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​RuneScape Money Making Guide

Nov-17-2022 PST


In the following article, you will learn about various ways to make it on the RuneScape platform, along with the requirements and estimated gold per hour.

There are many currencies in RuneScape, with gold being the most prominent one. Even though the following guide was developed to know the method of earning RS GP quickly, you need to know a little about the other currencies as well to avoid confusion.


Archery Ticket

Archery Tickets can only be used within the Ranging Guild, which is also known to many by the name of Archers’ Guild. You can exchange these tickets for various goods, from the Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange.

Rusty Coin

Rusty Coins can be obtained through the Dungeoneering skill. You can use these coins to purchase items from the NPC called Smuggler in that region. These coins cannot be used anywhere outside, so if you have any in your possession, it’s best to use them.

Trading Stick

Trading Sticks are the second most important currency in the game. Unlike the other currencies mentioned in this guide, you can use these Sticks to purchase or sell various items around RuneScape. It’s not as valuable as GP, but they are definitely more useful than Rusty Coins, Archery Tickets, etc.


You can utilize Zemomarks to purchase items in New Varrock. There are several ways to obtain this currency, but it depends on the time or resources that you hold. Even though you can use them in any preferred way you want, you can’t keep the currency, so make sure that you spend them before approaching any gold farming methods.


Chronos is called the currency of Archeological Art, which can only be spent within the Archeology Guild. There are many intriguing items that you can purchase through Chronos, but yes, then again it isn’t as valuable as RS GP.

Money Making Methods

Cleaning Herbs

Cleaning Herbs have become the easiest and quickest method to earn runescape gold as a low-level player. You only need to find the spot that benefits you the most during the cleaning process. Herbs can immediately be cleaned in your inventory if you have the Herblore Skill Cape equipped. You can easily make about 1.5 to 5M GP every hour through this method.

Smelting Runite Ore

The trendiest money-making method in the game with a net profit of about 1.5 to 2M GP every hour is Smelting Runite Ore. The method is quite simple, as you need to repeatedly cast the Superheat Magic spell on the Runite Ore in your inventory. Besides GP, it also offers a significant amount of XP in Magic.

Crafting Cosmic Runes

Crafting Cosmic Runes in the Rune Crafting abyss is a great source to make money in RS. You can start by filling your inventory with Pure Essence, along with your Rune Crafting Bags and summoned Familiar. After that, run into the Wilderness to get to the Abyss and craft them. Finally, teleport back to Edgeville and repeat the process. You can easily make about 2M GP every hour through this method.

Fruit Casting

Another efficient way to earn RS Gold is through Fruit Casting. The method can be initiated at a nearby bank or deposit box. You need at least 69 Summoning to summon a Fruit Bat familiar, and then use its Special Attack to pick the dropped fruits. You can easily earn about 2.5M GP every hour through this method.

Harvesting Cursed Power

One of the easiest ways to earn RS Gold would be harvesting the Cursed Power, which allows you to make 3M GP every hour while also training the Divination skill. Since the route takes you to the Wilderness, you need to be aware of the Player Killers. You simply have to collect Cursed Whispers from the hole and place it in the center to generate Cursed Power. You can sell the power to other players for profit.

Crafting Nature Runes

Crafting Nature Runes is the oldest way to make money on RuneScape. It also offers a slow approach in training the Rune Crafting skill. You need to fill your inventory with Pure Essence, along with your Rune Crafting Bag and summoned Familiar. After that, you need to get to the Abyss to craft them. Finally, teleport back to Edgeville and repeat the process. You can easily climb to 4M GP every hour through this method.

Crafting Dragonhides

Crafting Dragon Hides means selling different Dragonhide Crafted Equipment, depending on which piece is currently in demand. You can start by purchasing Dragon Hides from the Grand Exchange, and then having them tanned at a tanner. After that, you can craft the Tanned Dragonhide Leather into your preferred piece.

Herb Runs

Completing Herbs Runs is known to be the most efficient method to make money on a daily basis. The only drawback is that this method is not AFK, and you have to move around a lot to plant seeds for profit; however, you do earn a significant amount of Farming XP, while also making a profit. You can easily make about 10M GP every hour through this method.