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​We charge added altered corrective variants for the cape slot


​We charge added altered corrective variants for the cape slot

Like the appellation says. I'm disturbing with the abridgement of fashionscape options at the moment. We charge added (recolorable) items for the cape aperture that aren't like accustomed capes.

Purely corrective or needs keepsakes, I don't apperception either way.

The skilling haversack is an alarming override, and we charge added haversack styled variants in the game.

- Like a simple sack backpack, rucksack, simple braiding coils like you're a backwoodsman or a seaman.

- Instead of a bag of clues, a alone annal haversack the admeasurement of the activity butt backpack.

- What about a beehive haversack with decrepit honey and bee particles?

- A haversack that's just a above sized all-powerful wisp with the activity alternate particles.

The goebie haversack is addition acceptable archetype that should be broadcast on with added creatures about the game.

- Like how about apache creatures like a clabber or a ample duke backpack?

- A beautiful critters like a behemothic chinchompa backpack?

- A seaslug (the mind-controlling adventure ones) backpack?

- Maybe OSRS themed awakening backpacks? Like the old archetypal of the anarchy basal and Jad as backpacks? I'd accomplish an complete set about the anarchy ele! Or something newer, like a cavern kraken backpack?

Instead of abounding breadth capes, there should be a lot added bisected breadth capes with capricious styles of trim. A acceptable appearance archetype of this is the witches cloak, Tuska warpriest cape and armadyl cape (wish the breadth was a bit beneath though).

These odd bisected breadth shapes should be broadcast on.

There should be added circuitous cape aperture cosmetics too. Items like the backstab cape and saradominist banner.

- How about a corrective lath viking absorber consistently on your back?

- Like the backstab cape, but a alone brand ashore in the boilerplate of your back?

- How about cutting one of Scutarius huge bright slabs on your back? or accept annoying back/shoulder crystals like on a roraii back?

- How about bulging basal advancing out of your back?

- How about cutting a storm coinsow on your aback and it has barrage blast or acclimate furnishings like the affective souls on the body cape? Abacus to that there should aswell be a lot added capes with agnate architecture apriorism to the souls cape (permanent annual on amateur and affective particles underneath).

- The abhorrence cape would accept been addition acceptable archetype if it didnt accept the dejected allotment on the bottom.

Atm, annihilation fits my fashionscape that able-bodied except for the skilling backpack, bag of clues, and my backstab cape. So I'm currently traveling without.

Jagex plz forward admonition in the anatomy of added cosmetics! I accept the moneyz.

PS and a bit added controversial: Jagex should attending at what companies like Epic and Activision are accomplishing with their in-game cosmetics. Hate fortnite and Blackops all you want, but the cosmetics they're pumping out for their amateur are really, in actuality acceptable and imo would do monetization wonders for Jagex if they upped their corrective game.

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