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​Runescape as a homebrew DnD campaign

Nov-26-2018 PST

My absorbed and I are all appealing alpha DnD players and we wish to alpha eventually rather than later. So I was cerebration about authoritative a advance application well, runescape as a ample inspiration. I apperceive the maps absolute able-bodied and can acquire simple admission to them.

But I'm accepting agitation accession out if I should just bead my PCs in lumbridge or Varrock, but idk if I should just let them analyze and do whatever, or acquire them chase a adventure line, or just acquire it advance into them accomplishing the quests as they arise beyond them. I'm abiding my PCs will not wish to go microburst sheep and aggregate eggs milk and flour. So I was affectionate of searching for admonition on how I should admission bottomward them in this world. Should I stick with accepted DnD coins or use runescape currency? Should I use runescape weapons and armor, or DnD equipment? How would I antithesis runescape weapons and armor.

I would use the map and some of the celebrated apple contest as history and draw afflatus for quests from Runescape quests. Gielinor makes a abundant advance ambient and the places, people, and contest of that apple will serve you able-bodied if scripting your campaign. However, there are lots of elements that plan able-bodied in a videogame acquaintance but that don't construe able-bodied to multiplayer RPG.

- There should be some ambiguity to your campaign. If the players are accustomed with the antecedent material, you'll wish to acutely change things up to accumulate them guessing. Don't be abashed to accomplish huge revisions aboriginal on to appearance them that their preconceptions about the world, or the administration of plot, are wrong.

- In Runescape, affective amid areas is absolute easy. You allegation to accede how you wish biking to plan in your game. In D&D, all-embracing biking for low-level parties can be absolute time arresting and affective amid aloft cities could yield weeks or months. If you adjudge you wish them to absorb added time in areas rather than darting all over the map, feel chargeless to acquaint adventure hooks in the city-limits they're in rather than breadth they arise in game. Yes, Canfis is far from Lumbridge, but if they're in Lumbridge and you wish them to go on a adventure to ascertain Dr. Frankenstein, put him in Draynor instead so they can do that adventure now. You don't allegation to be affiliated Runescape's NPC positions or any added data that're accepting problematic.

- Accomplish abiding your quests are.

- For a aboriginal campaign, don't acquire the players be too important too quickly. They should be allowance archeologists or award chaplet for an aberrant wizard. They should not be anon retrieving the Wand of Resurrection at the appeal of a god or rescuing Death HIMSELF from transdimensional draconic beasts. It's acquire if they blunder beyond something big, like a massive cabal to affected a ache in adjustment to apprehension bisected a city, but the tasks they are assigned should be reasonable accustomed their stature. They aren't big shots anon and you shouldn't amplify their cachet too quickly.

- I would use Runescape as your afflatus for your advance apple but not as your afflatus for the rules. Certain things that plan able-bodied in a videogame, like dozens of skills, huge amounts of tiered weapons, bead mechanics, and the action triangle, don't accommodate themselves able-bodied to D&D. I'd use approved D&D weapons - to buy OSRS gold and action rules and accomplish appropriate weapons into abracadabra items. Rune and Dragon weapons and armor could be +1 and +2 gear, respectively. Drygores could be a reflavored Blaze Tongue, etc etc. Basically, it should be a bold of D&D with accurate cities, gods, people, and histories. Accumulate the abject mechanics D&D and just use Runescape for the able nouns.