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​The Edgeville Kennels: A Dangerous Apache Minigame


​The Edgeville Kennels: A Dangerous Apache Minigame

- The Edgeville Kennels would alter the asleep Edgeville Dungeon Wilderness breadth and would be reworked to be above and broken by abounding activity obstacles. The Apple Warriors would be confused to a akin 10 Dungeoneering adjustment abroad in the Varrock Sewers or Edgeville Dungeon for accustomed players who ambition to annihilate them alfresco of the anarchy tunnels.

- The bold would be started by paying a fee to admission the kennels based on your activity level. Levels 3-25: 25k, Levels 26-35: 30k, Levels 36-45: 45k, Levels 46-55: 60k, Levels 56-65: 80k, Levels 66-75: 95k, Levels 76-85: 120k, Levels 86-95: 140k, Levels 96-105; 180k, Levels 106-112: 250k, Levels 113-117: 350k, Levels 118-122: 500k, Levels 123-127: 800k, Levels 128-132: 1500k, Levels 133-138: 2M.

- Instead of accident items on death, you lose your admission fee.

- While in the kennels, your job is to annihilation added players. If you annihilate them you are adored with their admission fees in banknote as able-bodied as apache acquaintance based on your killstreak. Killing one amateur grants 1000 apache experience. Killing a added grants 2000 apache experience. Killing a third grants 3000 up to a cap of 9000 apache XP per murder. Your band is displace already you die.

- Aside from annoying about players, anniversary of the apartment in the Kennels has a bake in it. These torches periodically dim, followed by a admonishing message, giving the players in that allowance 30 abnormal to escape via one of the activity obstacles afore demography abundant Araxxor-like DoT hits. Abandoned a baddest few apartment are lit at any accustomed time causing players to abide alive and cheapest RuneScape gold cardinal behindhand of whether or not they are affianced in combat. This will aswell appear behindhand of any alive fights in the Kennels, banishment players to acquire amid finishing their annihilate at the accident of dying due to the black or abrogation the allowance in seek of about ecology safety.

- No food, armor or weapons are accustomed in the arena. This helps anticipate affluent players from application Achto or t92 weapons adjoin beneath able opponents. Players will be accustomed a bureaucracy based on their accepted akin bracket complete with a defender, a weapon, and abounding catchbasin accessory that may abandoned be acclimated while in the kennels. Players with 70 herblore or college will be accustomed claret sap, an afflict agnate that lasts for 30 account per dosage or until the amateur dies or leaves the kennels. All players will acquire their inventories abounding with bandages as a healing antecedent analogously to FoG and Deathmatch.

- If you die in the Kennels, you are kicked from the Kennels and acquire to accord the admission fee to be accustomed aback in. There is no way to accost your admission fee. Forfeiting with an escape buck abreast the admission will acquittance 20% of your admission fee.

- This activity cannot be added as it does not actualize wealth. All the gold accustomed to arrive players has to be originally deposited by addition player. No items are absent on afterlife so this activity cannot could could could could could cause lures consistent in the accident of over 2 mill. Skulls are extraneous as they do not play into its mechanics.

- Advancing players in lower brackets cuts into your accolade by 20% for every akin bracket you breach. For example, if a maxed amateur attacks anyone in the 106 to 112 activity bracket, their accolade is bargain from 250k to 50k. Your apache XP accolade will aswell be bargain appropriately and your killstreak will not increase. The draft of the admission fee from the disadvantaged amateur is not abandoned to the killer, but instead bisected of it is refunded to the disadvantaged amateur and the added bisected is destroyed. Successfully killing players in college akin brackets awards 1.5 times the apache acquaintance for your accepted killstreak. Killing a amateur from a lower akin bracket who attacked you aboriginal does NOT amerce you and you will acquire the abounding reward.

- As armor, weapons, aliment and potions are allocated, the Kennels acquire to be entered naked as in dungeoneering, about with a complete amateur killcount of 100 or added in the kennels, you can acquirement a amalgam Earthen Cape that provides a 1.5% accident abridgement while aural the Kennels. Summoning familiars of any affectionate are banned inside.

- In adjustment to anticipate the use of accompany or alts for boosting, killing the aforementioned amateur added than already in a 3-hour aeon will abolish 2 from your band and will not accolade apache experience. However, gold rewards will still be transferred commonly in case two players accidentally activity twice. The minigame agenda will acquire a account of all alive players and anyone who you acquire already reaped in that aeon will be credible abnormally on your minimap. The HP cesspool in altered areas due to consistently alteration torches is aswell advised to anticipate advocacy by banishment players to consistently move.

Kennels Equipment

- All PvP armor in the Kennels counts as amalgam armor but abandoned one abhorrent activity appearance may be alleged per admission fee.

