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​The Completionist Cape was a mistake

Nov-07-2018 PST

The Completionist Cape was a mistake. Here's why. A lot of bodies in this subreddit say that OSRS gets a lot added agreeable than this sub, and they're right. OSRS has added bosses, new quests including sequels to Dragon Slayer, My Arm's Big Adventure, and Monkey Madness, and has an absolute goddamn continent's annual of agreeable that just doesn't abide in RS3. Why is this?

The go-to acknowledgment I see is that OSRS is easier to advance for, and to an extent, this is true; the cartoon are simpler, and low-poly models are easier to architecture than some absurdly abundant ones like Solak or Arraxi. The action system is aswell simpler of RuneScape gold, which is a absolution and a curse. But I anticipate a big allotment of it comes down to one thing: the Completionist Cape.

The Completionist Cape is currently, and will allegedly consistently be, the Best-in-Slot cape. It's got the adeptness to abundance three allowances from skillcapes like the Max Cape does, acts as an Ava's accessory by default, and provides a benefit of 43 to all action styles, 65 defense, 6 prayer, an added 300 LP; the Max Cape, the second-best-in-slot, provides 26 in all action styles, 5 prayer, and no added LP. It can abandoned be acquired by commutual the game, which includes unlocking all music tracks, accepting the adept adventure cape, commutual several achievements, and maxing all skills. It is the individual best cape in the game.

Oldschool Runescape has no Completionist Cape. The abutting affair to it is the Max and QP capes. OSRS doesn't accept a accepted BIS cape; rather, there's a BIS cape for anniversary action style. Currently, the best capes in OSRS are the Infernal Cape for Melee, the absorbed God Capes for Magic, and Ava's Assembler for ranged. Furthermore, the Max Cape in the bold can be attuned to accept the abilities of Ava's Accumulator, Assembler, the Fire Cape, the Infernal Cape, all God Capes, and Ardougne Cloak 4 by appliance that annual on the Max Cape.

The Completionist Cape was added to the bold on 3 May 2011, and aback then, I feel like there's been a 18-carat abatement in the above of updates. Bodies don't ambition to lose their BIS capes, and because of that, Jagex has been abashed to release updates that in actuality crave players to plan to accumulate their capes. They're abashed of accepting flamed at by players who accept to plan added than one or two canicule to get their cape back-- just attending at Player-Owned Farms. The abandoned atone requirement from that amounted to "Buy the Seasonalizer". Minigames are inhabited by bodies either leeching for thaler, or abroad leeching for akin requirements, admitting the actuality that the akin atone cape does annihilation that the approved comp cape does.

This came to a arch in 2017, with the absolution of Menaphos-- bodies were mad because the requirements for that appropriate you accepting to akin 10 acceptability in the city-limits as a accomplished to complete the quests, as able-bodied as accepting Akin 10 reputation in every district, and accepting 120 apache to exhausted the Magister and affirmation the adept apache cape. Menaphos had a lot of content, but cipher capital to in actuality do the content. This is partially Jagex's accountability (Menaphos is appealing monotonous, even if it looks pretty) but I started arena afresh appropriate if Menaphos came out, and the subreddit was abounding by bodies allurement for an absolution period, which Jagex gave.

Now, I anticipate that Jagex accurately doesn't ambition to absolution new, challenging, or aggressive agreeable added than already or alert a year because they'll apperceive a absolute baby allocation of the playerbase will acknowledge abominably to it. Aback 2016, OSRS has gotten long-sought-after updates including Fossil Island; arduous administration such as the Grotesque Guardians and Volkrath; several improvements to Zeah, a abstemious absolute to the game; improvements to agreeable that is asleep on RS3 such as the Bang Furnance and the mining guild; Dragon Apache II, Authoritative Friends with My Arm, the Corsair's Curse, and soon, Song of the Elves, all quests that are absolute to OSRS; Two raids, the Chamber of Xeric and the Theater of Blood; and a accomplished lot abroad besides.

Any individual one of these would be a completionist claim in RS3, and I in fact accept that Jagex doesn't ambition to absolution aggressive agreeable like Fossil Island or even Rite of Passage because they apperceive that comped players are traveling to be mad that they're inconvenienced for accomplished hours aggravating to complete quests. With the accessible abatement of Mobilising Armies, Jagex will be removing a akin atone claim for what I accept is the aboriginal time ever, but I don't anticipate they should stop there.

Of course, there's an simple way to fix this, that being: if you've becoming the Atone Cape once, congratulations, you get to abrasion it for life. If Jagex is abashed of absolution updates that affect comp, afresh just don't accomplish updates affect it.

Comped players get to accumulate their adorned cape, we get added aggressive content, and anybody is happy.

I anticipate thine downvotes.