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RSGoldFast - Why the added guy is accepting downvoted

Apr-16-2018 PST

Idk why the added guy is accepting downvoted so abundant because what they said is true. The chump annual is abhorrent compared to added online amateur as in a lot of cases if you wish to acquaintance jagex, you charge to do so via reddit/twitter.

Contacting them via the forums or through the official website is in abounding cases pointless.

Let me outline my interactions with the chump annual - this is basically just my acquaintance or the acquaintance of humans I apperceive so it ability be altered for others:

- Coinsing: You can acquaintance them via the website. They are usually absolute quick to respond. I got a acknowledgment in beneath 3 days. If you acquaintance jagex abutment on cheep I apprehend they are even faster but I had to acquaintance them just already and the issue was sorted so I did not use cheep for this.

- Bug reports: if you abide them in bold afresh I don't anticipate they even see it. My acquaintance submitted a wildy bug in bold and kept accomplishing so every few canicule for 3 months but annihilation happened. He fabricated a reddit column about it and one of the mods replied to his post. It was patched in beneath a week. So basically if you acquire a bug you wish to address accomplish a reddit column or acquaintance a mod on twitter. It is about absurd appointment an in bold bug report.

- Reporting a player: If a amateur scammed you or bankrupt the rules it doesnt amount area you address them. Unless it becomes a big affair or unless you are a accustomed banderole Jagex will just acquaint you to accord with it and move on. They will not do rollbacks like blast does in apple of warcraft.

- Reporting bots: For botting I'm not abiding how continued it takes as I just address bots and add them to abstain until I log out (which agency they are in abstain annual abandoned for my accustomed affair - I cannot). Never kept clue of how continued it takes for botted accounts to be banned.

- Suggestions to the developers: Accomplish a reddit column Idk if they even see the official forums.

- Appealing a ban: If your annual got a apocryphal ban you can use the website to address the ban. My ironman got a apocryphal ban for botting on OSRS even admitting I had never logged into OSRS afore that (the annual may acquire been abashed or something). I acclimated the website to address the ban. They took 3 weeks to verify my affirmation and afterwards that I got the annual back. This takes time and there is no way about this. Contacting them via reddit or cheep will NOT acceleration up the process. You acquire to wait.

- Recovering an old account: I had abandoned all the data of my aboriginal annual and acclimated the official website to try and balance it. The website was basically abortive and I would abandoned get automatic bounce emails adage a representative from jagex complete my admonition and they couldn't let me beforehand or accord me details. They were acutely lying because I got the automatic mail just afterwards a few abnormal afterwards appointment the form. The admonition I remembered was my aboriginal username and password, the places area I had logged in application the account, the ISP that I acclimated while logging in, I had purchased associates in fact already and I knew the time (summer vacation 2007 did not apperceive exact date) and some transaction data (the agenda that I acclimated for the online transaction was my dads so I knew some fractional information). All the admonition I had was authentic as they accumulate logs in their database. It was abundantly arresting as I tried application the website to try and get my annual aback for a absolute continued time and I just kept accepting automatic rejects. I afresh contacted Jagex abutment on cheep and afterwards speaking to them I got aback my annual in beneath than 3 hours. Turns out my username had a amplitude about in the boilerplate and I was aggravating to log in by entering the username with no spaces.

The old annual accretion was by far the a lot of arresting acquaintance for me because no amount what I did, if application official channels my affair was baffling - it did not even ability a animal and their automatic acknowledgment mail was abounding of crap about by application an alien agency of admonition (twitter in this case - I fabricated an annual just for this) my affair was apparent instantly. You should not be affected to accomplish accounts on alien websites just for chump abutment especially if they action to admonition you on their official website but yeah in the end although it was absolute arresting I got what I wanted.

If you are adverse one of the issues mentioned aloft and cheap RuneScape gold acquire added specific questions let me apperceive and I will try to acknowledgment it based on what I accomplished if I had the affair myself.