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​The GWD1 killcount system

Jan-03-2019 PST

I anticipate one of the aloft problems with PvM appropriate now is the GWD1 killcount system. GWD2 has a abundant bigger kc system. Accepting able to save kc, leave and appear aback during the instance, etc. is complete attainable if you're in actuality acquirements the bosses.

You can get kc, leave and re-gear for the boss, do a annihilate or two, leave the instance to re-gear and appear aback as continued as the instance is still traveling - it's abundant added attainable to bodies aggravating to apprentice the bosses.

Compare that to GWD1, which has easier bosses, (and is declared to advice advise bodies newer to PvM) and can't in fact be abstruse as calmly as GWD2 because of the way the kc arrangement works.

First of all, you acquire to even get to GWD1, which is in an awkward breadth until you get the quests done to tele anon there.

You aswell acquire to be acid something from the band you're branch into or you just get swarmed (terrible for lower akin bodies learning, huge cesspool on aliment and such afore even accepting to the boss).

Finally, you get to the bang-up and afresh you're about out of accessory and can alone do a brace kills afore crumbling the blow of the instance from accepting to leave.

Sure you can go in duo or leash with academy akin people, but that doesn't necessarily advice them apprentice how to abandoned it - it just lets them get acclimatized to the mechanics of the bang-up (which GWD1 doesn't in fact acquire abounding "mechanics" alfresco harder modes anyway).

There's not in fact a appropriate way to apprentice to abandoned GWD1 until afterwards you're overleveled for it and can calmly get the kc afterwards active out of gear.

Beyond that, I anticipate the added aloft affair is that there's not abundant tiers of mid-game bosses. There's KBD, Mole, Chaos Ele if you ambition to calculation it, GWD1, and QBD (also maybe Nex as well). Issues of GWD1 aside, amid KBD/Mole and GWD1, there's nothing.

KBD/Mole are complete simple to get to and accede instances if you can alone do one or two kills at a time, but there's annihilation like that about the GWD1 tier; you acquire to do the accomplished expedition there and re-get kc every time.

Also, pre-KBD/Mole, annihilation for early-game "bossing" to advise what the complete basics of just acid a bang-up (except maybe unless you ambition to awning aboriginal adventure bosses?).

As able-bodied as amid GWD1 and QBD (or Nex), annihilation to arch that gap amid "some mechanics" (of GWD1) and "many mechanics/phases" (of QBD/Nex).