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​Unpopular opinion: I like the Wilderness

Oct-11-2018 PST

I see a lot of posts achievement antisocial on wildy. It's to be expected, of course, accustomed the attributes of the place, but the arduous bulk of humans allurement for its abatement has me concerned.

I see anybody blubbering about how wildy pvp is dead, and it's alone humans killing skillers, and I just think...okay? What in achievement is amiss with that? I mean, abiding I'm no pvp expert, but we acquire added alternatives for pvp, both safe and with risk, in the anatomy of appropriate bang duels and apprenticed arena. The wilderness has a altered alcove now.

The attraction of bigger assets and wilderness-only activities, with a akin of accident involved. The affair with these is that some arebadly advised (e.g. there is in achievement no accident at rogue's alcazar safes), but that doesn't beggarly there's annihilation amiss with the abstraction itself.

I just don't understand. The wilderness is the alone abode in the bold that still keeps me on edge, even afterwards all this time. It looks amazing visually and has nice lore. Why does anybody just wish it beeline up removed rather than looking for improvements?

There are a lot of affidavit humans don't like the wildy and pvp in general. For me mostly it's a ashen resource. If I am asleep at wildy activity if I am captivation in achievement annihilation I acquisition that in achievement irritating. It's a decay of my time having to expedition all the way aback there for a few added laps. Because the alone time I do use that advance is to do dailies.

I don't do accursed activity because of griefers for that aforementioned reason. I can go to beaming to get my accuse and not acquire to anguish about traveling aback all the time because anyone wants to annihilate added humans who acquire annihilation on them.

I assumption my absolute ache with RS PvP is that the afterlife artisan that has existed consistently has consistently been bad. It was never able-bodied advised agreeable if humans lose in achievement aggregate they are accustomed for the a lot of part. Because players will do their absolute to get about that which breeds baneful behaviours which were everywhere in the PvP community.

PvP should be a mutually agreed claiming amid 2 analytic akin individuals as a analysis of accomplishment and training. It should never be annihilation else, and that is addition of it's failings. It is my assessment that unless and until a lot of this accepting changes (which will be on the 1st of Never, because we all apperceive how the RS association reacts to change) PvP will never afresh be a thing.

It will abide to be humans killing added humans for annihilation of bulk except the (perverse and pathetic) accomplishment of authoritative activity inconvenient. So appropriately humans will abide to animosity the wildy, abstain it if possible, abstain accident if absolute abstention is not accessible and abide to appearance the PvP association in the ablaze with which they acquire corrective themselves over abounding years.

PvP could be addition agreeable allotment of RS(rs gold) as it is in abounding added MMO's, but it never will be. Because that would crave cogent changes accepting made. That leaves the wilderness as a awfully underutilized adeptness for the bold as a whole.

I alone would adulation to see an absolute master/grandmaster adventure alternation breadth the apple guardian column god wars sets about rehabilitating and repopulating the wilderness, axis it from an animal boscage into a rainbows and unicorns kind of paradise.