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RSGoldFast - You see a bad revo bar

Jun-27-2018 PST

You're not acceptable any credibility accepting a arrogant douchebag. Anyone got their aboriginal sub 5 Araxxi kill? Fuckin sick, accumulate at it.

Not "wow sub 4 is so simple abnormally with the new bolts this isn't an achievement" it fuckin is to them.

You were there at a point, they're just currently at that point. Humans accepting into PvM is GOOD for the game, stop shitting on them.

You see a bad revo bar/etc? Cool, you can go "hi, I noticed your anarchy bar could use some work, maybe try this to advance your dps :)" not "wow what a bits bar what are you even doing"

Do you see some of the in actuality absolutely acceptable PvMers accomplishing this shit? I've never already apparent couchy on a reddit column traveling "hah I'm better" because clashing you, he doesn't accept to try to bits on others to validate himself, he's just fucking good.

At that, theres consistently somebody that makes you attending like you've never affected a keyboard in this game, you're not aloft any of the humans that are new to PvM, you're just added accomplished than them.

Just remember, the humans that are in actuality absolutely absolutely acceptable at the game, you dont apprehend from those people. They're too alive accepting acceptable at the bold and not talking their bold up on reddit by putting new players down.

I accept no issues with new players or those acquirements to advance themselves, we all alpha at altered credibility and accept altered experiences. What they acquisition easy, you may acquisition hard.

On the about-face though, I've had new players ask for admonition and if you attack to admonition they avoid your admonition because they anticipate it's brainless or they just say "Oh nvm, too harder cbf trying". Sometimes even accepting absolute advancing because you dared advance something was wrong.

When arena WoW, my bigger affair was humans advancing to raids with NO acquaintance and not adage anything.

That is the bigger botheration I have, I would abundant rather absorb ~5 mins answer the action so we can get a annihilate than for them to say annihilation and annihilate the absolute RuneScape gold group.

Sort of like yaka, amaze basin can apple-pie the absolute accumulation because they didn't know.