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RuneScape Tabletop Games: A New Adventure in Gielinor

Sep-13-2023 PST

Steamforged Games and Jagex are gearing up to launch preorders for their highly anticipated RuneScape tabletop games. Announced last year, these games offer players a fresh and immersive way to experience the vast world of Gielinor.

The first of the two games, RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game, will resonate with tabletop RPG enthusiasts. Developed specifically for RuneScape Kingdoms, this bespoke role-playing system aims to cater to both seasoned RuneScape players and newcomers alike. The teams behind the game have streamlined the rules to ensure accessibility while providing a detailed guide for game masters. Even if a game master is unfamiliar with Gielinor, they will have no trouble diving into the immersive experience. The game utilizes a three d6 dice mechanic and offers a comprehensive setting for game masters to create their own RuneScape campaigns. From character creation to magic, prayer systems, crafting, and an extensive bestiary featuring iconic monsters and bosses, the game has it all.

The collaboration between Steamforged Games and Jagex aims to captivate existing RuneScape fans while enticing new players to explore the world of Gielinor. The preorders for both games will commence on September 29th, and the RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game will also receive expansions. Additionally, Steamforged will release a Collector's Edition exclusively for the RPG, catering to the fervent fanbase.

The second game in the lineup, RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg, is an exciting board game that serves as an excellent introduction to the RuneScape universe. Drawing direct inspiration from the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), players embark on quests to explore the vast expanse of Gielinor. This cooperative board game thrives with multiple players, allowing them to go on quests together, learn skills, encounter beloved characters from the RuneScape lore, craft their own gear, and even embark on intriguing side quests that deviate from the main storyline. Expect to find all the hallmarks of the MMO in RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg, from challenging boss encounters to the ability to earn coveted capes, and even the opportunity to bake cakes to save Gielinor.

The collaboration between Steamforged Games and Jagex is a testament to their commitment to providing fans with an authentic and engaging RuneScape experience beyond the digital realm. By expanding the franchise into tabletop gaming, they aim to tap into the thriving tabletop RPG and board game communities, attracting both veterans and newcomers to the enchanting world of Gielinor.

For RuneScape enthusiasts, these tabletop games offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the lore, character development, and rich tapestry of the franchise. The immersive nature of the RPG and the cooperative gameplay of the board game ensure that players can forge memorable experiences in the land of Gielinor. Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer, these games promise to be a gateway to countless hours of thrilling gameplay and camaraderie.

As the preorders for RuneScape Kingdoms: The Roleplaying Game and RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg open on September 29th, fans eagerly anticipate the chance to secure their copies and begin their own epic quests in Gielinor. With the promise of expansions and a Collector's Edition, the excitement continues to build, ensuring that the RuneScape tabletop games will be a must-have for fans and tabletop gaming enthusiasts alike.

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