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​What I Like About Runescape

Dec-30-2018 PST

As the appellation says, a few of the things I like about Runescape, mostly things from this year, but some not...

Let's alpha off strong:

I like the admonition amid us and the devs. They never adumbrate annihilation from us, advance us on, or accommodate adventitious misinformation/poorly worded statements apropos approaching updates or reasonings abaft judgements made.

I like how for this event, I had to buy the anniversary items I capital off of the Admirable Exchange, because all I got from accord was a Robin (on day 1) and a KBD jumper.

I like how the Halloween accident showed such affiance in the time arch up. The Tainted Shard appeared about in our inventories, batten such addictive words abounding of abstruseness that had a acceptable block of the association apperception on what the blow of the words would be and what the accident would entail, all for the complete accident itself to just be a 10 minute aberration and aberration centered about exp with a reskinned Premier Vault minigame to get your rewards. And by rewards I beggarly a brace pieces of amber (which in actuality are a appropriate ancillary reward) and bxp. Oh yeah and that adrenaline urn.

I like how Jagex assuredly got the bulletin about not authoritative promises you can't accrue and not ambience your playerbase up for disappointment. This year's RuneFest was awfully banal and empty. Abundant work.

I like how admitting profits still aggressive at a bulk any aggregation would be admiring with, and an attainable abridgement of new developmentally accompanying costs, the bulk of associates was increased.

I like how ambidextrous with a decidedly well-needed allotment of the bulk game, one that has a aloft appulse on everyone, was shelved for a banknote grab. And yes, that is all that adaptable is. Accepting in on the growing bazaar instead of alive on something this important to your game. But Jagex will appropriately act as admitting it isn't the case until they annoy of stringing the players along.

I like how the alone time challenge accept to get any array of complete absorption is if there's a achievability to charge an abhorrent bulk of microtransactions into it, and afresh the accident has to be hotfixed afterwards the players complain. You apperceive it's traveling to happen. You apperceive you're traveling to accept to change it. Yet you still do it anyway.

I could go on and on over the letdowns and bad tastes, all the toxicity and disappointment that has become so common, but I don't ambition to do that. I in actuality ambition to see this bold do well. I ambition to see the playerbase happy. I ambition the devs to get the acceptance for their harder plan that they in actuality do deserve. So with that bit out of the way, lets get into some of the things I in actuality like about RS, some of which are from this year.

To alpha things off, Abysmal Sea Fishing. Can it be a bit arid at times? Yes. But on absolution it was fresh. Seeing how arranged it was on assorted worlds, anybody accommodating for the aboriginal few weeks, this was awesome. I admired the aesthetics of it all. I admired the little interactions with the npc's, the mini events, all of it. These are the affectionate of updates that accrue me around, admitting all the bad. The abeyant that this bold has.

Violet is Blue. Now I'm not a quest-y person. I'm not a fan of the puzzles we commonly see, yes I commonly spacebar through chat (with reason, not a fan of a lot of dialogues in RS quests barring a baddest few), and a lot of of the time I'm alone accomplishing the adventure as a prerequisite for a prerequisite of a prerequisite adventure for accession adventure (do you see a botheration here?) that I'm accomplishing for one specific thing. Now I had been hitting the rum a little bit hard, as I'd just got off a continued shift, but I admired this quest. I admired the little jokes, had some fun with the ice puzzle, and laughed if acquisition the accidental clutter for Violet to yield with her. It was such a accessory allotment of the year in the admirable arrangement of things, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Alchemical Onyxes. Not in actuality a accomplished lot to say actuality added than this amend was agape out of the park. I'm not decidedly addicted of all the new pieces, but that's because I don't accept abundant use for them all at the moment. They aren't for me. That doesn't beggarly they aren't acceptable though. Anniversary one is altered and absorbing abundant on their own, they anniversary accept their place, and they're anniversary a abundant accession to the game.

Elite Dungeons. As anyone who abhors Dungeoneering with a passion, acknowledge you for this. Accomplishing floors in Daemonheim makes me physically ill (actually had to stop endure time because it gave me a migraine). It gives us a new way to bullwork the skill, an simple way to get tokens, and a new set of administration to plan our abracadabra on. Acknowledge you, again.

Count Check. Annihilation more.

Menaphos. We had a bouldered alpha on barrage endure year. There were a lot of things that could accept been handled better. Rep is acutely grindy. But, all things said and done, it's a admirable breadth and I still adore just walking through the city.

DarkScape. Now this is a bad-tempered one. I played just about from day one until the servers went down. I dead mules on the Catherby ancillary of White Wolf Mountain. I fought two Zilyana's and a KQ alfresco the Barrows. I abutting in during the association wars in Cani. I accept so abounding acceptable memories from the abbreviate bulk of time DS was active. The radio blackout followed by the account that Jagex were just shutting down the servers in actuality stung. To advance that abundant time into something and afresh see that abeyant the bold had trashed, because of poor planning arch to low numbers, aching (I still run into humans who now, about 3 years later, still don't apperceive what DS was). But DarkScape is still something that I would cover actuality admitting all the downfalls.

These are just a few acceptable things from RS that I capital to accompany ablaze to. Things I enjoyed. It's the end of the year, just three canicule to go, I accomplishment you all had a admirable anniversary season, and Blessed (early) New Year to you. Also, huge shoutout to Mod Shauny for consistently accepting an outstanding arch amid the association and Jagex. You see a lot of our frustrations every day and I apperceive you're just as amorous about this bold as we are. A lot of the devs are, I'm sure.

So acknowledge you for all the plan you do, and here's to 2019. May it be aggregate we all ambition it to be and more. Feel chargeless to allotment some of the things that accrue you about down below.