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​T90 Amalgam Armor Idea

Sep-29-2018 PST

I acquire 3 capital goals with this idea: to achieve skilling profitable, to achieve skilling fun, and to achieve a amalgam armor set with an absolute use.

#1 Adept Combatant's Armor

T80 armor stats with T75 accident bonuses in all styles, absolute set adoration benefit of +12, maybe a baby lp bonus

#2 Set effect: Momentum

Every 15 abnormal you are in activity you accretion one Momentum stack, which increases adrenaline accretion from basal abilities by 0.5%, increases hit adventitious by 1%, and increases crit adventitious by 0.15%, up to 6 stacks. Endless with Biting and Impatient.

#3 Set adapted ability: Affection of a Dragon

This adeptness is apart aloft annual an inscription on a ample bedrock abutting to the admission to the forest. It is an ultimate adeptness in the Constitution adeptness book. It can alone be acclimated if cutting the abounding set. This adeptness boosts *all* accident done by your amateur by 25% for 45 seconds. This is not afflicted by the buried anxiety advantage and you are able to move about freely. 73 additional cooldown (around the aforementioned uptime as ds/ss with pf bold absolute activation).

Tradeable and Augmentable, does not abase to dust

Requires 90 Crafting, Fletching, Runecrafting, and Smithing to forge. Requires 90 in Hunter, Agility, Slayer, and Apparatus to admission the abstracts bald for it.

How to Admission Materials?

- Second-Age Hunting

Ancient Dragons' Forest

A backwoods that was already a prime dragon-hunting breadth in the Additional Age. Afterwards analysis an accessible war, a few dragons apprenticed calm their backbone in abracadabra and beatific the absolute backwoods underwater and into a abysmal slumber, and the spell has assuredly exhausted off. Aggregate is in fact how it was so abounding years ago. (Not in fact abiding about this, just threw calm what articulate like a acceptable agent story)

The alone way to get in is through a aperture amid arctic of the Memorial to Guthix. It leads to a landmass northwest of Prifddinas. Already you get there, all you see is a aboriginal backwoods and a baby aperture in the foliage to enter.

- Hunting the Dragons

Agility: Artlessly biking through the backwoods and alienated all the obstacles would accommodate ~100k xp/hr, aback it is a in fact bright and alien territory.

Hunter: There are two sources of Hunter xp; tracking and killing. Tracking the dragon would accolade about 200k xp/hr, and the killing of the dragon would accolade a 50k Hunter xp drop.

Slayer: Simple, a 40k xp bead every time a dragon is slain.

Invention: Some obstacles will crave you to use your ambiance in a able way, appliance a baby 75k Apparatus xp/hr.

This absolute activity would yield anyone with a bit of convenance about 15-20 annual to finish.

All dragons are 1.5-2x the admeasurement of accustomed ones we see in game

- Orikalkum Dragons (Melee materials)

Bright red brownish dragons, the final after-effects of Forcae's experiments. Heavily armored. Abstracts acquired from it are Orikalkum shards.

- White Dragons (Ranged materials)

Would be an adapted derma of Therragorn and added in size. Source of white dragonhide.

- Seraphic Dragons (Magic materials)

A dragon fabricated of authentic energy, created if a white dragon was addled by a falling brilliant and captivated it's power. Source of activity scales.

Helm: 2 of anniversary absolute and 40 thread

Torso: 3 of anniversary absolute and 60 thread

Legs: 2 of anniversary absolute and 40 thread

Hands: 1 of anniversary absolute and 20 thread

Boots: 1 of anniversary absolute and 20 thread

How to Slay Anniversary Dragon?

You acquire which dragon you wish to coursing aloft entering the forest.

- Orikalkum Dragon

Dragon metal is awfully tough, so the alone way to admission it is with acute heat. First, you charge to physique a tripwire. A blubbery boscage backcountry and two able holds to tie it on should suffice. You afresh charge to dig a ample pit and ample it with lava. This can be done in by casting an age-old blaze spell on the pit (tarnished runes are activate while biking through the forest). Afterwards you awning the pit with some sticks and leaves, you afresh allurement the dragon (can copy-paste the raspberry emote for this :p) from abaft the pit. It trips over, dies, and you can boodle it.

- White Dragon

The best way to annihilate a white dragon is a ample pale through the heart. To do that, you'll charge to physique a ample crossbow or ballista. For this you'll charge 6 ample banal of wood, 2 blubbery boscage vines, and 10 attenuate vines. Afterwards a bit of aiming, you can blaze and boodle the dragon.

- Seraphic Dragons

This blazon of dragon's scales are abreast impenetrable, so you charge to carry their adeptness abroad first. While biking through the forest, you'll acquisition 2 age-old unpowered orbs, 4 decayed coils, and 1 torn attractor. Afterwards some able apparatus work, you physique an activity carry and set it up abutting to the dragon. While the dragon is accepting siphoned, you apprenticed adeptness a bow and some arrows and shoot it in the chest.

And that's it! Please acquaint me what y'all think. Formed this abstraction over a continued while, so acknowledgment would be appreciated.