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​Untradeables would be an simple solution

Oct-22-2018 PST

Untradeables would be an simple band-aid to authoritative abounding abilities relevant. That does not, however, beggarly it would be the best solution. You may see it from your accepted angle - you accept no acumen to alternation X skill, except for a skillcape. The abandoned affair you ambition to alternation the accomplishment for is for something abroad to max. However, attending at it from the angle of a newer player.

When you're new, you're not training to get a skillcape. You're training to be able to do added stuff. Now, accepted players may be accomplished with acid a accomplishment to 90 or so afore it becomes useful. But what about newer players? If a new amateur has to alternation a accomplishment to 90 afore it does annihilation annual doing, do you in actuality anticipate they're traveling to be aggressive to bullwork as connected as they allegation to in adjustment to alternation it?

Now, what is the capital problem? A lot of acquisition abilities are about abandoned because PvM gives those aforementioned drops (I can in actuality get added yew logs off of the RDT on an ice strykewyrm assignment in 20 annual - consistently - than I can by acid yew logs for an hour, for instance.) And a lot of artisan abilities are pointless, because aggregate you accomplish is annual beneath than the components.

If you just abode these issues by abacus untradeables, you ability abode to added committed players - but abounding of those players are already annoyed with just maxing the accomplishment anyway. What you will not do is abode to anybody else. The botheration is a systemic problem. How should we abode these?

The bigger botheration for artisan abilities is that accumulation of products, by far, outstrips appeal for those products. Anticipate of how abounding adoration potions a accepting can accomplish while training adjoin how abounding anyone will realistically use in that aforementioned timespan. This already causes a botheration if all the accomplishment is acceptable for is addition max - add untradeables, and you aggravate the issue.

Sure, bodies pay for XP - but, as mentioned earlier, newer players aren't just analytic to akin for the annual of leveling. They ambition to do stuff. It feels acceptable if you can do added allusive things, or be bigger at something, with every level.

As for acquisition abilities - the botheration actuality is that a lot of the appurtenances are either in absolute low demand, or supplied buch added readily by PvM. Why alternation woodcutting if the accumulation is abhorrent and you can get added logs from apache than in actuality woodcutting?

The solution? For artisan skills, the bulk of accumulation needs to be rebalanced - it's way too simple to accomplish a ton of potions, or dragonhide items, compared to how connected it takes to use them up. What if, just for example, potions took a minute to make, and gave some added XP per aromatic than they do now?

Supply would bead - bodies wouldn't allegation to accomplish as abounding potions to ability key levels, and it would yield best to accomplish those potions, while they'd still be acclimated at the aforementioned rate. Something forth those curve - lower the supply, atone somehow, and the bulk will go up - acceptation that the time it in actuality takes to accomplish the potions is now significant.

As for acquisition skills? PvM shouldn't accord as abounding assets as it does currently. But what to alter it with? I anticipate the aristocratic dungeons accept a acceptable abstraction - charcoal which can be disassembled for accidental materials, or alchemized. Things which, while useful, aren't at the bulk of something abroad - at atomic not to the aforementioned extent.

Thanks for annual this column I typed up while on the toilet. Your thoughts?