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​Travelling RuneScape Merchant Guide

Aug-30-2022 PST

When optimizing your RuneScape07 account, you can't ignore the importance of dailies. Among those dailies, the traveling agent is regarded as one of the best daily. The traveling agent put up four different items on sale every day.

The first shop slot always features an uncharted island map, and you can also receive the Tavia's fishing rod if you are lucky. The fishing rod alone is worth billions of coins in RuneScape and makes it worth the effort to visit the traveling agent to try your luck.

To shop from the traveling agent, you need to go to the deep-sea fishing hub and speak to the Goomah inside the fishing guild. Before accessing the stock of traveling merchants, you need to upgrade the fishing skill to a minimum of level 68. Eat an admiral pie if your current fishing level is 63, as it will temporarily increase your level.

One more way of accessing the traveling merchant is by attuning a grace of the elves amulet to the hub. Finding a traveling merchant is a pretty hard job as he has various spawn locations around the map. Below are some of the best items that you can purchase from the runescape merchant.

Best items of Traveling Merchant

1. D&D tokens

Purchase D&D tokens from the traveling merchant to reset the distraction and diversion activities whenever you want. With daily, weekly, and monthly distraction and diversion activities, you can progress through the game greatly without grinding. If you ever see D&D tokens on sale by the traveling merchant, buy them in the first place.

2. Dragonkin lamp

Having the dragonkin lamp in your inventory is always helpful whether you are a beginner or a veteran in RuneScape. You need two hundred thousand coins to buy it from the traveling merchant and use it to unlock one of the best pets in the game.

There are no requirements that when you can use the dragonkin lamp by pro players, you should use it with high-level skills to increase the number of experience points you get. Before unlocking the Effy pet, complete the rebuilding edgeville mini-quest.

3. Gift for the Reaper

When it comes to profitability, the gift for the reaper is ranked at the top because you will get 20 reaper points from each gift. You can buy it from the traveling merchant at a lot less than its actual value, around four million game coins.

To get a gift for the reaper from the merchant, you only need around one million coins. If you ever get a chance of finding the gift for the reaper on sale, purchase it to unlock various end-game items. These items include a reaper necklace, ring of death, amulet of souls, etc.

4. Harmonic dust

Although you don't need the harmonic dust to progress through the game, you need it to create crystal tools, making it a must-have if you have got everything else that the traveling merchant is selling. Crystal hatchet, crystal mattock, and crystal pickaxe are some of the most useful tools created by harmonic dust.

If you don't want to spend money and purchase it from the traveling merchant, you can gather it by playing harps in the ithell district of Prifddinas. This method is free, but it takes a lot of time to farm them, so save some money and buy it from the traveling merchant to avoid all the grinding.

5. Slayer VIP Coupon

To become a high-level slayer in RuneScape, you need to consume slayer VIP coupons. If you have got a coupon in your bag, you can change a slayer task with an alternative task if your current task is difficult. Players have a chance of getting anywhere between one to seven task re-rolls with each slayer coupon.

There is no requirement to use these coupons, but their effect is way better at high levels. Equip the slayer master cape to stack its passive effect with the slayer VIP coupon. You don't have to complete a bad slayer task in the game ever again by doing everything mentioned above.

6. Unstable air rune

Unstable air rune is available for sale by the traveling merchant for a whopping two hundred thousand coins, but you will get five thousand runespan points after redeeming it. If your rune crafting skill is low, runespan points will help you increase the skill level without grinding.

Rune crafting is one of the hardest skills in RuneScape when it comes to training, and players waste a lot of time by training it with less rewarding means. Always look for the unstable air rune by traveling merchant and buy it to speed up the training. Combine the outfit and the essence speed to reach level 99 quickly.

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