforehand it beneath the rug. I anticipate that we accumulate accepting told "soon" about the adherence arrangement afterwards afterlight us on its beforehand because it brings them money, and they'd abundant rather acquire money than adored players. I anticipate the runepass attendant isn't actuality because they plan on cheating it in afterwards afterwards alteration abundance hunter for added money. These are agrarian assumptions with little proof, but accustomed Jagex's constant abridgement of communication, there is added affirmation for this than for Jagex in actuality caring about the players. This aswell reflects in the abatement in the bulk of agreeable accepting produced every year whilst so abundant added accomplishment is accepting put into mtx. You can try say that they're altered departments and acquire no relation, but that just does not explain why the superior and abundance of updates are all-embracing traveling down, not up.

But I acquire achievement that I'm wrong, as I'm abiding alot of players do too. All we charge is a column cogent us why these things never end up happening, and posts for if/when added projects that creates a bigger acquaintance for the amateur are delayed in the future.

But at the end of the day, if we ambition something that that makes them money but creates a worse amateur experience, we're told it's traveling to appear anon and that our acquaintance is important to them every time (as far as I'm acquainted off), but anon never comes. And we acquire to accomplish of that what we can.

Edit - amuse note, I'm not adage Jagex doesn't ambition players to acquire a abundant time. It's just that that's abandoned the antecedence until they can accomplish an added buck, and the college ups would adopt to accomplish the bold just adequate abundant to accumulate players hooked, and focus all added assets on authoritative added money. It isn't this bad appropriate now, but all the affirmation shows the bold is branch in that direction. They accord us words to acquaint us about how abundant the amateur acquaintance bureau to them but never actions, and to me that is absolute telling.