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​RuneScape: Fresh Start Worlds – Get Ready to Rediscover Runes

Sep-19-2022 PST

RuneScape presents Fresh Start Worlds again, a free-to-play MMO game that will be released on the 26th of September this year. In Fresh Start Worlds, you will experience a time limit mode, which means the game runs only for four months. Play with the remarkable experience where you have new characters, drops, progressions, skill caps, challenging armors, pets' skins, earn rewards, and many other items. In this RuneScape version, each one will start from new with a new Grand Exchange and economy.

The developer (RuneScape) wants the players to play the game like a community, adding their friends or other players, whether returning or new players and giving feedback. You can earn rewards, do quests, and make discoveries easy. And this is the best way to rediscover the Fresh Start Worlds (FSW) on rsgoldfast and Gielinor by rejoining. Now, in this new version, you will have accelerated XP boosters, many unique titles, new tradeable rewards, all-new HiScores, and many other gameplay benefits.

Perfect time to Start over

In the brand-new set-up of Fresh Start Worlds, the platform of your skillsets and where you will have several new characters with the new economy and Grand Exchange. It's the time to rediscover the Gielinor and increase your skills, make crafting, memorable quests, boss battle, landmark cities, and others.

RuneScape brings everyone on the same playing field, whether you are a newbie in the Fresh Start Worlds adventure or a returner. It's up to you to play alone or invite your friends to play and discover new modes in this adventure. You may also shift your advanced characters and rewards to the main game. You can earn eternal glory on the leaderboards if you're a competitive player. It is the best chance where you will prove yourself by competing against World's top players and get more valuable rewards.

If you're a starter or returner in Fresh Start Worlds, wish to do differently, or have more than others, it is the perfect time to start over.


In Fresh Start Worlds, the developer RuneScape introduces new rewards, Hi-cores, new XP boosters, buffs, skill caps, challenger lance, challenger armors, luma wolf pet, returning Helo, Halo pet skins, challenging Halo, and a lot of other things. You will earn special rewards and other items by showing your game progress. Over the first eight weeks, you will take part Hi-Scores and the World's firsts that will let you the unique tradeable Challenger Halo. But note that the Treasure Hunter will be inactivated after the competitive event. While after two months, it will be active again as the race is over.

You should bring your items, rewards, trades, and statistics with you after the season ends because the player will return to the main game. It's your choice; you may return quickly to the main game.

Level-up Fast

If you want to increase your level in Fresh Start Worlds faster, then the best way is the gameplay buffs, and XP Boosts that are useful to increase your skilling faster. Your XP will increase gradually after the eight weeks with 3XP and will rise 4XP below the 70th level. But, it will decrease progressively when the event comes to an end. You don't need to worry about joining the Fresh Start Worlds later than your friends because you will level up soon and stand up with your friends. The reason is that players will receive valuable rewards, accuracy boosts, auras, double chances of production, double drops, and boons at the start of the Fresh Start Worlds. Everything from increased opportunities in the cards.

Progression Points

In Fresh Start Worlds, your primary currency is your progression points. They play an essential role in the game. But most players do not know how to earn these progression points in Fresh Start Worlds. The simple way to achieve these progression points is by completing quests and achievements and leveling the skills. Increase your progression points and find valuable rewards and items.

Moreover, if you don't want to work hard to get the rewards, then don't be too worried because you have to access the Progression Shop, where you may unlock or purchase the track of progression that will give you valuable items. You can also bring your progression point to the main game and will be able to sell them after the end of the season. Progression points also grant you bonuses.

Tradeable Halo Hunt

You will earn a Tradeable Halo Hunt in Fresh Start Worlds when you reach the eight significant milestones. And milestones contain fifty quest points, 2,000 RuneScore, and others. Note that there will be different milestones, but you need only eight to get Halo.

The unique Gold Halo reward is only available for players in the top 100 in every skill at the last competitive phase.

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