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What Happens When You Die In OSRS

Aug-26-2023 PST

To keep things realistic and fair, OSRS features death. The death of a player occurs when their hit points reach zero. The death is also followed by a message stating that "Oh dear, you are dead!." The question of what happens after you die in OldSchool RuneScape I asked by many, and today, we are going to answer it once and for all. In this article, information about items and respawning is also given. Use soul reaper axe OSRS to attak enemies and avoid death.

What is death in OSRS?

In OSRS, death occurs when the hit point bar ends, whether it is due to an enemy attack or due to some other damage. Death isn't that punishing in the game compared to real life because you won't lose any OSRS gold or experience at all. The only downside of dying in OSRS is that you will lose three of your items. There is a method to keep one of those three items with yourself. To do this, just use the protect item prayer.


After you die in OSRS, you'll respawn at a respawn point and can resume your journey through the RuneScape world. The first respawn in OSRS is the Lumbridge. As you progress in the game, more locations will unlock. You can also unlock more locations by completing quests as well as by paying a fee. Here are more details about respawn locations that you can unlock.

· Falador – Complete the Recruitment Drive quest first. Then, go to Falador Park to talk to Sir Tiffy Cashien.

· Camelot – Complete both the King's Ransom quest as well as the Knight Waves Training Grounds. Then talk to Merlin to unlock this point.

· Edgeville – You have to pay a fee of five million coins to Krystilia. Krystilia can be found in a jailhouse in the Edgeville region. This is a one-time fee.

· Prifddinas – Complete the Song of the Elves quest first. Go to the first floor of the tower of voices to meet with Crefydd there and unlock this point.

· Ferox Enclave – Go to the enclave of Ferox to meet with Ferox and pay a one-time fee of five million OSRS coins to unlock this point.

· Kourend Castle – Complete A Kingdom Divided quest. Then, talk to Asteros Arceuus to complete this quest.

How does death work in OSRS?

After your character dies in OSRS, there are two phases that you have to deal with. The first phase is the gravestone phase, while the second phase is the office of the death phase. For those who die in the wilderness, there is bad news as they can't get any items back because there are no gravestones or offices of death there. All your items will drop on the floor, and other players can pick them up. Here are more details about these phases.

Gravestone Phase

This phase will last for fifteen minutes only. During this time, all your items will be kept in your grave. This way, your items won't be dropped on the floor when you die. To get these items from the gravestone, you have to respawn quickly and go back to the place where you have died to get those items. When the time runs out, your items will be sent to the office of the death, and you can collect them from there. There is a fee when you get these items back from the office. The location of the grave is available on the mini-map. When you reach the grave, here is the fee that you have to pay depending on the price of the item.

· You can retrieve items worth 0 – 100k for free.  

· You can retrieve items worth 100k – 1M by paying a 1K fee.

· You can retrieve items worth 1M – 10M by paying a 10k fee.

· You can retrieve items worth over 10M by paying a 100k fee.

· The maximum fee that you can pay to get an item is five hundred thousand coins.

If you have an Ironman account, you'll get a fifty percent discount on this fee.

Death's Office

There is no expiration time for this phase, and you can retrieve items from here. Below are the locations of the death office. This office is usually available near the spawning points.

· Lumbridge Graveyard

· Edgeville Wildy Lever

· Falador Dungeon

· Prifdinnas

After you reach the office of the death, you can simply pay a fee for your items back. If the worth of your item is less than one hundred thousand, you can get it for free. If the worth is more than one hundred thousand, you have to pay a five percent fee. If you have high-level gear, you should get it back from the gravestone, as there is no limit on fees in the office. You will have to pay the percentage as a fee. Just as in the gravestone phase, those who have an Ironman account will enjoy a fifty percent discount on all the gear items.