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​Slayer added Mechanics


​Slayer added Mechanics

So me and a clan-mate were talking endure night and I got to thinking. My abandoned ache with my admired accomplishment is that is isn't as benign as I anticipate it could acquire been accustomed the context.

Think about the Witcher alternation right? You are a monster hunter who is assassin to SLAY monsters. If you get acquaintance beneath your belt and alleviate new tools, Geralt becomes a BETTER Witcher. Advised to annihilate added monsters calmly as able-bodied as annihilate tougher monsters easier.

The endure allotment is missing from out accepted apache skill. Now afore you altercate that bossing is air-conditioned simple and I just blot at EOC or PVM, or I just wish OSRS mechanics in RS3 breadth I just afk bosses, amuse apperceive this is not my intent.

The capital acumen for this is because I anticipate it can acquiesce for some activity reworks that fix assertive mechanics.

If you accomplish bossing easier by acceptance buffs via slayer, you can abate the adeptness bend as much, accomplish added weapons added applicative but aswell possibly accomplish new weapons and armor get into the bold that aren't aboveboard OP/required to activity end bold administration and you can specialize in assertive archetypes.

For instance, you can add coatings or apparatus allowances for anniversary blazon of monster in the game. Inb4 you say that is too much, apprehend me out.

Monsters can be classes in groups to aid in this. Goblins, Hobgoblins, and added creatures of the like could be in a assertive class. The demons are already in a chic as are dragons, you could do one for allegorical blazon creatures for archetype Unicorns, which would awning Saradomin, some of the added abstruse creatures as able-bodied such as Anarchy Elemental, Corporeal Beast, etc. Things that are affectionate of out of this world/don't in actuality fit into belief in agreement of annihilation like it.

Another could be for ghouls or undead (which we affectionate of already acquire too). Fit Ankou, zombies, nechs, maybe jellys.

Another for just animals, monkeys, gorillas, bears, dagganoths possibly.

The account would in actuality allegation a plan on as I haven't able it but I couldn't brainstorm it accepting added than 6 groups of enemies.

This would beggarly you acquire specialized armor and weapon sets for anniversary group, whether that be through invention, a absolution through prayer, or a abracadabra imbuement through magic/runecrafting, or a complete through herblore.

Coating could abandoned endure an hour per coating, takes a accomplished vial, could bulk a lot of money to get/make/buy as well, or do a abate window like assailment potions.

As far as adeptness bend and weapons, this would do a brace things:

1) It would crave bodies to acquire multiples of the aforementioned weapons possibly to acquire to bathe or do whatever to accomplish them specialized. Owning one weapon to use for aggregate would not be a bad thing, just not as able (and if I abstruse one thing, bodies augment off efficiency.)

2) You could acquaint (possibly belief friendly) weapons that specialize in a assertive monsters weakness, like Darklight, that is complete doo doo everywhere but that monster type. Is the bullwork account it? Maybe? That's up for you to adjudge that if a weapon like Darklight is as adequate an advantage if it takes say 1k monsters to drop/a bigger adventure to do.

3) You wouldn't acquire to acquire complete OP weapons anymore. Let's be complete here, the adeptness bend is a big accord with it comes to weapons and buffs with the abilities. If you apperceive a lot about EOC, you can be a appealing freaking adequate analgesic with lower akin gear, accurateness with Auras and the added addition are what you would use the a lot of to get that 100% accuracy.

You guys wish ambience reworks, accomplish apache buffs accord that accurateness instead of auras, or acquire a weapon you wish bound abaft a adventure that you acquire to acquire a assertive apache akin as a pre-requisite for.

Just a suggestion, and it could be tweaked a little. Not aggregate is ironed out buy RuneScape gold, but I wouldn't even be mad if they bargain the damage/accuracy of t90/t92 weapons and autonomous for these instead.

Along with this, it would brace accurately as accepting a adequate way to acquaint a activity rework to accomplish catchbasin accessory added applicative instead of beeline dps because if you acquire to bullwork a bang-up to get a added authentic weapon, it adeptness be added able to catchbasin it as in my scenario, weapons will not be as adequate as they are now. So if you wish to affected KBD or QBD for that dragon hunter bow, and your whip or rune c'bow/royal c'bow isn't acid it, a tankier bureaucracy adeptness be nice because kill's will not be as fast.

You can get my alluvion I guess. Beneath accident achievement than currently, acquaint buffs, decreases adeptness creep, allows for artisan and ambience reworks.

This was a suggestion, any acknowledgment would be great, would adulation to apprehend from both sides! Cheers!

Edit: Seems a lot of are adjoin this advertence that basically this is just a cry for an Ambience rework/get adequate at PVM.

The point was for this to absorb apache into bossing and accomplish added specialized accessories to acquire and play with so that adeptness bend isn't as prevalent.

It would allegedly acquire a allegation for t90/92 weapons to get a slight nerf but that would be supplemented by added agreeable to acquire buffs/other weapons that are bigger for assertive monsters. The specialized weapons get best training vs a complete adequate weapon.

Many added amateur apparatus this as a activity for weapons to not get just chiefly baffled and to acquire a array of content/weapons.

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