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RSGoldFast - You should never apprehend a pet drop

Apr-18-2018 PST

Have the accomplished dps that doesn't accept the pet aeon for a adventitious instead of artlessly the accomplished dps. So to explain it further; Amateur A has bang-up pet, amateur B doesn't. Amateur A out dpses amateur B.

At every kill, Amateur A rolls for a pet, about he already has one, so neither one gets a pet aeon chance.

How about we accomplish it so that if Amateur A rolls, but already has a pet, it would canyon on to amateur B, whom would afresh aeon for a pet.

Maybe, if this is too "op", add a allotment to the aeon chance, like 75-50% adventitious per annihilate that the 2nd accomplished dps would roll.

It's just some showerthought. Accord your opinions.

On the added hand, adeptness be abused for low akin pets? But that's not a big accord imo, would be air-conditioned to see... A lot of administration accept admission requirements that would be account agriculture like that.

It would yield some acclimation efforts to get this implemented right, as in a minimum % of dmg should be dealt by the additional guy, and a lower adventitious all-embracing if he gets the aeon to still advance the acumen to get bigger and advance your dps.

In assertive cases of course, like duo KK, this would be a acceptable affair as the voker/tank should be absolute abutting in dmg dealt and accident your pet adventitious to a few %s is lame. Added places usually accept 'easy' pets so that shouldn't 'devalue them further'. Like, humans accuse if a pet has a alpha etc and how there's 1000s of them in-game. A few added will not aching lol, humans should be encouraged to adore the bold calm instead of accepting affected to abandoned it for that drop. Soloing is still absolute viable, but groups shouldn't be excluded.

Considering its a accumulation and you can basically drain it if its loot/coinshare, you should never apprehend a pet drop. Also, if you're in actuality alone accomplishing your kills in masses and aren't award yourself acceptable for pet drops:

1, Why are you still there? Just go with accompany who accept the bang-up and accomplish able-bodied abundant for that accumulation to defended a adventitious at pet.

2, If you're putting in basal effort, you in actuality don't deserve any drops. Some administration you can get abroad with afk revo, but in some aggregate administration you can in actuality prove to be a aloft accident to anybody abroad there. Rago and AoD arise to apperception with reflects and accidental ambition specials (red bomb, smoke lines). You can PK with those if you aren't paying attention, which hurts the annihilate a lot. If you're bringing college abeyant for accident than acceptable the kill, why would you anytime deserve a drop?

3, If you accept to still do accumulation kills as your capital way to annihilate the boss, why not just advance yourself and become that accepting "locking out" humans from pet chance? They put in the time and accomplishment to be acceptable abundant to do so RuneScape gold. Chances are that you can as well, which will a lot of in actuality advice you overall.