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RSGoldFast - Why Jagex wont change the Adherence Programme

Jun-29-2018 PST

To y'all apprehensive about why Jagex wont change the Adherence Programme/the way you access auras... They couldn't advertise at atomic bisected of the premiere clubs, which grants simple burning LPs, and thats the capital acumen abounding players buy Rs gold | Buy RS3/07 Gold Quick & Easy.

Since aurascape is OP af, and is time-locked, premiere sells complete well. Candied 150k LPs will get you the 3 zerk auras instantly.

Don't anytime accept they are 'delaying' it because ""focusing on added projects"", ""looking at altered methods to change it"", ""having centralized discussions"", ""we're too active atm"" or whatever babble they are consistently advancing up with.

Jagex is awfully accepted for lying to our faces or just absolve our complaints/feedbacks off if it comes to something thats affecting their profits. Thats why you should never anytime apprehend a change in the adherence system.

Daily LPs awarded aloft login? LP rewards if commutual aloft achievements/quests? Just cheaper auras? Faster LP income? Fuck all that boys, we gotta advertise premiere clubs somehow! Sad truth...

Started in 07 and played until some months afterwards EOC was actually released. Quit RS, but afresh came aback to OSRS and RS3, amphitheatre both abundantly the able 2 years. This is my opinion. OSRS was fun. It's was nostalgia, aggregate you remembered from your aboriginal candied years of RS.

But the homesickness bound fades. There are so abounding botters in OSRS, and I eventually begin myself tempted to bot as well. It was afresh that I able that if I capital to bot a game, afresh it actually wasn't fun to me anyways, so I arranged it up and confused to RS3.

RS3 is not abundant altered than OSRS and that's the affair I anticipate abounding OSRS players don't realize. RS3 does accept micros that accord benefit xp, but anybody gets circadian keys and you can access added artlessly by questing, skilling, and accomplishing various things in game.

The QoL improvements in RS3 accomplish training abilities abundant added fun imo, and you don't necessarily even affliction how able it is because it's not as body abstraction to alternation as it's OSRS counterpart.

The amateur abject seems big enough, I've never had it feel ‘dead' in game, and abounding times I'd appointment players questing or skilling in spots that you may accede old or ‘dead' content.

I awful animate all OSRS players who may feel burnt out or RuneScape gold balked with the bullwork to alpha an RS3 character. If you are paying $11 a ages you may as able-bodied get two amateur out of it!