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​The Abundant Divide

Nov-09-2018 PST

It seems with the absolution of OSRS Adaptable and the consecutive acceleration in amateur count, that both communities are at allowance added than ever. I avidly play both OSRS and RS3. I started arena RuneScape if it was what OSRS is now (around 2006) and accept connected to play throughout the years, rolling with the punches Jagex has thrown. Sometimes I'd abdicate for a year or two, but never because of an update, I just consistently got apathetic with the bold or had added IRL things to anguish about.

All that accepting said, I started arena RS3 actively afresh in Spring 2017. I adulation the accompaniment of RS3 because I can analyze it to if EoC came out originally and the activity arrangement is 10x bigger now than it was on absolution and I aswell accept that every bold needs to advance over time.

I added afresh started to play OSRS afterwards falling in adulation with Torvesta's videos and abundant of the added OSRS agreeable on YouTube. I throughly adore my acquaintance on OSRS (HCIM btw), admitting it's abundant different, it's still a fun and nostalgic game.

What doesn't accomplish abundant faculty to me, and what prompted me to accomplish this post, is that neither amateur abject seems to be accommodating to even so abundant as accord the added bold a fair shot.

Those who play OSRS haven't done abundant aloft angle at GE and use their circadian keys and those who play RS3 get through Tutorial Island and just alarm it quits, I abhorrence to generalize, but that's what seems to be the case on both sides. Anniversary game has its own pros and cons and if we all chock-full accepting so abrogating appear the adverse bold of our own, maybe the association could appear calm and advance both amateur to new limits.

RS3 PvM is far bigger than OSRS PvM. OSRS PvP is aloft to RS3 PvP. Some of the agreeable that OSRS has, I ambition RS3 had and carnality versa. You can altercate things like MTX, "EoC bankrupt the game", or "The association is toxic" but none of those things are bringing the two communities together. I may be blubbering and circuitous actuality but I in actuality ambition to see RuneScape as a accomplished thrive, I ambition agreeable to abide to appear out for both games, I ambition the amateur abject for both amateur to continue to grow.

If every amateur from OSRS and RS3 took a adventitious to play the added bold and in actuality gave it a fair shot, I feel like the bisect amid the two communities would abutting as we would anniversary accretion angle into why the players of anniversary bold are so passionate. With the absolution of OSRS Adaptable and the awaiting absolution of RS3 Mobile, it would be abundant to see the communities appear calm as both amateur abound and to plan calm to advice the arrival of new players.

I don't adore the toxicity that comes from both abandon and I achievement those who yield the time to apprehend this accept breadth I'm advancing from. You can still accept your own opinions about which bold is bigger but we can still amusement those who like the added bold with appropriateness and respect. That can go a continued way if the bold is growing like never before.