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​What Lies Below OSRS quest

May-03-2019 PST

The What Lies Below quest is an Old School Runescape quest in the Runecrafting quest series with as difficulty intermediate. This is a members only quest that got released on the 27th of March in 2017. You can start the What Lies Below quest by talking to Rat Burgiss in Varrock.

The quest is about a travelling trader that has been stranded south of Varrock after his cart was attacked by outlaws. You’ll need to help him recover his lost documents that the outlaws stole. That’s not all, The Varrock Palace Secret Guard are on the trail of dealings with the Monks of Zamorak. You’ll help the Varrock Palace Secret Guard and find out what lies below.


You need at least level 35 Runecrafting, 42 Mining in order to use the shortcut to the Chaos altar (unless if you’re using the Abyss), completion of the Rune Mysteries quest and you need to be able to kill a level 47 enemy.

You’ll also need a couple of items: you need a bowl, a bronze pickaxe, bronze metal which can be obtained during the quest, 15 chaos runes, and a chaos talisman or tiara, but if you have access to the Abyss you do not need the talisman or tiara, and bronze metal.

It’s recommended to bring a chronicle or combat bracelet for teleports to South Varrock. Bring some Varrock teleports with you as well along with an axe to use a canoe.

Enemies you need to defeat

During the What Lies Below quest you’ll need to defeat a couple of enemies. These enemies are not very difficult to kill and with some decent stats this can be done very easily.

You need to kill a total of 5 outlaws so you can obtain rat’s papers from then that you’ll use to create the full folder. They wear a steel scimitar and have a combat level of 32 with 20 hitpoints and have a max hit of 3. Their attack style is Melee (Crush) and they’re weak to magic.

You also need to kill King Roald, during the quest, King Roald will fall under a mind control spell cast by Surok Magic, and he’ll be forced to fight you. King Roald has a combat level of 42 and is immune to damage from the Vengeance spell, poison, and recoil rings. When King Roald reaches zero hitpoints, you need to summon Zaff in order to defeat him.

Rewards and unlocks

On completion of the What Lies Below quests you’ll get some rewards and unlocks. You’ll receive 1 quest point, 8000 Runecrafting experience, and 2000 Defence experience. You’ll also receive a beacon ring, which is basically a free alternative to the Seer’s ring, although with much lower magic attack stats. You can always get this ring back for free when you lose it. Finally, you’ll also unlock a shortcut to the chaos altar and unlock access to the battlestaves in Zaff’s Superior Staffs, which is a staff shop located in central Varrock.

The shortcut to the chaos altar can be very useful so you don’t have to travel through the wilderness. You can find the shortcut of the chaos altar just north east of Varrock, on a spot where used to be a statue with surroundings, the surroundings are now gone. Next to the statue is Anna Jones, if you talk to her you’ll receive a bronze pickaxe that you can use to pick a hole in the statue that you’ll be able to use as tunnel.

TIP: If you’re a defence pure, completing the quest will make your defence level go up because of the 2000 Defence experience reward. Instead, you can choose to not talk to Rat at the end of the quest and not complete the quest, you’ll still get access to the battlestaves.