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RuneScape Updates: Daily Challenges Return and Special Rewards

Sep-20-2023 PST

Following the somewhat bumpy launch of RuneScape's Hero Pass, the development team has shared a progress update on the restoration of Daily Challenges, along with some anticipated timelines. In addition, they have unveiled a range of exciting daily rewards to alleviate the wait, as well as two upcoming Treasure Hunter updates.

In response to the initial hiccups experienced during the launch of the Hero Pass, the RuneScape team made a commitment to disable certain paid options and remove content buffs until a future overhaul could be implemented. These changes were successfully implemented last week, paving the way for further updates. As part of their plan, the team aims to reintroduce Daily Challenges as a standalone feature that can be enjoyed independently of the Hero Pass. While the Hero Pass itself will undergo a complete rework, the current pass remains active to accommodate players who have already made progress.

The process of bringing back Daily Challenges has proven to be more time-consuming than anticipated, but the team has provided an update on the expected timeframe. It is now projected that Daily Challenges will be reinstated in early October. To compensate for the inconvenience caused by this delay, players can look forward to three Treasure Hunter keys and three Large Prismatic Lamps being included in the Daily Mission rewards rotation during this period.

Speaking of Treasure Hunter, an exciting event called "Rainbows End" will be available for one day only, starting tomorrow. This limited-time event offers players the opportunity to obtain various lamps, stars, and rainbow-themed items. Following this event, from September 21st to September 25th, players can participate in the "Vault of Riches" event. During this period, there is a chance to acquire the coveted Hall of Fame Walk Override. Even if players are unable to obtain this particular reward, the new rewards system guarantees certain items from the vaults for those who do not already possess them. With the inclusion of keys in the daily rewards rotation, participating in these events becomes even more enticing and accessible.

While players eagerly await the return of Daily Challenges, RuneScape continues to demonstrate their commitment to delivering a rewarding and engaging experience. By offering special rewards during the restoration process, such as Treasure Hunter keys and Large Prismatic Lamps, the team aims to alleviate any frustration caused by the delay. These rewards not only serve as a token of appreciation to the dedicated player base but also provide additional avenues for progression and exploration within the game.

As the RuneScape team diligently works on restoring Daily Challenges, players are encouraged to partake in the upcoming Treasure Hunter events, Rainbows End and Vault of Riches. These events promise exciting opportunities to acquire unique items and enhance the overall gameplay experience. With the inclusion of guaranteed rewards from the vaults and the potential ease provided by the daily rewards rotations, both new and seasoned players have ample incentive to immerse themselves in these limited-time events.

RSGoldFast Team