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Where to mine Gold OSRS

Apr-24-2019 PST

Mining gold in Old School RuneScape can be fairly difficult to navigate with a multitude of options (particularly pertaining to locations). In this guide, we will cover every factor for both free-to-play (f2p) players and regular members.

To mine gold ore in OSRS, you will need level 40 mining. We will cover this in the first aspect of our guide.

How do I get to level 40 mining?

As aforementioned, the significance of level 40 mining is that you need it to even begin to mine gold ore. From level 1-15, mine copper/tin ore at the Varrock east/west mines. From 15-40, mine Iron ore, best locations are Al Kharid mine (if dropping ores) or Varrock east/west mines (if banking ores). At these levels, ensure you are dropping the ores you are collecting, as they aren’t worth much. Banking takes a considerable amount of time. If you lack money, bank the Iron ores to sell if you need funds for a Rune pickaxe.

To drop ores easily, enable “Shift-click dropping” from the in-game options on Old School RuneScape. Proceed to hold down shift and click on each ore and you’ll drop them. This is way less tedious than right-clicking each ore and clicking the drop option.

Ensure to use the best pickaxe for your level for maximum efficiency. From level 1, do not use a Bronze pickaxe, use an Iron pickaxe as it’s also available from level 1. From level 6, use a Steel pickaxe. At level 11, use a Black pickaxe. Unfortunately, if you are an Ironman, the Black pickaxe is only available as a drop from easy clue scrolls, so you can skip using it and continue using the Steel pickaxe. At level 21, use the Mithril pickaxe, upgrading to Adamant pickaxe at level 31. Once you reach level 41, you will finally unlock the Rune pickaxe. Do remember to wield the Rune pickaxe, you need level 40 attack. You do not have to wield pickaxes but it will take an inventory spot if you don’t.

Technically you can also upgrade to the Dragon pickaxe at level 61 mining, but it costs 6 million from the Grand Exchange. So, we’d recommend continued usage of the Rune pickaxe. The Dragon pickaxe is also exclusive to members.

Which locations should I mine gold ore at?

If you are free-to-play, the best location is the Crafting Guild (south of Falador) mining area. It has the most rocks available, there are 7 rocks. You need level 40 crafting and must wear a brown apron. The Al Kharid mine has 2 rocks and is relatively close to a bank. The Dwarven Mine has 2 rocks. The Rimmington mine has 2 rocks but is considerably far from a bank. North Crandor mine has 3 rocks, requires Dragon Slayer to be completed, yet has no bank on the actual island! The closest bank is actually in Draynor Village.  Similarly, the Karamja Volcano mine has 4 rocks but is very far from a bank.

If there are relatively few rocks, the area will be less contested, the issue is Gold ore will take 60 seconds to respawn. So, you may have to continuously world hop which is not idealistic in any way whatsoever.

Do note the Crafting Guild bank can only be accessed by members. And you will need to complete the hard Falador diary.

If you are a member, you can complete the ‘Between a Rock’ quest to unlock the Arzinian mine. There are 168 rocks, and a boatman will deliver your ores to your bank for a cost of 20% of your ores. If you can’t access the Arzinian mine or Crafting Guild mining site, it is recommended to simply use the Motherlode Mine or a Free to Play location. There will be far less contestation of resources and agility shortcuts will help with banking.

Should I drop or collect Gold ore?

You should not be dropping Gold ore whatsoever. When you are mining, you are either training or attempting to make money. Mining Gold ore can net you 100k-300k GP per hour dependent on your location.

If you are looking to train your mining level, do not drop gold ores. Instead, you should mine Iron ore to 75 if you’re a member, and transition to Granite until 99. If free to play and looking to mine for experience purely, mine Iron ore till 99 from level 15. You will have to be dropping ores for experience, so you’ll make no money.

With that said, you’ll make a lot of runescape gold whilst gaining lots of experience if you mine Gold ore and bank it. Best of luck with your mining!