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​RuneScape Guide: 1-99 Herblore Quick Guide

Apr-17-2023 PST

This RuneScape 1-99 Herblore Quick Guide provides an easy-to-follow walkthrough for quickly and efficiently leveling up your Herblore skill.

One of the most challenging skills to level up to 99 in Old School RuneScape is Herblore. It's OK for the early to midgame to grind, just like Slayer skill, but once you start using high-level training techniques, you've got a long road ahead of you. You can either spend a lot of time (which also demands a high degree of Farming) or a lot of runescape gold pieces to get to Herblore level 99. The majority of players will bite the bullet and spend some GP to meet those endgame potion-level criteria sooner rather than later, given that high-tier potions such as super combats or bastions are considered to be essential potions in OSRS.

Getting to level 99 in Herblore is not a simple task; thus, you do not want to train this ability below your maximum potential for any reason. Let's take a look at the most effective ways to level up your Herblore skill to 99.

Levels 1-19: Questing

Players may quicklyz get to Herblore level 19 by completing a few missions with very simple requirements. Specifically, it's referring to Drudic Ritual, Jungle Potion, Recruitment Drive, The Dig Site, Shades of Mort'ton, and Zogre Flesh Eaters. It will be difficult for you to complete Shades of Mort'ton if you are a skiller since you have to defeat five monsters of level 40. To get access to Herblore, at the very least, every player has to finish Druidic Ritual.

Levels 19-26: Strength Potions

Strength potions may be crafted from tarromin and limpwurt roots from level 19 through level 26 of the Herblore profession. In order to attain level 26, you are going to need to brew a total of 144-strength potions.

Levels 26-38: Energy Potions

Energy potions may be crafted using harralander and cocoa dust, beginning at level 26 and continuing until level 38 of the Herblore profession. Since cocoa dust is so reasonably priced, these elixirs are very frugal. Keep using energy potions until you reach level 45 in Herblore if you don't want to spend money on or develop ranarrs. In any other case, go to level 38. It calls for the creation of 322 different energy potions.

Levels 38-45: Prayer Potions

You will need ranarr weeds and snape grass in order to create the legendary prayer potion between levels 38 and 45 of the Herblore profession. Because of their high cost, I can see why you would want to focus on energy potions until you reach level 45 in Herblore. In order to reach level 45 in Herblore, you will need to concoct 356 prayer potions.

Levels 45-63: Super Attack Potions

You have now reached the halfway point of the Herblore grind, at which point you will get some time off. You will be able to brew super attack potions if you reach level 45 in Herblore. Iris leaves and newt's eyeballs are necessities for making super-attack potions. Irit leaves may be acquired for a price that is reasonable considering their degree of potency. There are other types of potions that can be crafted between this level and level 63, but the costs associated with doing so are much higher. The best strategy is to use super-attack potions. In order to reach level 63 in Herblore, you will need to brew a total of 3071 super-attack potions.

Levels 63-81: Super Restore Potions

It is time to get out your GP wallet or your farming equipment at this point. From level 63 through level 81 in Herblore, you will be able to create super restore potions. Eggs of snapdragons and red spiders are used in the creation of super restore potions. The red spider eggs are merely one of the secondary components that are very affordable, but the snapdragons are rather pricey. Since it's so expensive, most people take a break here in the Herblore grind when they get to this stage of the process. In order to get to level 81 in Herblore, you will need to brew a total of 12,802 potions that are classified as super restore.

Levels 81-99: Saradomin Brews

It is time for the last grind required to reach Herblore level 99. You will be brewing potions for Saradomin. If you've made it this far, consider yourself fortunate; the remaining grind may be brutal, but it will eventually pay off. In order to concoct a Saradomin drink, you will need toadflax and crushed bird nests. Toadflax is available for a far more reasonable price than snapdragon.

The freshly introduced Phantom Muspah boss is responsible for a significant reduction in the price of toadflax due to the fact that he often drops 55 filthy toadflax at once.

Final Thoughts

Herblore is a highly gratifying skill to learn in RuneScape, and if you have the necessary information and tools, you may accomplish this task in a rapid and effective manner. If you've been following along with this guide, you should now have a better knowledge of the skill, how to train it, and the best techniques for doing so. You should be able to quickly advance to Herblore level 99 now that you have this information.