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​There any fan modders out there

Oct-22-2018 PST

Is it possible/ok to accomplish a Runescape or God Wars fan mod from the Abatement From Heaven civ 4 engine? (Disclaimer, the 'Good Civilizations' and 'Evil Civilizations' in the annual are not my writing. That's from a screenshot of a wikia page, and labels according to alignments congenital into FFHII).

Can it be done and are there any fan modders out there? I've adapted some of the files' backdrop into Runscape music theme/god logos but accept in actuality no abstraction how to amalgamate the civs into god factions/empires or agnate in the XML accepting so accept accustomed up so far. I accept some of the already adapted assets and am accommodating to accord them to any said modder traveling to yield up this activity for use.

So far the mod a lot of akin Gielinor in agreement of fantasy in the Civ alternation I could acquisition is Abatement From Heaven II or closest. Abounding of the creatures abide including vampires except for added aboriginal creatures like Mahjarrat or Aviansie created by Jagex.

I've created a blueprint as a adviser to which civs would accept units/buildings/things accumbent with what god alignment.

The religions buck similarity, Adjustment - Saradominism in theme, Honor/Empyrean - Disturbingly absolute abutting to Armadyl value-wise for archetype and Octopus Overlords to maybe Xau-Tak or units to the Chthonians? Ashen Veil could be agnate to Zamorakianism in Aesthetics.

For added details:

The a lot of agnate acculturation in agreement of ethics to the Zarosian Authority are the Calabim, in their 'might is appropriate aural a allowable framework' bulk system. "The abject are captivated etc" and control.

The Bannor or Elohim would be a lot of akin of Saradominist beastly civilizations, the Mercurians the Icyene and the aureate dragon authority the Saradominist Centaurs.

The Luchirp are a lot of remniscient of Imcando Dwarves, and are aswell golem makers like them. The Khazad are abutting to Keldagrim. Lanas, are able-bodied just pirates. But the association of charcoal are like classical Bandosians, accepting about all the creatures they accept alignment from goblins to ogres except not accepting ourgs. Amurites = Basically just mages so can accept units/buildings accumbent with either Saradomin or Zaros if 2nd/3rd age?

Amurites accept afterpiece to the wizards belfry in though.

My approach of how the aggregate would go if anniversary factions were alloyed into god ones?

Compilations Buildings/Units/City looks and added aesthetics that would accomplish up anniversary god band in formula:

Zaros or Zarosian Empire/Nation of Forinthry = Calabim + possibly Sidar + Balseraphs + some idk some amurite accepting + a brace ‘infernal' units. If the Zarosian Authority had any elves afresh Svartalfar units.

Saradomin = Bannor + Elohim + Mercurians + Kuriorates + possibly some amurite units/stuff not sure?

Zamorak = (Would be 3rd age a lot of likely, Sheaim due to how they bulk anarchy + infernals + a few calabim content).

Bandos = Association of Embers

Armadyl: Seems abutting to a adoration already aural a bold if I'm tbh than any authentic civ except in values.

Seren = Ljosalfar, absolute accessible choice

Guthix = Khazad + Ljosalfar + some Grigori

Godless = Grigori, it's what this civ calls themselves infact and follow. They ambition to banish all the gods.

Dark Lord or Iorweths = Svartalfar absolute accessible too.

Menaphite Pantheon = Malakim

Anything Sliskean = Balseraphs

As far as goes for assemblage accents or languages, I would advance appliance the Bannor assemblage blow for Zarosian units aback that's the accursed language. And appliance the mercurian, Elohim or kuriorate accent for Saradominist assemblage accents.