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Tips For Beating Galvek From Dragon Slayer 2

Nov-23-2019 PST

Galvek is currently one of the most legendary fights found within the latest Master level quests in Runescape. Admittedly, there are much harder bosses, but for a mid-level account making progress, it is a surprisingly hard fight. As long as you have a decent ranged level, gear and a willingness to die a few times, he is still kill-able by the average player.

Gearing Up

The key thing to this fight is that ranged attacks are only viable and forget about magic considering his magic level. Another caveat is the fact the anti-dragon potions will not work, so a shield is necessary. This leaves you with a crossbow-based fight.

The shield of choice should be any anti-dragon breath shields, with the Dragonfire ward due to its a positive ranged bonus. An ancient wyvern shield or Dragonfire Shield would also work for the decent defense, but sacrifices your ranged bonus.

The best weapon is certainly the Armadyl Crossbow or a Dragon Crossbow at the minimum. This will allow you to use tipped dragon bolts, which offer more accuracy while being able to use any of the enchanted bolts’ special effects.

Your ammunition should be a combination of ruby bolts (e) and enchanted diamond bolts, just like any other high-hitpoint bosses. During the first two phases, you will use the ruby bolts to maximize your hits. Once his health is lower, it would be better to use the diamond bolts.

Your armor should have a mix of ranged and prayer, so blessed dragonhide or Armadyl would be ideal. Use whatever you can afford or have unlocked (for ironmen).

Take into consideration that each death will cost 100,000 rs gold to retrieve your items, so it’s technically safe. You don’t have to limit yourself unless you find that to be expensive.

The Preliminary Fight

Unlike Vorkath, you don’t just get to step into an arena with full health and supplies. Galvek is found after an epic round of dragons, along with an annoying agility course. You should come to a checkpoint after fighting the Rune Dragon during the final wave.

Be careful about taking hits from the dragon fire during this fight so you are not low on supplies before the real deal. Taking a pair of insulated boots along could help to mitigate the damage if you end up tanking the Rune Dragon.

Boss Phases

Each phase of this boss has unique special attacks and lasts for as long as you can deal 300 hitpoints. It would be advantageous to be using ruby bolts at the start to reduce your chance of dying and putting focus towards the end phases.

The first phase of Galvik is where he will be launching fire traps around the ship, and is arguably the most lethal phase. Once you keep in mind that each bomb covers a 3x3 radius, you should be able to determine where to stand, but be quick!

Also keep in mind that he does a regular Dragonfire attack and can teleport the player away, so don’t relax when you find a safe spot.

The second phase is where he takes off into the air and does random ranged attacks towards the player. When he does his special wind attack, it can drain your stats slightly so having a super restore potion could be handy. Other than that, keep up the damage and it could be a quick phase.

The third phase can be tricky for some, but with good latency, this should be a piece of cake. On the east side of the map, he will spawn a wall of water waves that will sweep the entire deck. Luckily there is just one empty tile where you can save yourself. There is a reasonable delay so line yourself up in the right tile and you will avoid damage.

The dragon ball attack that his fire can deal 109 during the third phase, so that’s the most dangerous aspect. Similarly to Vorkath, you need to move out of the last tile you stood or it’s likely and instant death.

During the last phase, he will land on the deck and be in a relatively vulnerable position. He will fire a projectile in the air, and if you stand in the same spot, your player will be put into a stone cage of sorts. Keep up the damage, and once defeated, you will get the ending cutscene.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the Galvik fight isn’t such a big deal once you know what goes on. It is recommended to have a high ranged level, as in 85+, if you want it to go smoothly. If you’re a hardcore ironman, keep in mind that fight is not safe and you can lose your status, you can watch this video and maybe it helps you: