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​Tombs of Amascut - Wardens - Final Boss Guide

Oct-05-2022 PST

Meta Description: Tombs of Amascut: Wardens, Final Boss Guide – Are You Ready? In the following article, we will explain how you may overcome them in the easiest and most effective way possible!

As the ultimate bosses of the Tombs of Amascut, the Wardens must be vanquished. They are a three-stage boss encounter with a focus on prayer switching and mobility, and the difficulty may be further increased by using certain invocations.

In the first phase, the group needs to DPS the Obelisk in the room's centre. Instead of attacking directly, the Obelisk fires orbs toward the East and West Wardens. When fully charged, their assaults may be devastating.

Phase Two awakening occurs in the single Warden who accumulated the most orbs in the previous phase. The Warden's and the Obelisk's ground-targeted assaults need effective prayer to avoid or deflect.

At this point, the arena undergoes a metamorphosis as the second Warden comes to life. To avoid taking unpayable amounts of damage, players must dance from side to side. Depending on the side blocked in the first phase, two of the four mini bosses will join the Warden in this phase.

Last but not least, the Warden will enrage at 5% health. Instead of a ground assault cycle, this one uses an area-of-effect lightning attack on the tiles scattered throughout the chamber. In addition, the ground under you will deteriorate, leaving you with less room to duck and, finally, no chance of survival.

Tombs of Amascut: Invocations

· Ancient Haste: In P1, the Obelisk's charging rate will increase. Because of this, you will take unavoidable orb damage, particularly in solo and at higher scales, when you can't bring down the The Obelisk is fast enough to escape two or more sets.

· Acceleration: In P2, the Warden's attack speed increases while the Obelisk's strike cooldown decreases. The situation is not very serious.

· Penetration: In P2, obelisk assaults are more lethal. You need to be able to sidestep them in the overwhelming majority of instances irrespective of the circumstances.

· Overclocked: Attack speed for Wardens drop from 7t to 5t in P3. It adds a little more fluidity.

· Overclocked 2: The Warden's assault speed increases in P2, while the number of targets in P3 drops from 5 to 4. The situation is not very serious.

· Insanity: In P3, the Warden's attack speed drops from 4t to 3t. The red skull attack speed increases dramatically in P3, and you can afford to miss anywhere from 1 to 5 ticks before being penalised. Make sure you're ready for the red skulls tick before turning this on.

Tombs of Amascut: Mechanics

Inflicts 30 BGS on the target. Aim with either Melee or BP, or sneak up on your target with Shadow. The Wardens will rush in if the red orbs are not stopped. Every time a Warden's charge is at its maximum, they will perform one of two assaults.

Elidinis, the West Warden, is the source of red UFOs and other tiny objects. Spread out to minimise the effects of the little orbs. Giant yellow UFOs and other strange orbs are born in the East from the Warden Tumemken's womb. Diffuse the giant spheres' destructive potential. Choose which of P3's two minibosses you'll tank based on which Warden gets the most significant change in P1.

The lone surviving Warden completely changes the playing field. The Warden begins his assault on one side of the room, moves to the other, and finally targets everyone in the room save the front two rows. Avoid injury by staying in the centre three rows of the room. Employ a ranged attack.

Warden will drop blood-red skulls on the ground at certain health levels. These can only be defeated with Melee attacks. An attack with a melee weapon against them will take 1t as much time. In lesser sizes, they have 1hp, whereas, in bigger ones, they have 2hp. Warden has a wide area of effect attack that may do a lot of damage if it goes unchecked in time.

There are specific health points at which Warden will unleash minibosses. The Warden will produce Zebak and Ba-Ba if you prevent him from reaching the East during Phase 1. Warden will spawn Akkha and later Kephri if more of the West is blocked during P1.

There is a pattern to Akkha's assaults; after three of one kind, he will switch to a different one. Zebak's are not; he has a mage specialisation but may, at will, switch to a ranger specialisation instead.

When both Ba-ba and Kephri are on the ground, they use ground-targeted strikes. However, Keri's will be a 33 if Aerial Assault is on. Praying against Akkha+Kephri is more straightforward, but enabling Aerial Assault against Zebak+Ba-ba will provide you with a +10 Raid Level with no effort. Preference.

Tombs of Amascut: Enrage

Warden's anger levels rise to dangerous levels at 5% health. Defensive strength recovers over time but may be lowered by 45 points using DWH or bgs. After a short pause, Warden will no longer launch attacks targeting a specific zone but will instead spew lightning on the ground. The arena's tiles will be removed, beginning at the rear, one by one by the Warden, making movement and dodging more difficult.

Although avoiding Ba-ba/attacks Kephri's is crucial, staying still might make it simpler to avoid Warden's lightning. You can manually dodge most damage by walking on a tile and then moving to a new tile between each attack.

Final Thoughts

Evidently, the Wardens of Amascut are not pushover bosses. A lot of the hard work should be eliminated, though, if you follow the guidance we provided previously.

It is imperative that you use extreme caution when engaging enemies during these phases due to the invocations and prayer switches that accompany them. Do your best to avoid taking severe damage by evading their strikes, and remember that your teammates have buffs of their own.

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