- 3-25 - (t1) Decayed brownish kiteshield, chainmail, hauberk, and gauntlets, broiled covering chaps and either a decayed brownish orb and baton and 3000 catalytic and basal runes, a breakable adamant scimitar set, or two air-conditioned board crossbows and 3000 board bolts.

- 26-35 - (t10) Aforementioned accessories as antecedent bracket but with decayed adamant boots that acquire a backbone benefit of 7 for all styles and a biconcave brownish captain with a activity benefit of 90. Weapons are accustomed t10 abhorrent stats.

- 36-45 - (t20) Biconcave animate aboveboard shield, animate cuirass, greaves and sabatons. Either a animate quarterstaff and an off-hand steel-plated diabolism album with 3000 catalytic/elemental runes, a dirt-caked animate crossbow set, or a set of aching animate daggers.

- 46-55 - (t20) Aforementioned as antecedent bracket but with aching animate boots that admission a appearance benefit of 10 to all styles and a torn animate abounding captain that grants a activity benefit of 100. Weapons are accustomed t30 abhorrent stats.

- 56-65 - (t40) Mangled mithril chainmaille, awkward mithril gauntlets, boots, and chainskirt. Adamant apostle with a activity benefit of 200.

- 66-75 - (t40) Aforementioned as antecedent bureaucracy but with a mithril chainlink awning with a activity benefit of 50. Weapons are upgraded to t50.

- 76-85 - (t60) Chimphide coif, chaps, body, and boots. Gravite apostle with a activity benefit of 300. Best of entwood boomerangs (ammoless befuddled weapons), an abandoned entwood baton and broke drakolith spelltome, or a set of entwood shotels.

- 86-95 - (t70) Aforementioned as antecedent bureaucracy but with entbane gloves, which accord a appearance benefit of 70 to all activity styles, and upgraded weapons. A best amid capital and abrupt abysmal whips, an abysmal baton and orb, or a capital and off-hand abysmal crossbow with 3000 atramentous bolts (k).

[NOTE: The (k) just agency they can't be removed from the Kennels, but they are identical to accustomed unenchanted atramentous bolts.

a) 96-105 - (t72) Abounding Godless robes, a anarchic apostle with a activity benefit of 500.

b) 106-112 (t75) Abounding apehide set, besmirched age-old apostle with a activity benefit of 600, and a best of Blinded Befuddled knives, Muted Greegrees (mage weapons), or Deafened Longswords. (Yes, this is a Monkey Madness reference. These acquire a 1 in 25 adventitious to cesspool 50 run activity from the adversary on a acknowledged hit and a 1 in 350 adventitious to arouse a ninja monkey that does in actuality nothing.

c) 118-122 (t78) Abounding Cabbageplate armor (Yuck, protects you a bit anyway), Banknote launcher set with a activity benefit of 900, dual-wield banknote mallet set with a adoration benefit of 20 on the capital hand, or a banknote baton that blocks 1.2% of admission accident with a mud-soaked banknote (orb) off-hand and 3000 catalytic/elemental runes. While the weapons are equipped, Melzar the Mad may about spawn and advance the opponent.

d) 123-127 t80 adeptness armor equivalent, Meatcorn Robes. t80 cartilage chakrams, beef hammers or a funerary baton and book. These weapons all acquire a appropriate attack, Reaper's Anguish, which badly drains the opponent's arresting stats for 5 ticks.

e) 128-132 t88 PvP armor equivalent, Spider leg plate, t88 baneful scimitar set, baneful crossbow set or Araxyte baton and off-hand ashen barb (mage orb) Weapons administer a acquiescent adulteration effect.

f) 133-138 t92 adeptness armor equivalent, t92 Kennel crossbows with 3000 fair bakriminel bolts (e), Kennel Quarterstaff and off-hand Kennel Grimoire. These aswell acquire a appropriate advance alleged Envelope, which stuns the adversary for 5 abnormal or 25 abnormal if the torches in the breadth acquire dimmed. Accidental adventitious of summoning a hellhound as a accompaniment that will endure until it dies or for 50 abnormal (Not actual advantageous for PvP but can abstruse the adversary or fuck up their resonance and fits the name The Kennels).

g) All tiers - 23 bandages and a claret sap (if elligible) or 24 bandages and 3 air-conditioned adoration flasks (the final account amplitude is aloof for a defender).

TL;DR - The Edgeville Kennels would be a low-risk PvP breadth for apache training that would accomplish players pay an admission fee instead of accident their items. It would alter the Edgeville Sewers Wilderness breadth that is abundantly useless.

If there is annihilation arbitrary with this or a accessible accomplishment that I missed, amuse say so in the comments.

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