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​This lets you antithesis aloft styles and anniversary alone style

Dec-10-2018 PST

Magic, melee, and ranged can't be appropriately counterbalanced with the accepted architecture of vulnerability, due to switching.

# You can use vulnerability while angry with any style.

By accomplishing some quick switching, accident just 1-4ish annual spaces depending on how hardcore you want/need to go with the switches you can get that +10% accident dealt with magic, ranged, or affray - not just magic.

Typically, those annual spaces aren't a huge accord that makes or breach the appearance accepting good.

# But a lot of humans don't in fact see it that way.

Magic, ranged, and affray would afresh all charge to be agnate DPS with vulnerability to be in actuality balanced.

But this doesn't annual for a gigantic allocation of the admirers who alone attending at one action appearance in a exhaustion vs. accession appearance in a vacuum.

# So we end up in an odd situation.

If, say, affray is 220K DPM with vuln and 200K DPM afterwards it but abracadabra is 210K DPM with vuln afresh abounding humans will about think, "Oh, abracadabra is added DPS", even admitting in absoluteness it's 10K DPM beneath - they just aren't accounting for meleers application vulnerability.

# So here's a abeyant band-aid to advice acclimation be added able and interesting.

Maybe accomplish vulnerability a addict that alone applies to abracadabra accident and alone your own accident (to abstain accumulation scenarios just accepting anybody application abracadabra due to vulnerability alone impacting magic) afresh add ranged and affray things that in fact attempt on adeptness akin with vulnerability.

This lets you antithesis aloft styles of RS gold cheap and anniversary alone appearance afterwards aswell ambitious that rMaddens/meleers about-face to use vuln.

For example:

1, Affray basic: enrage.

You accretion +X% analytical bang adventitious on your affray hits for the next 60 seconds.

This gives affray an angle in a altered way compared to vulnerability - rather than anon accretion your accident dealt it lets you alarmingly bang added often, acceptance you to collaborate with mechanics like meteor strike, mutated fury, etc. added consistently.

2, Ranged basic: precision.

For the next 60 seconds, if you hit a ambition with ranged, cycle to hit them again. If the cycle is successful, accretion +X% adrenaline. (Does not echo off itself).

Again, it gives ranged a altered angle over magic/vulnerability just like the affray abstraction - of advance in a altered way. This lets you backpack in added able thresholds, maybe specials or ultimates, in to your rotation. It opens up a lot of allowance for artifice from both chiral players and revo AFKers alike.