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​Some advice you should apperceive beforehand

Sep-25-2018 PST

When your annual was lost... Here's some advice you should apperceive beforehand:

- Accounts are in actuality never, anytime deleted or displace (as of now this is the case, the adverse adeptness accept happened in Runescape's infantcy 10+ years ago but it will not administer in about all cases) Even accounts that accept had above aphorism breaking offences adjoin them are permenantly locked, instead of deleted or wiped.

- Your log in username will never change, but your affectation name can change. If you change your affectation name, the log in name will breach what it was before.

- If you've created the annual afore November of 2010, the log in username will not be an email, instead it will be the aboriginal username of the annual if it was created. As I said before, even if you accept afflicted the affectation name, this will not change the log in username. Therefore you will allegation to apperceive the aboriginal username of the annual afore any name changes.

- Accounts created afterwards November 2010 will crave an email as a log in username. Even if you change the email affiliated to the account, the log in username set to that specific email will never change. Acceptation you will accept to bethink the specific email that was acclimated to actualize that account, any email changes afterwards will not be the log in username.

Here's some agency this could accept happened:

- Your annual was created afore the username switch, acceptation the login data crave an aboriginal username and the countersign and you've generated a new annual by inputting the email that was absorbed to the aboriginal annual as a username to the new account.

- Your annual was created afterwards the username about-face and appropriate an aboriginal email address. You could accept afflicted this email on the annual cerebration it would change the username. Afresh consequentially creating a new annual with the new email you've absorbed to the old annual accidently, cerebration you've logged into the old annual with the new email address.

Edit: added possibilities for annual generation

- Runescape 3 and oldschool accounts are linked, they are not abstracted accounts. Therefore, if you originally had a Runescape 3 account, and absitively you capital to amateur oldschool Runescape, you could infact just log into the oldschool applicant with the Runescape 3 log in details. Therefore, it is a achievability that you had an earlier Runescape 3 annual with an aboriginal username log in and you logged into oldschool Runescape with those data and fabricated progress. Afresh later, advancing aback to log into the account, you overlook the accounts are in actuality affiliated and instead you advance to log in application the email that was originally absorbed to the Runescape 3 annual that you played oldschool with, and accidently generated a new oldschool Runescape annual sepperated from what you originally played on.

It in actuality could accept been the case that you logged in application your aboriginal Runescape 3 details, fabricated absolute little progress, bought associates for it assured to play for some time, afresh the next time you played anon after, you accidentally generated a new account, abrogation the added annual with a abiding associates plan, afresh fabricated a agglomeration of advance on the anew generated account. Afterwards you've abdicate and canceled the associates on the anew generated annual afterwards authoritative some advance you apprehend you accept still been accepting allegation for membership, afresh you advance to log into the annual and accidently log into the aboriginal annual and It has aught progress, but it was the annual with the abiding plan.