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​What would plan best for imbuing


​What would plan best for imbuing

What would plan best for 'imbuing': runecrafting, magic, or divination?

Mod Timbo talked about with the abatement of Mobilizing Armies, a adjustment for imbuing college akin rings will arise out.

But what would plan best?


We could accomplish it breadth top akin imbuing is not that altered than enchanting. Enchantment focuses on the gem while imbuing focuses on the accomplished annual (could altercate that imbuing isn't done generally because the acknowledgment on investment on low end accepting is poor, and it lacked versatility compared to enchanting. ARMS could bathe rings because on of their ops retrieved a chest abounding of abracadabra tablets to bathe items, no animosity than an allure emerald tablet)

We could see a few new spells of "imbue 5", "imbue 6", or some added name to announce top akin imbuing. (Again low akin would be disregarded)


To bathe something, you allegation energy. Divination is based about manipulating energy.

Just add a birr of top akin activity to a ring to bathe it. So got an Onyx Ring? Just add some beaming energy.


We don't accept too abounding altered uses for Runecrafting.

Here, a amateur would allegation to use the ring on an RC chantry in adjustment to accompany out a coinsow of activity to bathe into the ring. Altered rings could allegation to tap into altered altars ... Or we could just yield it all to the Anarchy Runecrafting Altar.

Personally I ambition to say runecrafting.

In accepted if I ahead of imbuing in a bold its generally through some anatomy of a rune or glyph - runecrafting seems a ambrosial accessible applicant because of that. But, afresh afresh clashing added amateur we accept crafting for all mage/range armor instead of some anatomy of dressmaking and leatherworking so.

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