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​Training Slayer While Doing Nightmare Zone OSRS

Nov-15-2019 PST

If you plan on getting a high melee level for your alt account or new main, Nightmare Zone is the easiest and fastest method in the game. If you do go this route, most people will probably poke fun at your Slayer level due to the lack of skilling while outside this minigame.

Fortunately, there is a relatively passive way to train Slayer while doing nightmare zone with a select few tasks.

The currently known tasks that are doable in NMZ include:

   • Black Demons

   • Green Dragons

   • Vampyres

   • Trolls

Although, you have to be picky which quests you do when building your account, even if you plan on making it a main anyway.

Setting Up Your Quests

If you’re setting up a character from scratch, it helps to avoid doing most quests in the game so you don’t need to do custom Rumbles to fight the monsters of choice. This also gives you more points per kill, which then leads to this minigame being quite profitable in the long run.

Skipping out on doing Dragon Slayer also removes a ton of slow tasks that you don’t have to skip, like black or metal dragons. If you do happen to have it complete, you at least have the advantage of fighting Elvarg if you ever are on a Green Dragon Slayer task.

To do Slayer Tasks, it’s recommended to at least do:

   • Death Plateau & Troll Stronghold for Dad (Troll tasks)

   • Gnome Stronghold for the Black Demon (Black Demon tasks)

   • Vampire Slayer Count Draynor (Vampyre tasks, but only with Vannaka)

   • Optional: Troll Romance for the Arrg (Troll tasks)

   • Optional: The Fremmenik Isles for the Troll King (troll tasks)

If you need any other filler monsters, you may also complete:

   • Mountain Daughter (gives prayer experience)

   • Vampire Slayer (if you won’t be using Vannaka)

If you already have most osrs quests done in the game, you will have to mix and match which enemies to fight based on your Slayer task. This will open up your options, but at the cost of NMZ points and having a high up-front cost of 26,000 runescape gold per game.

Gear Setup

If you have the funds, the best starter setup is to get full Obsidian Armor, an Obsidian Sword and a Berserker Necklace for the best DPS at a low level. Simply train your account to base 60 melee stats at sand crabs and then AFK in NMZ. For a cheaper setup, just throw on rune armor and a dragon sword until you can afford it.

Contrary to popular belief, using full DH with 1 hitpoint isn’t that great of an option once you hit base 70 stats. When you get over 90 hitpoints, it then becomes better than the Obsidian set.

Using a black mask or slayer helmet is optional and you might not see much of a benefit in the long run. Considering you have to fight through monsters that are not off task, it’s better just to use whatever your best melee helmet is.

Getting Tasks

Nieve is likely the easiest person to get NMZ-friendly tasks since she both issues Black Demons and Trolls quite often. She is also pretty easy to access from a Spirit Tree, which can be found at house parties or the Grand Exchange.

Vannaka or Duradel could work, but you would likely get some annoying & long tasks along the way. Within Vannaka in particular, you cannot get Black Demon assignments.

Skipping a task is inevitable as you probably don’t want to be wasting your precious AFK time clicking bloodvelds or hellhounds. This means you either need to skip them using your precious points, or go get an alternative easy task from Turael in Burthope. His tasks are pretty easy, like crawling hands or bears, and usually within a low quantity.

Experience Rate Expectations

It’s better to consider this as passive experience since you will have monsters that are off-task mixed in with your slayer monsters, and the amount you kill per hour comes down to RNG. Monsters will randomly spawn, and if you have low stats, spawns will come in even slower.

With a mid-level character, 5,000 experience per hour is quite typical. With a troll task and decent gear, it’s even possible to see 15,000 experience per hour.

Wrapping Up

NMZ isn’t the best spot for Slayer, but it should shake things up if you are planning on making an alt account. It is especially useful if you want to get some slayer levels for quest requirements or to kill profitable monsters like Skeletal Wyverns down the line.