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​RuneScape Level Guide - Level 1-99 Construction Guide

Nov-10-2022 PST

In this guide we'll show you how to utilize building guidelines to their full potential by describing their many characteristics and illuminating their varied applications.

Throughout OSRS, Player Owned Houses have been introduced as part of the construction process. A player's base of operations, which they may improve over time and flaunt to their peers. There are several elements in the homes that improve gameplay and overall enjoyment of RuneScape.

Some of these amenities include the ability to transfer a limitless supply of jewels, access to all major cities, and use pools that can restore your health. Increasing your Construction level unlocks a world of perks and new Combat, Defense and Ranged skill to enhance your gameplay style. When you reach a new level, you'll unlock benefits that make you wonder how you ever got by without them.

It would be best if you kept in mind the following factors before beginning the Construction skill:

· Taking Membership is mandatory.

· If you want to purchase a piece of real estate, you are going to require the assistance of a real estate agent.

In order to learn Construction in OSRS, you will need a membership. You can spend OSRS Gold to purchase a bond, and then use that bond to purchase a membership if you don't already have one.

After joining, you may buy a home from the real estate agent in Falador for one thousand OSRS Gold coins. On the mini-map, the real estate agent's location will be represented by a little home.

To hasten the making process, you should also have a saw and hammer. Wear any garments that you know will help you lose weight. They will come in handy considering the amount of running that you would be doing. Also, it would be constructive if you could locate your home near a supply store since you will need frequent trips to replenish your stock.

OSRS: Training

OSRS's training structure is easy to understand yet monotonous. All players require is the mental tenacity to keep at it and the financial means to keep playing. Be wary of how rapidly this talent might drain your funds; I can tell you, however, that doing so will be well worth it.

OSRS: Ordinary Furniture: Levels 1-to-33

The first 33 levels will come equipped with a selection of different pieces of furniture, to begin with. When players upgrade the Parlor, they'll be able to make the following items:

· Simple Wooden Chairs

· Storage Shelves Made of Wood

Soon you'll be on level-9 when you need to buy a kitchen to build Wooden Larders. When players reach level-15, they have access to the Workshop area, where they may build their own Repair Benches and Crafting Tables. Up to level 31, always give them the best option. The most time- and effort-saving option in the dining area at level 31 is the carved oak tables. Getting to the next level shouldn't take too long.

OSRS: Oak Larders: Level 33-to-52

Being available at level 33 and offering more than 400k experience per hour, the Oak Larder is a popular choice for levelling. When you gain knowledge at that pace, it won't be long until we move on to the next lesson in the programme.

Remember that hiring better butlers as they become available is essential for maximising experience gains. When you reach level 50, you may unlock the finest of them—the Demon Butler.

OSRS: Mahogany Tables: Level 52-to-77

The new strategy will treble the rate at which we gain expertise every hour. Building Mahogany Tables is the way to go since they can produce 900,000 experiences each hour when functioning at maximum capacity. Constructing a table in the dining room's hotspot with six mahogany boards is worth 840 experience points.

This approach requires a Demon Butler since each supply room can hold no more than three tables at a time. A butler may return with extra wood in the time it takes to make three tables and take down the final one. Proceed in this fashion until you reach level 77, then rinse and repeat.

OSRS: Gnome Benches: Level 77-to-99

Players have the option of either continuing to construct Mahogany Tables or switching to Gnome Benches for the duration of the level. If done appropriately, Gnome Benches may provide more experience per hour than Mahogany Tables for the exact cost per experience point.

It is customary to place gnome seats in the extra sitting area of a player-owned house's Superior Garden. You may get 840 XP by building a bench out of 6 Mahogany boards with a saw and a hammer. Using both available seats require more clicks each hour but yields over 1,000,000 experience points.

Final Thoughts

Know what you'll get from the Construction before you go out to explore it. Upgrading a farm or gaining access to a dungeon are two easy activities that are good for beginners to do first. After you've gotten the hang of the controls and achieved a few levels, it's time to start tackling some tasks and opening up new places to build. It'll speed up your levelling process and make the game more enjoyable overall.