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​RuneScape Solak Guide

Nov-14-2022 PST


Solak, also known as the Grove Guardian, is one of the nine Guardians of Guthix. You can fight him at The Lost Grove Island. Being one of the most dreadful monsters in RuneScape, Solak drops tier-92 dual-wielding Blight Bound Crossbow, Erethdor’s Grimoire, and his own pet variant called Solly.

How to start the fight?

You can begin the battle by speaking to the NPC named Merethiel, who is located in the central part of The Lost Grove Island. You can create a separate instance by speaking to him, where Solak rs3 awaits to be challenged by players. Merethiel offers assistance during the battle by carrying out the important roles for the team.

What are the mechanics of the instance?

The entire battle against Solak is scaled with the number of players, where the minimum scalability is of two players, and the maximum capping is at seven. The threshold and mechanics are also altered according to the size of the team.

What are the rewards of defeating Solak?

Upon defeating Solak rs3, you unlock the Reaper title in the game. In addition to that, you also achieve ‘The Guardian of the Grove’ title, but only after obtaining every drop in Solak’s drop table.

What is Erethdor’s Grimoire?

Every ten-game tick(s) inside or outside the instance grants ten-game ticks worth of time and adds it to the remaining time of the active Erethdor’s Grimoire. It results in an ‘effective net zero time utilized,’

If you have ten ticks of time remaining when the Grimoire is active, then it will run out after the ten ticks are over; however, you can activate the Grimoire again to have ten ticks again (one interval worth of charge). In other words, as long as you have an interval of time remaining, Solak’s region will prevent the Grimoire from deactivating.

It’s worth noting that if you enter the boss’ arena with a Grimoire that has already run out of change, then you won’t be able to activate it or benefit from the restorative effect.

How to claim the drops?

You can get awarded loots from inside the instance by speaking to Solak or Merethiel. If you don’t claim them, or if you have died, but your team has successfully won the battle, you can claim the loot from outside the arena. Do remember that kill count is not awarded in such scenarios.

If you successfully complete another encounter without claiming a reward from the previous loot, then it will automatically be forfeited. Drop rates remain the same across every team size.

Similar to the boss called Nex (Angel of Death), the drops are independent of each other, which means that it’s possible to get multiple unique drops at the same time. If your inventory is stacked and there’s no space, then the drops are sent directly to your bank (except for Clue Scrolls as they are dropped on the ground).

A plus point is that every player in the team benefits from a guaranteed drop in the primary drop table. Speaking in terms of the secondary and tertiary drop table, rolls are made.

What are the estimated earnings?

Players can expect to make about 5,097,049 coins from guaranteed drops, 702,163.73 coins from other common/uncommon drops, 7,141,709.07 coins from rare (Secondary) drops, and 747,938.31 coins from tertiary drops.

What items does the drop table hold?

Primary Drop Table

Coins (748,333 to 899,844 GP), Grimy Kwuarm (155 to 200), Medium Spiky Rune Salvage (30 to 45), Mystic Earth Staff (30 to 50), Onyx Bolt Tips (128 to 172), Hydrix Bolt Tips (100 to 183), Sirenic Scale (3 to 5), Medium Bladed Rune Salvage (30 to 45), Wine of Saradomin (15 to 25), Crushed Nest (200 to 250), Grimy Cadantine (151 to 200).

Banite Stone Spirit (80 to 110), Light Animica Stone Spirit (60 to 90), Black Dragonhide (252 to 341), Grimy Irit (156 to 200), Uncut Onyx (1 to 2), Uncut Dragonstone (75 to 100), Blight Bound Crossbow (1), Off-hand Blight Bound Crossbow (1), and Erethdor’s Grimoire Token (1).

Secondary Drop Table

Sealed Clue Scroll Elite (1), Starved Ancient Effigy (1), Crystal Triskelion Fragment 1 (1), Crystal Triskelion Fragment 2 (1), and Crystal Triskelion Fragment 3 (1).

Tertiary Drop Table

Purple Mushroom (1), Merethiel’s Stave (1), Cinderbane Gloves (1), Imbued Bark Shard (1), Torn Grimoire Page (25), and Ancient Elven Ritual Shard (1).