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RSGoldFast - With Hefin accepting the odd one out

Apr-04-2018 PST

Can dragon calibration dust accustomed from Meilyr workers be noted? Alongside dg tokens they ample annual so fast. I don't in actuality get this altercation adjoin Prif thieving.

The point is to be AFK crooked with lower XP ante than focused training, with the boodle to accomplish up for it, right?

Like, Ithell crooked sucks ass because of ultra annual bottleneck and it's the added everyman akin of the clans.

Also, Cryws is 97(?)thieving and has in actuality no botheration with annual bottleneck whatsoever, and it's abreast the top for XP ante and advantageous acclaimed items. Should that get nerfed?

I don't see a acumen not to fix Ithell and Meilyr annual bottleneck added than 'muh 10 XP college than Cryws'.

Blue dragon calibration dust, bendable clay, and DG tokens aren't all that advantageous by the time you acquire admission to this action anyway.

The acumen is because prif was batched content.

Batch 1 clans = Cryws, Trah, Ior, and Cadarn. All of those acclimated to applesauce out assets ceaseless that affected you to coffer (sharks from Ior/Cadarn, Mature ales from Trah, abracadabra logs @ crwys)

When Accumulation 2 came out, they were nerfed forth with brawler+trisk rates.

Batch 2 clans are Hefin, Amlodd, Ithell and Meil.

3/4 of those accumulation 2 clans ample your annual rather quickly(Porters+Portents of healing from amlodd, bendable adobe from Ithell, scales/dg accoutrements from Meil) with Hefin accepting the odd one out.

The added 4 were nerfed traveling into accumulation 2, and the accumulation 3 that was declared to appear out never did. It makes the accumulation 1 clans a lot added AFK, but they accord a lot beneath boodle to compensate.

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